STAR WARS EPISODE VII Spring/Summer 2015 Release Date Confirmed? Plus, Darth Vader-Themed TV Specials Coming

     October 18, 2013

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With Disney remaining tight-lipped about developments on their upcoming projects (especially anything Star Wars and Marvel related), we’ve had to resort to some unusual sources of information.  Enter today’s morsel: a brochure from Disney’s presentation at the European Brand Licensing Show.  In addition to announcements for a Star Wars Mobile LEGO game and a Star Wars Digital Library due to launch next year, there’s also an apparent confirmation of the release date of Star Wars Episode VII in the Spring/Summer of 2015.  Oh, and there’s a mention of some upcoming Darth Vader-themed TV specials that might interest you.  Hit the jump for much, much more.

Star Wars Darth VaderHere’s the latest schedule for Disney’s upcoming projects, courtesy of the European Brand Licensing Show (via Jedi News):

This is a page from the Disney brochure given out to the attendees of the European Brand Licensing Show. This is the detailed current calendar plan from Disney for the Star Wars brand. Plenty of little bits of info that will stir much debate and discussion:

  • Star Wars Mobile LEGO games following on from successful app releases of the Batman and Harry Potter platform ports. Coming in Spring / Summer 2014.
  • A Star Wars Digital Library is to launch in Autumn / Winter 2014.
  • Confirmation that the plan remains for Star Wars Episode VII to be released in the Spring / Summer of 2015.
  • But perhaps the most surprising, exciting and fast approaching news is the release of “Darth Vader Themed TV Specials.”

These are just the announcements that Jedi News singled out, but the image below also mentions some Star Wars crossover projects with LEGO, Phineas & Ferb and Angry Birds, plus plans for a Jedi Training Academy at Disney parks.  As for the Darth Vader specials, there are no details at the moment, but we can certainly speculate as to what they might be about.  We’ve already seen his origin story and his demise.  Things get a bit fuzzy in Vader’s timeline when it comes to his rise to power, so perhaps a TV special will explore that era a bit more.  Maybe the powers that be will take another run at a Star Wars Holiday Special.  Fingers crossed!




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  • Northern Star

    Episode VII released on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015… I call it right now!

    • R-blaze

      it should be released on May 4, 2015….. wait, that’s a Monday. Damn!

  • RoguePilot

    Holiday Special? Please God no!

    • 80sRobot

      The Star Wars Holiday Special II: Rise of Life Day

  • zillabeast

    I know that Memorial Day release date is sacred to Star Wars lore, but it would be really interesting to see someone release guaranteed record-breaking blockbusters in months like March/April or Late August/September.

    No competition. Just suck all the money out of the marketplace unopposed. Let the rest of the summer fare cannablize itself as it has in recent years.

    • Walt JJ Abrams White Wlking Dd

      Why are you so concerned with how much business the movie does? Who f’ing cares. I’d be a little more worried about the quality of the movie. Your ass ain’t getting dividends anyways.

      • zillabeast

        Watching Box Office records fall is fun. Besides, the quality of a Marvel or Star Wars movie is always going to be about as good as what you should expect out of a Marvel or Star Wars movie.

        Setting your expectations sky-high will only dimish your enjoyment of movies being designed to cater to the popcorn-munching masses at the very most.

        Fanboys expecting Joss or JJ to deliver the next Braveheart wrapped up under a major Disney-owned money making franchise are just setting themselves up for dissapointment.

        Just enjoy these movies for what they are. Be grateful we’re getting them at all.

      • BigJimSlade

        As a DIS shareholder, my ass is!

  • Strong Enough

    wow that darth vadar special would be special

  • Nathan


    • williamdgarcia

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      • ZAR

        My aunt got a nice program – it’s called “Adblock” and your site is the newest entry on its black list. So f**** off with your cheap-ass ads, “buddy”!

  • Marineboy

    Darth Vader themed specials? The mere idea sends shivers down my spine…and not because I think they’ll be amazing lol

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  • Oolie zool

    The Darth Vader special should just be a filmed version of his blog.

  • jay

    im trying to get excited for this but i just cant seem to muster the strength. maybe after some official casting news or some idea of the plot. heres hoping

  • Preemptive_Thinking

    Phineas and Ferb Star Wars Special in 2014!

  • anonymous

    this is all sorts of complete FAIL!

    Disney and jj have both sunken to new lows


    • Mike Bond

      Whoa, calm down buddy lol. Don’t get so worked up over a few announced release dates, they’re really not that big a deal. Breathe in…breathe out…go to your happy place

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