Rumor: Saoirse Ronan up for Lead in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII; More Details on Benedict Cumberbatch’s Supposed Role

     September 19, 2013


Today in “Star Wars Rumors that Will Inevitable Spur Debate Based on Characters We Don’t Know”, the talented Saoirse Ronan may have the Force with her.  According to Latino Review and independently supported by Bleeding Cool, Ronan has reportedly gone in to read for a lead role in Star Wars: Episode VII, and possibly “the lead role” in the upcoming sequel.  Bleeding Cool notes that this isn’t a done deal, and there are other actresses with recognizable names who could get the part instead.  Whether she gets the lead or a supporting role, I’m a fan of Ronan, and hopefully either female role is a good chance for her to break from her recent “Depressed Teen Looking for a Home” characters.

Hit the jump for more details on the rumor regarding Benedict Cumberbatch being in the sequel trilogy.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Benedict Cumberbatch was pretty much a lock for Star Wars: Episode VII, and an official announcement was imminent.  It’s been seventeen days since that report, and we’re still waiting.  Latino Review is holding fast to their story, and that denials out of Cumberbatch’s camp are lies.  Filthy, filthy lies.  Furthermore, LR is saying that his part in Episode VII is small, but it will be much larger in Star Wars: Episode VIII and Star Wars: Episode IX.

If you’re having trouble believing these casting stories (and I share your skepticism), then perhaps something smaller like location filming will be more to your liking.  Latino Review is also reporting that while 90% of the movie will be shot in London, there will be a little filming in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  If that’s true, then let the speculation begin about returning to Tatooine.


  • Kevin

    She’s a good actress. And you’re going to be criticized for that picture; that’s definitely snow.

    • Andrew Jara

      That’s white sands my friend. Right outside of las cruces. Look it up

    • Lex Walker

      …yeah, definitely not snow. Wow.

      • Alberto Cox Délano

        Well, it is Californian snow…

      • Lex Walker

        Isn’t that cocaine?

      • zulaha

        No, it’s Tauntaun sperm.

      • Lex Walker

        Wow, there is one lonely tauntaun cropped out of that photo.

  • Seannie5

    she’s overrated

    • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

      Damn right she is. She’s boring too. Her performances make Keanu Reeves look emotional.

      • Arpa


      • Strong Enough


      • Elims

        What you know about acting could be written on the back of a postage stamp – in font size 36!

      • Lex Walker

        Why would anyone write on the back of a postage stamp, and who physically writes in computer-graded font sizes? Clearly there are better places and smarter sizes in which to write on the subject of acting.

  • Ryan Donnell

    Well they better get some annoucements out about casting, we only have a few months left in 2013. Anyone speculating when the “big” announcement will come regarding the old cast members?

  • axalon

    She almost *never* smiles in her movies. She’s a perfectly fine actress but I’d love to see her not-so-serious once in a while.

    Edit: Whoever downvoted me, if you know of a movie where she smiles or laughs I’d love to check it out.

    Edit 2: A more accurate statement would be that she appears joyless in a lot of her movies. This does not mean that she isn’t a good actress, I would just like to see some variety.

    • dungeons and draccus’s

      You are an idiot. She smiles a LOT in The Lovely Bones.

      • Elims

        Off the top of my head, Ryan Gosling, Michael Shannon, aren’t known for smiling a lot in movies either. That’s mainly down to the characters they portray, same as Saoirse Ronan. She hasn’t done any romcoms or ‘Bridemaids’ type movies, but she has done a comedy, ‘I Could Never Be Your Woman’ and she was very funny in that.

      • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

        Gosling’s shtick is getting old too to be perfectly honest.

      • axalon

        Gosling’s smile is all over the place. Crazy, Stupid, Love. The Notebook, Gangster Squad. Even in Place Beyond The Pines and Drive he let out a little smile/smirk. Gosling’s a movie star, you don’t get there by being ultra serious all the time.

        Michael Shannon is just an intense actor, he’s not handsome either, at least not traditionally which is why it’s not as expected of him.

        People are taking this the wrong way, just because I said she almost never smiles doesn’t immediately mean I’m saying she needs to jump to the opposite end of the spectrum and rom coms and straight up comedies.

        It’s nice to know that some actors have a range outside of super-serious all the time.

      • axalon

        Why do people take these things so literally? I guess I need to be a lot clearer. When I say smile, I’m talking about showcasing any type of levity at all. She’s just not known for that in her work, she always seems to be scowling or super serious. When I look at a picture of her, like the ones posted above, it just doesn’t look like she has much of a personality.

        I asked for examples because I want to be proven wrong as I haven’t watched all her movies. All I know is that in The Host, Atonement, Hanna and Byzantium she was super serious. No need to call someone an idiot for that.

      • Elims

        There’s dozens of interviews she’s done on youtube. She’s comes across as charming, intelligent, articulate and down to earth. Jimmy Kimmel and Jonathon Ross are two good examples. Why don’t you watch some of them and then you can better comment on her personality.

      • axalon

        Okay I went and watched a couple of her interviews and you’re right. I would *love* to see more of that in her movies.

        Again, I’m not saying she’s a bad actress, I mean she was nominated for an Oscar. It was just an observation.

      • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

        Typical Ronan fan. Why do you goofballs start lashing out at people who don’t care for her?

    • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

      The funny thing about your comment is that if you look at the picture in the story and at the top of the page, she isn’t smiling in one of those either, lol.

  • James

    Saoirse Ronan for Jaina Solo? Yes please.

  • Grayden

    T.J. Brumfield, I 100% agree with you. I also think he would have made a great Prince Xizor.

  • dungeons and draccus’s

    HUGE Ronan fan – amazingly talented and charismatic actress, needs variety in roles, though. Her and Cumberbatch could make this movie brilliant.

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  • Jay

    Ronan is good – wouldn’t mind seeing her swing a lightsaber.

  • Brosephqballs

    Give it up, Matt Goldberg. You’re no Sean O’Neal

    • Strong Enough

      but who is Sean O’Neal? !!

  • tarek

    what about Jason Momoa to play the illegitimate son of darth vader ?
    Good idea, isn’t it ?

  • Strong Enough

    Good. No Chloe. Pervs everywhere lost

    • Rebecca

      Why so much hate for Chloe? You seem to be hating on her on very Star Wars post. She’s really talented yknow…

      • Strong Enough

        I know. i just like the sound of thousands of pervs crying in agony

  • eternalozzie

    She would be a great choice. I am just happy we are getting new Star Wars.

  • nelson

    jj go away, you fucked up star trek with your remakes and now you will fuck up star wars……wait, yeah, you and disney have already fucked up star wars, assholes!

    • Cheese burger/Cheese burger

      So true!

    • darkwing duck

      nelson, you speak volumes of sense, jj fanboys are shit, thinking he will do a good job, when in fact, everything jj does is puerile crap!





  • nelson

    jj go away, you fucked up star trek with your remakes and now you will fuck up star wars……wait, yeah, you and disney have already fucked up star wars, assholes!

  • nelson

    jj go away, you fucked up star trek with your remakes and now you will fuck up star wars……wait, yeah, you and disney have already fucked up star wars, assholes!!!

  • Tim

    Yes please cast her! She’s the best actress of her generation, she’ll do the franchise proud.

  • Redjester

    Cumberbatch and Ronan would both be fantastic in the Star Wars-verse. Other actors I think would work in this new Star Wars (admittedly, some solely due to them looking the part):

    Michael Fassbender
    Gary Oldman
    Eddie Redmayne
    Tom Hiddleston
    Bryan Cranston
    Asa Butterfield
    Dakota Fanning
    Brit Marling
    Joaquin Phoenix
    Donald Sutherland
    Dane DeHaan
    Taylor Kitsch
    Hugo Weaving
    Ben Wishaw
    (Will never happen) Daniel Day Lewis
    Ralph Fiennes
    Rooney Mara
    Viggo Mortenson
    Nicholas Hoult
    Aaron Johnson
    Jack Huston
    Natalie Dormer
    Michelle Fairley (or pretty much anyone from GOT)

    • Master Aragorn

      would love to see Viggo as a rogue jedi

  • rhizomeman

    90% shot in London (on sets I presume). So we’re back to mostly green screen bullshit? Doesn’t anyone understand in the JJ camp that REAL locations is what made star wars OT so amazing and realistic??

    • PANTS

      “Realistic” and “Star Wars” do not belong in the same sentence together.

    • MEY

      I think there are big changes in this technology as well.
      Episode I, II, III were made between 1999 and 2005.
      As for the production techniques, eight years can mean a huge improvement.

      I see your point but I have seen Star Trek Into Darkness five times and during watching it I do not have the feeling that I experience (weak) CGI at all.

  • Pk

    Where’s Chloe moretz when you need her?

  • Shay

    ugh chloe moretz is the overrated one here

    • Pk

      Nope she’s perfect for this

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  • Jare22

    Saoirse Ronan w/ a Lightsaber >>>>>>>>>

    Make it happen!!!

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