Saoirse Ronan Confirms She Read for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII; Sullivan Stapleton Rumored to Have Read for Role

     October 1, 2013


A couple weeks ago, it was rumored that Saoirse Ronan had gone in to read for a role in J.J. AbramsStar Wars: Episode VII.  It was supposedly for one of the main characters and possibly the leading role.  In a recent interview with Sky News, Ronan confirmed that she had indeed read for the role, but added “so has everyone.”  And that’s the beauty of taking names, having meetings, and making lists.  So many actors are going in and out to read for these roles, and then plenty of expectations are attached to them just by virtue of their name being mentioned at one point in the process.  I’m a fan of Ronan’s past work, so I’d like her to bring her talent to a blockbuster film.  I say this without knowing the character, the details of the plot, or how the two will fit together.  But I like Ronan, so I’ll root for Ronan.

If you like actor Sullivan Stapleton, then hit the jump because he’s the latest actor to join the Star Wars rumor game.

According to Latino Review, 300: Rise of an Empire star Sullivan Stapleton has gone in to read for a role. However, while Ronan may be able to go on record about her involvement, LR says Stapleton “got in a lot of trouble with his camp and from folks over at LucasFilm” for talking about reading for a role in the highly anticipated sequel.  I can understand their frustration.  Even if he doesn’t get the role, the simple announcement that he read for it could clue fans into the fact that there will be a handsome male character in the movie.  Such a reveal at this stage in the game could be disastrous.


  • 80sRobot

    I would love to see Ronan in the movie. And if the rumor that Chloe Moretz has also read is true, then maybe the two read for the same role (considering that both are young female blondes).

    So my wild speculation: the central role is a third-generation Skywalker, a young female Jedi who will undergo a spiritual journey to try to fulfill what Anakin (her grandfather or great grandfather?) was originally destined to do — as Qui Gon believed: bring “balance to the Force” (whatever the heck this means).

    • Aaron Sullivan

      I always thought Anakin did bring balance to the force by killing all the Jedi and equalling out the number of Siths to Jedi. Sort of depressing if that’s the conclusion to it though. :)

      • 80sRobot

        Joking aside, I’ve lately wondered what “balance” may mean here (and I believe this will be the central theme for the next trilogy). Maybe it’s about controlling both the dark and light sides of the Force in that Yin Yang manner of unity. The Jedi disavowed the dark side, and its practitioners spun off into the Sith — maybe the original Sith were about using both the dark and light sides, but then they became overwhelmed and corrupted. Qui Gon and others like him believed that the Jedi need to bring the two sides back into one, for the sake of space-opera Zen peace and harmony.

      • 80sRobot

        In fact, I would not be surprised if the title for one of these movies is Balance of the Force, where the title implies it refers to this third-generation Skywalker character.

      • mbmarquis69

        Everyone assumes that Anakin was The Chosen One. I rather like the idea that he was not and one of these Skywalker descendants is. And I REALLY like thewriteguy’s suggestion above about what “balance” might actually mean.

        It would also help move this franchise back to a place where the Force was strange and mysterious and not blood bugs.

      • OhDawg

        That’s my read as well. The arrogance of the Jedi prevented them from seeing that the prophecy said they would be brought down rather than that they would ultimately destroy the dark side.

        Also, Sullivan Stapleton is currently in the excellent British show “Strike Back”, which is EASILY the best action series currently on TV. There’s nothing else that’s even close, but that is mainly because that kind of “pure” action is so rare these days. It’s not deep, but it’s violent and sexy and fun and it surprises me that there isn’t 20 shows like it on TV.

    • MEY

      Ronan is beautiful and I want to see Alex Pettyfer in the movie because Episode 7 needs his face.

      Yes, ALEX PETTYFER! Cast him J.J., it is the right decision.

    • Pk

      I hope Chloe moretz gets the role

  • Arnie

    Announce you read for the role so people will root for you on the internet…. smart girl

  • Kevin

    Why do they care if people announce they read for a role? Its not like they gave specifics.

  • Bob

    If the rumors are true I would like these actors/actresses from the rumors: Ronan, Cumberbatch, and McIntyre.

  • Jay

    I hope she gets it. From what I’ve seen of her she’s very lucid and grounded, just as a Jedi should be.

  • Jay

    I hope she gets it. From what I’ve seen of her she’s very lucid and grounded, just as a Jedi should be.

    • Burning_Horizon

      How do you know she’d play a Jedi?

      • Jay

        I used the Force. ;)

  • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

    I have absolutely nothing against her as a person, but I can’t stand her as an actress. She is beyond bland and has been in some truly dreadful movies; especially lately.

  • Slave Jabba

    I’m rooting for Saoirse too! I would be more than happy to see her in SW!

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  • Jare22

    Saoirse as a jedi….um YESSSSSSS. Just cast her already!

  • Jare22

    Saoirse as a jedi….um YESSSSSSS. Just cast her already!

  • jason

    please, enough with this phony jj abrahms crap, no more star wars, six is enough. More would be stupid, especially with jj involved.

  • Reina

    Probably why she passed on Scarlet Witch in The Avengers sequels

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