Rumor: Are These the New STAR WARS EPISODE VII Stormtrooper Helmets?

     August 15, 2014


Ah man.  I don’t share J.J. Abrams’ extreme distaste for spoilers, but it’s hard not to sympathize with him as he tries to make Star Wars: Episode VII in the hyper-spoiler digital age.  Granted, the leaks so far haven’t been as bad as they could have been, but the mystery box has at least a few scratches on it.

As his Star Wars film gears up to resume shooting again (after a two week hiatus to accommodate Harrison Ford his broken leg) more details and leaks like the following are bound to come out.  This morning we have a look at what could very possibly be a redesigned Stormtrooper helmet from the film.  I tend to believe there’s a chance of this being real for several reasons.  For one, Abrams is going to want to slightly rejigger the look of at least a few  things to make the world his own.  Also, this film takes place 30 years after Return of the Jedi and it makes sense that the Empire would refurbish their equipment somewhat.  Hit the jump for the potential Star Wars Episode 7 stormtrooper helmets and, if you consider a design leak a spoiler, spoilers ahead!

The folks over at Indie Revolver have the potential designs.  One of them is an expansion/refinement of the original design, and the other appears to be a modification that they speculate stems the Snowtroopers from The Empire Strikes Back.



After Indie Revolver posted the above pics, the RPF chimed in with what appears to be a prop from the set that matches the designs exactly.


What do you think?  Are these the real deal?  If so, do you like them?  I’m the definition of neutral on this one.  I just want the movie to be good since, at some point in the future, I’m going to spend two hours and change watching it.

  • MCP

    Not bad, if real. Though, kinda reminds me of the Tron: Legacy design somewhat. Of course I noticed that.

    End of line…

  • Danny T

    Looks good to me, I like the slick design. However, although i like it, you can’t really tell which side is the front of the helmet in the second picture. You can only assume the right side is based on the shoulder angle. But hey, maybe it works both way.

  • Lex Walker

    I want to say ‘why fix it if it ain’t broke?’, and those original Stormtrooper helmets will always be iconic, but then again it’s 40-ish years later, it’d be more unbelievable if the uniforms hadn’t changed at all. Looks cool.

  • gar216

    I think they should be silver and glittery like the Shockmaster.

    • Ruprect

      I am a stormproo …ooooop! (trips, stumbles, falls. angle fails.)

  • Christian

    I still can’t quite buy in to the idea that the Empire is still around after the Emperor, Vader, and both Death Stars were destroyed. I get that there is an entire political structure of indoctrinated people, but empires work from the top down.

    • World’s Finest Comments

      Well, there’s still Nazis and Neo-Nazis long after Hitler…

      Could just be rouge groups without too much structure.

    • astnmartin23

      Cut off one head and two more shall take its place. HAIL HYDRA! lol

    • eternalozzie

      they destroyed 1 space station and a few star destroyers in ROTJ … a tiny fraction of the imperial fleet

      • agent777

        Wasn’t the trap that the whole Imperial fleet was there? It’s been ahwhile, but it was a big fleet.

      • Timothy

        Grand admiral Thrawn would like to have a word with you.

      • agent777

        I’m sure Trioculous would aswell, but they were dealt with years after Jedi, not decades.

      • Aquartertoseven

        The weird thing is that the Death Star was destroyed, but the Imperial fleet outnumbered the rebels like 50 to 1, it was ridiculous that they just bolted, reminds me of Iraq, when 30,000 Iraqi troops ran away from 800 ISIS soldiers.

      • Grendal Sven

        It’s been a proven war strategy since the dawn of time. Take out the chain of command, the army crumbles.

      • Aquartertoseven

        They had a chain of command though, an entire fleet, they just lost the emperor. They still had captains, admirals etc,

      • stefan

        I think there is something to be said about how a lot of people of the public and the empirial military were afraid of command and didn’t necessarily agree with what the empire was doing. There may be a link betwèen nazi germany and how people supported hitler simply because of the collapse of their economy under the current government. This mirrors with the sudden scandel of the jedi being war traitors. The republic citizens then just agreed to the creation of the galactic empire (probably out of fear of civil unrest or something linked to the betrayal of the jedi). So my point is that maybe the empire’s strength was mainly made up of fear, aswell as a few crazies like grand moff tarkin (who in my opinion was bases on himmler (senior nazi leader)). As you can tell ive just finished two years of gcse history.

    • Ruprect

      A “GALACTIC” Empire would have a massive infrastructure and bureaucracy.

      Remember Tarkin saying in Ep IV “The regional governors now have direct control …”? Some may opportunistically side with the rebellion/New Alliance, others might just be saying to all the displaced stormtroopers, fighter squads and capital fleets out there “Hey, dudes, comes fight for me! We have punch and pie!” Those guys, with their shiny new armies, are not going to give up their fiefs so easily.

    • bigfrog

      The eastern half of the Roman empire lasted for 1000 years after Rome itself turned into a backwater.

  • World’s Finest Comments

    It’s technically space military, you don’t really change the design that often, at least not as much in the movies’ time frame.

  • TheBigMachine

    They do feel a bit Tron-ish. They look good, but they seem (I know this will sound weird) too modern? It’s like they are too sporty or something. Like Adidas designed them. I dunno. I’m sure I’ll come to love them.

    • RockyDavies

      That is pretty funny, I was thinking the same thing. The Stormtrooper looks okay, but maybe too slick. I seriously said, “It looks kinda like a shoe.” And then you made the Adidas comment. I’m glad I’m not the only one

      Is the black breather filter only on the one side?

  • sense

    I dig it

  • Doug_101

    I like them. The Snowtroop one is especially good.

  • Heytherebro


  • Aaron Sullivan

    Knowing for a fact that the world is still going to full of beat up old spaceships and physical places that feel lived-in allows me to look at these slick helmets and be okay with it. Curious if the empire is now marginalized in to some sectors and growing by recruiting youngsters impressed with their cool slick military machinery.

    Either way, we all know the movie is going to have detractors and that even the biggest fans will wish their own personal SW fantasies were included, but so far I’m still excited. JJ Abrams seems to be able to ignite that living spark between his actors so that it shows onscreen. SW needs that again.

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  • Melissa Brookes

    Yea, that looks like what JJ would do to them….WHY CHANGE ITR JJ!?!

  • salfie

    I think having an Episode 7, 8, and 9 (the less said about 1, 2, and 3 the better) sort of ruins the fairy tale-like ending of the first trilogy. Sometimes you want a story to be over and for the the good guys to beat the bad guys and then head off into the sunset.

    • MITIOR

      That’s half of starwars you don’t like. I’m lucky to be of the people that can actually enjoy all 6. *flies away in a podracer*

      • salfie

        That’s completely fine. If you like them, that’s cool, but personally I just have some issues with those films. I will say however that I LOVE the pod race scene from Episode I. It’s one of those things from the prequel trilogy I think is objectively good. Oh, and the film scores and overall sound production to those movies was pretty top notch too. Not many movies that sound better in my opinion.

      • MITIOR

        Cool man, I thought you were going to start hating on the prequels just because. That thing gets very tired. I agree with you.

  • Colin Christian

    I love them,prefer these to the old designs,menacing without overdoing it.

  • Beatific

    I like the 2nd and third photo, keeping it pretty similiar to the designs in the original trilogy and the Ralph McQuarrie concept art.

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  • AtomWarlock

    Yeah, I think they look pretty awesome!

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  • Tom Thetom

    It is not bad bad, actually it’s kinda cool. I just hope they have a good story for
    changing the original helmet which was just AWSOME. I am very happpy
    they did not go too far from the original helmet also. In these sort of
    sequels there are some few things that should not be change too much, if
    chaged at all. Like comic inserting a Jar Jar binks for comic relief when you already had R2D2 and C3PO BAD move George bad move!!!

    At the end as -Lex Walker said below: I want to say ‘why fix it if it ain’t broke?’-

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