Rumor: Is STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Looking for a Wookie?

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We’ve been so caught up in wondering about the actors who might be in Star Wars: Episode VII that we’ve completely overlooked the multitude of alien races that might be in the film.  One of the more appealing aspects of Star Wars is that the heroes aren’t all human, and perhaps Episode VII will continue that tradition.  Den of Geek has reportedly found a casting call put out by “Walt Disney Pictures/LucasFilm/Bad Robot” for a:

“Male, 7 ft to 7.3 ft tall with a slim/thin build and upright posture. Not too worked out or too ‘thick set’ especially in the shoulders. Broad facial features would be a bonus”.

Den of Geek believes that because Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew is 7′ 3″ tall, the production could be looking to cast an actor to play a wookie.  Of course, assuming this casting call is even legit, we don’t know if it’s a wookie or perhaps some other tall alien.  And what if they’re looking for someone to actually play Chewbacca and replace the 69-year-old Mayhew?  Speculate away in the comments section.

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  • Lex Walker

    Star Wars: Episode VII: A Newbacca

    • Joseph M

      The Empire Strikes Bacca.
      Hey, you started it, Lex!

      • MEY

        The Return of the Jedibacca



      • Lex Walker

        I am so glad I did. Nice.

  • eternalozzie

    At least its not a CGI wookie.

    • Sean Chandler

      …it could be motion control. Jar Jar had an actor underneath the CGI.

      • eternalozzie

        I forgot and logged onto the literalnet instead of the internet … either way the result would be a cartoon like wookie

      • Leo Spaceman

        No they wouldnt need a really tall man to motion control a really tall alien. Avatar had normal people motion control tall blue aliens, and Mark Ruffalo motion controlled the 9 foot Hulk.

        That said, I, the blockbuster geek that I am, am not excited about this movie. Star Wars has never really floated my boat (I grew up with the prequel trilogy) and JJ most certainly doesn’t. I still cant shake the feeling that this will be the JJ interpretation of Star Wars and not just Star Wars.

      • Burning_Horizon

        ” I still cant shake the feeling that this will be the JJ interpretation of Star Wars and not just Star Wars.”

        Better that than the post ROTJ George Lucas interpretation of Star Wars.

      • enderandrew

        JJ isn’t in charge of story. I’m not sure why everyone keeps saying they’re worried what he is doing to the story.

        Lucas came up with the core story for the next three movies and they were turned into script treatments. Then Michael Arndt was hired to take the treatment for VII and turn it into a full script. All this was before JJ was even hired.

  • Sean Chandler

    I’m sure Wookies will make an appearance, but I doubt this particular rumor has much merit.

    It’s just one more blog looking for page views from people like me who can’t stop clicking on all these absurd rumors.

    • MEY

      It is possible that this casting call is for the Han Solo spin-off movie.
      Chewbacca will be needed there.

  • MorganFleurDeLys

    Mayhew can barely walk these days. He goes from convention to convention, usually with a motorized scooter and/or his lightsaber-style cane.

    • enderandrew

      He just had surgery that should help him walk normally. They’re also doing a documentary of the process.

      • MorganFleurDeLys

        That’s great for him, I wish him excellent health and a full recovery with full walking capabilities.

        In other news, I think this fan love affair with bringing back all of these previous actors is unnecessary. Start completely fresh.

        Carrie Fisher & Mark Hamil are almost unrecognizable these days. Harrison Ford is great, but not essential. Lots of people can play Chewie, Anthony Daniels isn’t even required to do the voice acting of C-3PO much less wear the suit.

        Star Wars has more than enough material in its universe to be excellent without being tied down to these people. The animated Clone Wars more than proved that. Besides, we have John Williams, so we are already halfway there!

        Just my two cents.

      • enderandrew

        I’m assuming that Carrie Fisher will see some plastic surgery and they’re all going to be hitting the gym before Episode VII. Even then, I don’t expect them to the main characters/stars/leads of the new movies.

        The trilogies will be tied together with recurring characters, but Ewan McGregor was effectively the lead protagonist for the first three movies, and his character dies in the 4th.

  • kps

    Is this even a surprise? If Han is coming back then it’s pretty certain Chewie is too.

  • Joseph M

    Why would they be interested in facial features if it’s to wear a wookie mask?

    • feloniousmax

      For consistency. Mayhew’s broad face, with prosthetics, is the most recognizable wookie in this or any other galaxy. They obviously wish to have a similar starting point.

  • Kevin

    I really hope there aren’t too many references to the old movies. That was one of the biggest problems Star Trek Into Darkness had.

    • MEY

      Star Trek Into Darkness is in a different timeline. The references applied make the movie more stronger and enjoyable – in my opinion.

      • Kevin

        To me, it felt like a remake and wasn’t good enough to stand on its own. And Nimoy Ex Machina was completely unnecessary.

      • MEY

        I think the idea in the new Star Trek movies show a fairly interesting and complex picture.

        STID is not a remake but the second part of the rebooted Star Trek ‘Saga’.

        On one hand, Star Trek Into Darkness is the prequel of the old Star Trek films since we can meet the characters in their fresh years, we can see their adventures when they were young. (Of course, it is true for the Star Trek (2009) as well.)

        On the other hand, Star Trek Into Darkness is the sequel of the old Star Trek films because ‘Nimoy Spock’ became part of this alternative timeline in Star Trek (2009).

        Not taking into consideration the fact that the new Star Trek films take place in an alternative universe, we can claim that STID reveals the past of the story of Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan (1982). We can meet the young Carol Marcus in STID and The Wrath of Khan shows the older Carol Marcus, and so on.

        I think this complexity is fantastic.

      • HECK

        jj abrahms star trek movies ARE REMAKES, and ARE ABYSMAL, and ARE NOT STAR TREK.

        Just like his star wars WILL BE CRAP and WILL NOT BE STAR WARS!

      • Kevin

        The first Abrams’ Star Trek was really exciting because it spanned multiple alien worlds, had great chemistry between characters, and made me actually care about Star Trek. I think the second film was written with the action setpieces in mind, which (unless its a martial arts film) is never a good idea.

        To say Star Wars will not be good because you did not like Star Trek is odd because the script was written by completely different people than Trek. If you wait until you watch it to judge it, you might actually like it.

      • Kevin

        I loved the first movie, just don’t care for the sequel. I think the alternative timeline is a cool idea and worked in the first film, but nothing was really done with it in Star Trek Into Darkness, other than having Nimoy recapping the Wrath of Khan.

      • Sean Chandler

        I’m not sure how nothing was done with the alternative timeline. The plot revolves around paranoid star fleet admirals (because of the changes timeline) shifting star fleet in a more military direction. This leads to the events of the film. Khan is introduced in a new way directly related to the changes in the timeline changing the nature of star fleet. So we see similar things but in different contexts for a reason.

  • Bob

    No extra news about JJ mentioning Cumberbatch as well? I heard JJ recently tweeted “Benedict Cumberbatch? I love that guy”. Seems like a confirmation/trick.

    • Burning_Horizon

      Cumberbatch as a wookie …

  • hockablah

    get Conan O’Brien.

  • dungeons and draccus’s

    This can’t be a long search. I mean, how many 7’3 actors are there out there?

  • chester los

    UGHH, no Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca, then no star wars 7.

    Every news item about new star wars keeps getting worse and worse.

    The most worse news about star wars is hiring the hack shit head dumbass jj abrahms, the dumbest think disney, lucasfilm and kathleen kennedy have done. This will be the death of star wars, a grave and serious mistake.

    Go to hell JJ

    JJ is an ass!

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