J.J. Abrams May Shoot Some of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII with IMAX Cameras

     September 26, 2013


It’s fitting that quite possibly the biggest film of this decade may be partially filmed using the largest cameras available.  Director J.J. Abrams is currently knee-deep in prep for Star Wars: Episode VII, and having now assembled his cinematographer, costume designer, and composer, he is moving on to the particulars of the shoot.  We know that Episode VII will be largely shot on soundstages in London, and we previously learned that Abrams plans on using 35mm film instead of digital to capture the images.  Now it appears that Abrams might be mixing things up in the camera department by filming certain scenes with IMAX cameras.  Hit the jump for more.

jj-abrams-star-wars-episode-viiThe folks over at AICN found this bit of info that was gleaned from IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond recently at a Goldman Sachs conference:

“We are talking to J.J. Abrams test now about the next Star Wars being used with partly IMAX cameras.”

The word “test” is most likely supposed to mean “team,” but this isn’t an altogether surprising bit of info.  Abrams first used IMAX cameras on Star Trek Into Darkness, filming certain sequences of the sci-fi sequel in the large-screen format.  Christopher Nolan has made heavy use of IMAX as of late, and it really is the most pristine way to showcase a large-scale film.  By shooting portions of Star Wars: Episode VII in IMAX, not only will fans get the chance to experience the sequel in the largest format possible, but it also provides Disney with an opportunity to reap the benefits of the more costly ticket prices.  Is it too much to hope that this dissuades the studio from post-converting the film to 3D?

Again, none of this has been confirmed, but I’d frankly be surprised if Abrams passed on the opportunity to use IMAX cameras on at least some of Episode VII.  Production begins early next year ahead of a planned 2015 release.

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  • http://movieguynewsreviews.blogspot.com/ Josh

    with any luck it will be ONLY imax, and no 3D!

  • jackjack

    yayayaya… it’s another stupid sequel, that’s for sure…

  • jfp

    the latest episode VII rumor is that it will be filmed in JJ’s butt


    I’m looking forward to the day the technology allows for films to be completely shot in IMAX.

    • axalon

      Probably when IMAX releases digital versions of their cameras?

      Please don’t kill me…

      • JRIOS

        The technology is there, its the cost and sound. All dialogue driven scenes must have ADR done in order to hear the audio. Personally I don’t think Star Wars or Star Trek are IMAX worthy because of the heavy use of CGI The Dark Knight and Even Mission Impossible 4 were perfect because they took the cameras to real locations. Personally Brad Bird has used the camera the best.

      • Lex Walker

        Except this Star Wars is supposedly reverting back, at least in large part, to the practical effects work of the original trilogy. So maybe that’ll make it worthwhile.

      • kilar

        What that means is that some chairs and a window frame in a scene might not be CG. The rest will be CG except the people, and they may be particlaly CG to make em look prettier!

      • axalon

        That’s what I mean, with a digital IMAX camera it wouldn’t be as noisy hence they could record sound

  • Bloost

    Will there be lens flares?

    • MEY

      Lens flares are unimportant…

      The problem can be discovered in the application of silly characters, childish and boring conversations, ridiculous costumes, stress on political fights, bad vehicle design, linear fight scenes, lack of exciting action, unnecessary and asexual love scenes, wrong casting, too much Tatooine, not enough war scenes in space… In other words, in most of the features of Episode I, II, and III.

      These are the annoying factors, not the lens flares.

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  • Nomis1700

    Hope so! It’d be fantastic if he shoots a whole lot of it with the camera’s! Now I’m hoping Snyder will use IMAX camera’s for the Superman/Batman film too!!!!!!

  • kilar

    Shoot part of your film in Imax, charge full Imax price, whine about 3D being a rip off!
    Why not shoot with the new Imax 3D camera’s Bay is using?

  • Adam Heatherly

    i want a freakin release date how is this the only 2015 film w/o a set date its vetting disconcerting

  • maxi mounds fan

    so sick of seeing this turd hack director jj pathetic abrahms ugly asshole face!

    just reminds me that he is going to ruin star wars like he did with star trek with his abysmal and cringeworthy star trek remakes.

    • jason t.


      • MEY

        And the old idiot with the 53rd nickname…

    • MEY

      The old idiot with the 52nd nickname…

    • MEY

      Oh, yes, I nearly forgot… The name ‘Abrahms’ with an ‘h’. Jesus! No comment.

      His name is Abrams, you idiot.

      I have the feeling that I am not the only person who thinks that you should visit a mental institution in the near future.

      Do it for us, please. Thx!

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