STAR WARS Spinoff Films Include a Boba Fett Movie and a Young Han Solo Film

     February 6, 2013


Well that was fast.  Just yesterday Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that the studio is developing standalone Star Wars films that will exist outside of the new trilogy, with a rumor surfacing that one such film could focus on Yoda.  Though Star Wars: Episode VII will be the first new movie out of the gate, with J.J. Abrams at the helm, fans have now started to speculate on the nature of these new standalone Star Wars films.  We know that screenwriters Lawrence Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back) and Simon Kinberg (Sherlock Holmes) are working on the spinoff movies, and the larger question has been whether they would focus on new characters in other parts of the Star Wars universe or whether Disney and Lucasfilm would instead focus on existing favorites.

It appears that the answer is the latter, as word now comes that two of the standalone Star Wars films in development center on the separate adventures of Boba Fett and a young Han Solo.  Hit the jump for much more.

star-wars-han-solo-spinoff-moviePer EW, two of the spinoff projects currently in development are “a young Han Solo saga, focusing on the wisecracking smuggler’s origin story, and a bounty hunter adventure with Boba Fett at the center of a rogue’s gallery of galactic scum.”  The Han Solo story apparently takes place in the time period between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, so we would be delving into the character’s exploits before he meets young Luke Skywalker.  A Han/Chewie meet-cute is in the cards, perhaps?

The Boba Fett movie, meanwhile, will take place either between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back or between Empire and Return of the Jedi.  Seeing as how Fett seemingly met his maker during Jedi, the time period for the character is a bit more constrained.  Both films will require all-new casting, so we hopefully won’t be saddled with a forced framing device featuring old Harrison Ford.

Here’s where things get interesting, though: as these films take place during the original trilogy, it offers Disney and Lucasfilm the chance to revisit some of George Lucas’ seminal characters.  Indeed, we could quite possibly see the return of Darth Vader or even Jabba the Hutt.  We know that Kasdan and Kinberg are separately writing the Star Wars spinoffs, but it’s unknown which project each scribe is currently working on.  Furthermore, as with all developing projects, these films could eventually change significantly or be scrapped altogether.  That said, Iger seemed adamant about Star Wars spinoffs being released in between Episodes 7, 8, and 9, so I think it’s more likely that the Boba Fett and Han Solo movies come to fruition.

star-wars-boba-fett-movieI’ll be honest, this isn’t exactly what I was expecting when it was announced that new Star Wars films were being made.  Personally I’d much rather see new characters and new stories taking place in the SW universe rather than a rehashing of old characters, but I guess this isn’t too much of a surprise seeing as how studios are unwilling to spend large sums of money on original projects these days.

The question now turns to what filmmakers would be the best fits for these movies.  Joe Johnston has made no secret of his desire to make a Boba Fett movie in the past, and given his relationship with Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy, I don’t think his involvement is out of the question.  Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on this decision and who you’d like to see take the helm.  I assume we’ll learn more soon.

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  • MR.Mayhem

    If Josh Holloway doesn’t land the role of Young Han Solo something is wrong…

    • Norris

      Yeah, Holloway would be great, except for the fact that he’s in his mid-40′s while Harrison Ford was in his early 30′s when he made Star Wars, so I don’t think Holloway could pull of a “young” Solo.

    • Anonymous

      He’s too old. Armie Hammer (if he gets shredded), Garret Hedlund (if he goes into BRING IT mode), or Taylor Kitsch.

      • Norris

        I honestly don’t think I could pick 3 worst choices. And why would anyone need to be “shredded” to play Solo, he’s not a beefcake.

  • Stefan

    Josh Holloway for Han Solo!

  • junierizzle

    Armie Hammer for young Solo! You’re welcome casting.

    • Harry hartounian


  • Rob

    Well it could be that Disney will test the waters with established characters and then move to original stories as well.

  • JW.

    Boba Fett solo film… The internet might have a heart attack.

    • Steve

      And I predict a mild stroke for the Internet if anyone other than Joe Johnston directs.

      • JW.

        And maybe just a slight heart burn if Josh Holloway isn’t cast. I’m alittle on the fence because I want Holloway to play Gambit in Days of Future Past but I want him as Boba Fett as well.

      • wes

        I want Holloway for one of Solos children in the new trilogy just because I want to see him star in 3 major movies not 1 spin-off.

      • Anonymous

        FRACK johnston ! he cheseed the cap, and he cheesed the Wolfman, Oh and he pissed everyone with his jurassic park 3 ! He should team up with adam sandler, the cheesy incompetent basterd.

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  • ap30

    Disney doing it big…

  • NFP

    Ya, its no shock to me, the first couple standalone movies they would make would be with existing characters. I would assume the same as Rob, try a few, see how the public reacts, and then delve into new character movies.

  • kanwar

    Michael Fassbender for Han Solo…

    • Steve

      No, Fassbender for young General Tarkin.

      • Nihilus

        Now we’re talking!

      • kittycocktail

        What about Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston as Thrawn, eh?

      • tarek

        Young Tarkin would be possible only in between Episode I and Episode II

  • Nate H

    This is surprising, but it is a little sad. I don’t really need a young Han Solo film, and I don’t really need anything on Boba Fett either. In all honesty, Boba Fett is better as a mysterious bounty hunter than he will be as the center of a film. It’s doable, but the likelihood of it being good (without completely changing the character) is pretty low.

    Why not a “Knights of the Old Republic” film? Or one centered around a new character? EXPAND the universe, don’t rehash it. What’s next, the Life and Times of Admiral Ackbar?

    • Ackbar

      It’s a trap!

  • Happy motherfucker

    Holy Zeus! These news are fantastic. Centering a whole movie around a minor, yet greatly loved, character like Boba Fett is rad as fuck. However, after having survived a heart attack and been running through the neighbourhood yelling like a maniac, I now have the worries, that because of these two films, there won’t be a live-action series centered around the underworld of Coruscant where Fett is said to play a larger part. Anyway, congrats to myself and all fanboys of this great character. Win.

    • tom

      please don’t take this wrong way, but i never understood why Boba Fett is so beloved. will you explain it to me? I mean the guy is barely in two movies before he dies like a little bitch. i agree, he does look like a total badass. but why is that enough to make him so beloved? can someone make sense of this to me?

      • Happy motherfucker

        Oh yeah of course. The reason why I like him a great deal is that he’s surrounded by this fog of mystery and the fact he doesn’t talk much just makes him that more and cool. He’s the kind of person that let his actions speak for him. Also, I like characters who’s hard to read. And with Boba Fett you always ask yourself: “Is he good..? Is he bad?”. And I think it’s none of those two. You can put Luke in the white box (for the most) and definitely Darth Sidious in the black box. Boba Fett, however, gives the series more of a grey feel to the whole good vs. evil. Because he’s a bounty hunter and therefore goes for the paycheck,. One might say that he supports the empire, but I don’t think so. A clue to my theory is that he’s conflicted. Remember the eye contact Lando and him gives eachother when Han is being tortured in Cloud City? It’s things like that, which gives an edge to the character. He’s a very focused and calculated person with a great skill set, meaning that only a stupid accident can kill him, as seen with Han.

      • Great white hype

        #1. The armor.
        #2. He’s a bounty hunter.

        Do you understand now? That wasn’t so hard.

      • Anonymous

        He’s the bad boy boys don’t hate, initially being faceless as Master Chief, when we were kids, we could all be him, Han may have the cool motorcycle, but he’s the bad boy that turns good and get’s the girl, Boba is the cool guy with the cool helmet that doesn’t talk much, but what he says is dead on, and fracks the girl and leaves in the morning, and let’s not forget the baddest badass in the Galaxy who is Vader of course told Boba not to be so badass, when he hired him.

        I think, while not being an outright douche, Boba ain’t the good guy by any means, he is this Galaxy’s ultimate anti-hero, you don’t get to be the best, known for never quitting and desintegrating people that pisses you off, if you have a pure soul, but when not on a job he is been known to aid damsel’s in distress, then again he leaves in the morning.

        There are scenes where Han is badass without his ride, Boba is ALWAYS badass with or without his ride.

        They’re like Cyclops and Wolverine, or Sokka and Zuko respectively.

  • Happy motherfucker

    Holy Zeus! These news are fantastic. Centering a whole movie around a minor, yet greatly loved, character like Boba Fett is rad as fuck. However, after having survived a heart attack and been running through the neighbourhood yelling like a maniac, I now have the worries, that because of these two films, there won\’t be a live-action series centered around the underworld of Coruscant where Fett is said to play a larger part. Anyway, congrats to myself and all fanboys of this great character. Win.

  • Christopher

    Ug. This prequel/interquel business needs to stop. The Star Wars universe is vast and has a long history which has gone virtually unexplored in film.

    Hasn’t anyone heard of Darth Bane? Pretty nice trilogy right there.

    I, for one, don’t really want to see more about Hans Solo or Boba Fett…at least not portrayed on the big screen. There’s just too many other stories that could be told.

    I love the OT characters, but they are becoming diluted (if not polluted) versions of the heroes my mind made them to be back in 77, 80, and even 83. A little, mysterious blur on some points of a character helps to keep the most important things in focus. Pulling every detail into focus just makes the picture boring and without depth.

    I think too many people have forgotten that it was the mystery behind so many of the characters, their actions, and their relationships that helped to make the OT so compelling. What we DIDN’T know was almost as important as what we eventually find out.

    Disney, Lucasfilm, et al need to stop trying milk a cash-cow that’s all produced-out and move on to new tales.

  • ScottX

    Why people keeps proposing actors that are at least as old as Harrison Ford when he played Han Solo?
    Anyway that spin-off could bring new continuity problems, so I suggest they ignore the prequels and focus in maintain it congruent to the original series.

  • ooft

    Since Disney now owns the franchise, it’ll probably try to orient itself more along the production strategy of the Marvel movies, aka Phase 1, 2, etc. So, the first “reboot” will aim to secure a core audience by (re-)establishing the universe. SW Phase 2 might well ramble off into weird things/places/characters (like Guardians of the Galaxy in the Marvel universe). Bring ‘em on I dare say, all of them.

  • kittycocktail

    Josh Holloway is WAY too old to play a young Han, although I do agree that he would be a stellar choice if it weren’t for his age.

    For the love of all things holy, Disney, PLEASE look to the Expanded Universe. There are so many good story lines that you could adapt into great movies. Put the Boba Fett film during/after episode VI, with the escape from the Sarlaac Pit. It would make so many fans happy.

  • kittycocktail

    Josh Holloway is WAY too old to play a young Han, although I do agree that he would be a stellar choice if it weren\’t for his age.

    For the love of all things holy, Disney, PLEASE look to the Expanded Universe. There are so many good story lines that you could adapt into great movies. Put the Boba Fett film during/after episode VI, with the escape from the Sarlaac Pit. It would make so many fans happy.

  • Jamesy

    Arnie Hammer or Garrett Hedlund for young han solo. Josh Holloway is a little old is he not? Was Ford not around 35 when he first appeared as Han Solo? Please please don’t go with Alex Pettyfer or Liam hemsworth! Would be happy with Chris Hemsworth/

  • Anon

    Prequels suck! You already know where the characters are eventually going to end up. It’s like an unnecessary feature length flashback. Just have Fett climb out of the sarlacc pit looking for revenge. “Bobba Fett Rises”

  • Kevin

    Yoda is, by far, the the best character to follow in terms of a spin-off film, with Boba Fett coming in a close second….but a young Han Solo film? Really? Did they not learn their lesson with the Young Indiana Jones chronicles or whatever the hell it was called? It was a friggin disaster…and finding a suitable replacement for a beloved character like Han Solo (who was played by someone as distinguishable and irreplaceable as Harrison Ford) is virtually impossible. Therefore, that film is not only a waste of time, money and effort….its also doomed to fail from the beginning.

    Up until this news I have LOVED every single Star Wars announcement (to the point of wanting to go up to Kathleen Kennedy and give her a huge f*cking kiss). It\’s actually reinvigorated that old feeling in my stomach that I used to get as a kid when I would think about Star Wars…..that is; before the prequels. Basically, it now seems that Star Wars just may be great again!
    From signing J.J. Abrams on to direct Episode VII (who has been my dream director for Episode 7 for several years….way before they even announced the films would be made) to meeting with Zack Snyder for a possible \"seven samuari\" style Jedi film (which would be absolutely incredible, by the way)….to the idea of a film following our most beloved Jedi: Yoda (which for all we know could be the Jedi film that Zack Snyder is in discussions for). While I\’m not crazy over it, I also don\’t mind the idea of a Boba Fett film….simply because it could show a different side to Star Wars if we were following a ruthless bounty hunter around and it could also provide an opportunity to bring back one of the few GREAT things about the prequels, which is Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi (that man is so friggin under-rated).

    But not a young Han Solo film. That is just a horrible idea.

    If Disney is so gung ho on developing Star Wars films along side Episode VII, VIII & IX….why not develop a second trilogy taking place in the one place that has proven to be a great source of material….The Old Republic? It was a time when Jedi and Sith were both aplenty and the living conditions were more ruthless than ever. Jedi were warriors…not just keepers of the peace, wars raged on virtually every known planet and great, NEW, interesting characters could be created to lead the way. I feel like this should be a fairly obvious decision for the people over at Disney.

  • TheHOYT

    A buddy cop type film with a young Han Solo and Chewie. I could dig it!

  • murdernexxus

    DAN FOGLER TO PLAY HAN SOLO!!!!!! the obvious choice…or DANNY MCBRIDE!!! both actors look exactly like Harrison circa ’77

    • Anonymous

      Ha! You gotta be fucking joking they look nothing alike!

  • Jamesy

    Have Edgar Wright and Shane Black co-direct a Han Solo/Chewie bromance movie, genius.

  • Christian

    Harrison Ford was a young Han Solo in 1977. Are they recasting even younger? The only person I can think of who fits the attitude and look (kind of) is Karl Urban.

  • BlimpieBoy

    while we’re at it why not have a Millennium Falcon movie, as told to R2 and retold by threepio? “Ah yes I remember the Clone Wars. Fuck me they were dull. Round here it was all CGI as far as the eye could see.”

  • Yours Truly

    How bout Nathan Fillion?

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  • Willem

    Josh Holloway is exactley what they need!

  • bob


  • mark

    Donald Glover as young Lando, perhaps?

    • Hiro

      Lee Thompson Young would be a better choice.

  • Bleezy Bo

    I knew Disney would work Garret Hedlund into this franchise somehow…

  • ComicFanatic

    Young Han movie? No thanks. I’d rather have a Yoda standalone movie, especially after reading the following post that smartly states how Yoda is 900 years old and that is plenty of history to tap into for his own movie(s).

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  • M&M

    Wow. A little too much lobbying for Josh Holloway for Han Solo. I’m not seeing it.

  • Grayden

    Much more interested in seeing stories involving characters NOT from the OT. Same time frame, fine. With casting younger versions you have to be super careful. Ewan McGregor was the saving grace of the PT, and he did a fine job as Obi mainly because he was WAY younger at that time. Showing Han or Lando only 15 years younger than when the OT occurred isn’t going to give us much more insight to their characters. In fact, it’s more likely to ruin them for us, because we’re going to have this “prequel” story for this specific character made famous by that actor, and if they don’t get it perfect…that character is ruined for both films. Too much is at stake to reveal the pasts of these iconic characters. Look at Vader…the prequels pussed him out so much that he isn’t nearly as menacing as he was in the OT now. No, show us lesser known characters that we know of, that aren’t “canon” and make them canon and show us more of that galaxy far, far away, not more of the same ol’, same ol’.

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  • phantompope

    Young Han Solo is the best idea i’ve ever heard. His origin story is bad ass!

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  • Ackbar

    I want a Willrow Hood and his trusty Ice cream maker spinoff. Make it happen!

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  • UziGunner

    Norman reedus for Boba Fett!

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  • Juno Galitao

    If you think about it time seems to have raced right on by since Star Wars lll. When I first heard that Disney had bought Star Wars I gagged(for my own personal reasons, of course), but it may not be as bad as it seems given that the Star WARS films are the most popular space films next to Star TREK. I had to get used to the realization that Star Wars would never leave Hollywood for good and I think now I like it.
    As for the new movie ideas I personally like new things, and since the Star Wars theme has already been introduced a long time ago people will know what to expect. If they do intend to make a film about Han Solo I will indeed go and see it, though I wish he would only remain in Luke Skywalker’s movies. He’s always been the SIDE main character to me, though I really like him. Don’t get me wrong there.
    And Boba Fett?
    He is my favorite bounty hunter after Samus Aran. I would not mind in the least if he had a movie of his own. So I agree with you on that as well. But, as much as I enjoy reading his books, I am not a fan of his being married or a Jedi’s master. I think that completely destroyes the image so many people have made for him. The only books I like about him that take place after his “death” are the Bounty Hunter Wars where his killer instincts are still what scare people from him(which is what he wants) and the only hint of romance is not concerning him, though the was a suggestion that he may have had feelings for the Kuat-born lady Kateel, a.k.a Neelah, but that was not the case. Now many ladies I’m sure would LOVE to slap me, but what I say is true. Don’t get sentimental over a fictional character, however fun it may seem. I want the best out of Boba Fett in a way, too, but only in the context that the Real story has made. I love the idea of a Boba Fett movie, but I do hope that they keep his calm, cold, deadly, single, and mysterious personality. For that, my readers, is why he has so many fans in the first place.
    Believe me.

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