A Spoof of the STAR WARS Holiday Special

     December 22, 2010


The Star Wars holiday special is famously wretched.  But it wasn’t an inherently bad idea.  The folks over at Gamervision recognize this and added their own amusing touches to repurposed footage from Star Wars to show that the holidays are truly a stressful time for everyone… even a long time ago, on a galaxy far far away.

So if you want to learn the Empire’s rules for the Secret Santa gift exchange, see the Death Star decked in Christmas lights, or pop and lock with C-3PO  to “Christmas in Hollis,” hit the jump to check out the video.

From Gamervision [via TheForce.Net]

Pleasantly slight, no?  If you liked this, you may want to check out the recent Tron holiday special spoof.


  • Debrah Andrew

    Ha ha, never heard of this ever before now. where the heck did it come form is it a real lucas film? or is it a spoof? oh either way it should be good.

    • JDintheOC

      You’re kidding right…Is it a spoof????? I think you’ve been hitting the eggnog a little too early. A spoof? Hahahahaha! That’s a good one!

  • John F. C. Taylor

    I saw the Holiday Special. Why produce a spoof when the original was funny enough as it is?