Hasbro’s STAR WARS Toys to Offer Kids the Chance to Build Their Own Controversial Lightsaber

     February 12, 2015


Since we as a species have apparently run out of things to care about, some folks chose to take issue with Star Wars: The Force Awakens by criticizing Kylo Ren’s lightsaber, which has tiny blades for a hilt.  The complaint against the lightsaber was that the hilt would inevitably cut the user’s hand off.  My counterargument is “Why must you suck the joy out of everything?”

Hopefully, young Star Wars fans won’t have a problem breaking from “traditional” lightsabers because Hasbro will be releasing “Star Wars Bladebuilders” this fall.  The toy line will allow kids to combine hilts and blades into multiple designs.  Additionally, these lightsabers will light up and make noise, so they’re the real deal.

For parents, you will need to dig into your credits since the “Jedi Master Lightsaber” costs $49.99, and comes with a lightsaber, “a pair of lightdaggers, an expansion hilt and a variety of connectors.”  And those connectors mean your kids are going to want the other lightsabers so they can add to their unique design.  Per USA Today:

From there, kids can mix and match from three other assortments with connectors and lightsaber blades tied to various characters. The electronic lightsaber ($19.99) comes in Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker flavors, the foam lightsaber ($14.99) has Yoda, Vader and Luke variants, and the extend lightsaber ($9.99) offers something for Luke, Vader and Anakin Skywalker fans.

The Force may be strong with your kids, but the tools ain’t cheap.

The toyline will be on display at New York city’s Toy Fair from Saturday through Tuesday.  Check out images of the toys below:




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