STAR WARS Live-Action TV Series Still Three or Four Years Away

     June 13, 2011


For those anticipating that long-gestating live-action Star Wars TV series coming sooner than later, don’t hold your breath. Apparently George Lucas’ right-hand man, producer Rick McCallum, recently talked to Czech Position (via Bleeding Cool) where he revealed that the series is currently on hold. In talking about using resources in the Czech Republic (which were also used for Lucas’ WWII drama Red Tails), McCallum said, “The TV series is on hold, but that has nothing to do with the Czech Republic; it has to do with [the episodes being] so ambitious.” But even though the series may not air for a while, he did say the project has made a lot of progress and detailed what’s holding the series back. Details after the jump.

McCallum elaborated, “We have 50 hours of third-draft scripts, but the problem we have is there is a lot of digital animation; we don’t have the technology yet to be able to do them at a price that is safe for television. Since we would be financing them, it would be suicide for us to do this… So we are going to wait three or four years.” That’s certainly disappointing for fans looking forward to seeing their favorite sci-fi universe on the small screen outside of the Clone Wars animated series, but McCallum’s brief details on the new series should keep them interested.

The producer says, “Basically, it is like The Godfather; it’s the Empire slowly building up its power base around the galaxy, what happens in Coruscant, which is the major capital, and it’s a group of underground bosses who live there and control drugs, prostitution.” Sounds like a gritty crime drama set in the heart of the Star Wars universe, and that could be something worth waiting three or four years for after all.


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  • Droncz92


    I’d like to see more movies, maybe with little or nothing to do with the original 2 trilogies.

    • Brian


  • Jesus

    This is like a countdown to the rape of nostalgia! Can anyone slow down time? Anyone?

  • Tarek

    Give the Franchise to Joss Whedon, and we will have lot of fun.

    But the Senile Luca$ will never give up torturing us…

  • Phoenixscout

    Collider, is it possible for you to stop printing “after the jump”? Every computer I have used to read your site shows the entire article, so I have no idea what “jump” you’re referring to. Plus, if you have a link to the rest of the article, do you seriously think we internet users are too stupid to realize that we should click on the link to continue reading?

    • Jesus

      You don’t read Collider while in freefall? You’re in the minority bub.

      • Yahzee Skellington

        … that line just made my day… xD

  • Ryan

    This sounds awesome. Star Wars isn’t about nostalgia, its about groundbreaking sci-fi. We lost that with the PT, but the two animated series’ have brought a lot of that spark back. Also, SWTOR is looking like it may change the face of MMORPGs. So, if they can take a genre piece, like a crime drama and set in the Star Wars Universe, and make it work, it would be another step in the right direction for putting Star Wars back on top of the sci-fi game.

    Also, I like the “after the jump” bit. When I’m on the main page, I can read snippets of the articles to decide whether or not its worth my time.

    • Twowolves

      Have you read the E3 hands on of SWTOR? I thought it looked like WoW in space, and it pretty much is. Sure, you have Light and Dark point, but nothing truly groundbreaking. I just hope it’s fun.

  • Ted

    In general, the owners of Star Wars media should follow this advice: DO NOT MAKE ANYMORE STAR WARS MOVIES OR MEDIA. The original trilogy was a masterpiece. The “prequel” trilogy (I-III)… meh. Any new material added to the Star Wars canon would be a spit to the face for the original trilogy, UNLESS (one and only exception) it found a good way to continue the story, with good writing, acting and special effects that set up the world of Star Wars AND the story, not just special effects mayhem like Michael Bay and his upcoming Transformers.

    • John davides

      you sicken me…

  • Oliver

    I’m down with a wider exploration of the Star Wars universe. The two sets of clone wars cartoons have been good, and I think as an exercise in Universe expanding, the prequels were a major success – even though the films don’t stand up to much scrutiny. The games have been good too, and i think people should just except that Star Wars is going to continue. My worry here is about the effects heavy nature of the series. Crime drama in Coruscant sounds great, but build a set won’t you? Maybe have some costumes and props? I’m SURE you can manage without animating EVERYTHING

  • chris

    Lucas isn’t capable of making quality entertainment anymore. he thinks technology makes movies but it’s storylines that make movies … storylines not stolen from Dune.

    • The Train!

      exactly. which is why not having the budget to do the effects shouldn’t be such an obstacle if you have 50 hours of quality scripts. they have the first two seasons written! the new BSG was a great show and you can’t tell me the effects were of a superior quality.

  • swans183

    That title should read “Star Wars Live action TV-series perpetually three or four years away”

  • Negro

    You are holding up a series because of digital effects? Because creating a full CG world in the Prequels worked so well? I understand t.v. and film are two different worlds, but try to do more practical effects Lucas. Maybe you will actually make a good story that way instead of focusing so much on tech.

  • tk421

    If they do the Deadwood version of Star Wars, I’m so utterly on board it isn’t even funny.

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  • Brett

    I loved the prequels better than the original trilogy.

    • Brett

      Your bring shame to the name Brett. In no way are the prequels better.

  • Scared for Movies

    It’s always about the effects with this guy. The funny thing is I feel the original trilogy was so good because Lucas imagination was held in check by technology. If you look at the new series for all the amazing effects used what always comes to the forefront of my mind is Jar Jar. It’s funny I read an interview with Ivan Kirschner before he died. He said that Return of the Jedi was supposed to be more like empire. Han dies, Princess takes over, Luke goes off alone to find himself. The Lucas decided he wanted to pander to children and girls in particular and added in the Ewoks. Kirschner told him to go f himself. Although greatly talented its obvious that Lucas has sold out for the money. Don’t pander to children for money Lucas. You’ve disappointed so many people. Now you tell everyone a tv series is coming and you have 50 scripts but it won’t be out for another 10 years. You Sir have lost your mind.

  • Enuffallready

    No more lucas just stop it, enuf the asshole of my childhood cant take no more..leave it be, just like u waited for th prequels too right?get over urself and let talented individuals take over the beloved franchise…you suck so hard, especially the blue rays comming out…what a joke, no original versions,go f urself Luca$. I still have to vhs tapes to see the original trilogy. Stop abusing you fans a hole!

  • TheRentman

    As long as the story ties in/shows the origins of Han Solo, I’ll be happy.

  • teecee

    Wow some of you take this whole thing waaaaaaaaay too seriously! It is ENTERTAINMENT! For children AND adults! Not just you, Enuffallready, not just you, Scared for Movies or Ted. Don’t want to see any more SW? Easy, don’t watch. No-one is making you. You don’t own the idea or the love of SW. Millions around the world would love to see more! As for me, was a kid when I watched the first one, read all the books, my kids are SW mad too, movies, Clone Wars TV, games etc. Give me more more more in whatever incantation. Happy to wait if it means a more quality production. Just more SW til I’m an old and grey grandma! The rest of you can sit in your rocking chairs with your beloved VHS copies of the first three flicks to keep you company! LOL you all crack me up!

  • John

    Stop complaining about the prequel, it was just as good as the original. I personally would prefer to watch the prequel for the one thousand time rather than see most of the shitty sci-fi films coming out recently. This is going to be epic when it comes out. Cant wait…

  • Jedi Master Lao Zing

    You know one thing I would like to see is George Lucas bring the kaleesh, werewolf, Nevlaanian, Farghul, Daithim, Togorain, and Centaur species. I would also like to see Lucas bring in the Dragon Lords from that comic book called star wars Day of the Dragon Lords.
    Another thing I would like to see in the show is a kaleesh jedi, werewolf jedi, Nevlaanian jedi, Farghul jedi, Togorain jedi, and Centaur jedi. Also I would like to see that force follower named Fay to come in the show.

  • Bex

    well, despite all of the unhappy people, im excited. i love star wars, and i cant wait for more of it! the movies were great, anything lucas does has gotta be just as good.

  • Nick

    drug lords, hutts, whatever, i just hope to see some stormtroopers kick some ass! i REALLY hope george doesnt plan on making the empire suck eggs like he did in the movies.. : /

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