Original ‘Star Wars’ Props, Costumes, and More Going Up for Auction

     June 22, 2016


Most artifacts from the original Star Wars movies are kept at the Lucasfilm Archives at Skywalker Ranch, some of which are brought out for special occasions, like the Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibition in New York. However, if you have the money, you can own a piece of cinematic history as a number of Star Wars memorabilia are going up for auction.

E-commerce website Invaluable.com partnered with Profiles In History for an upcoming three-day auction called Hollywood Auction 83, which will feature more than 400 pieces of Hollywood industry. Among them are the clapperboard used for James Cameron’s Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Malibu Grand Prix racing license, and a number of Star Wars items.

star-wars-a-new-hope-posterThe Hollywood Auction 83 will begin on July 29 and continue through July 1, the last date featuring memorabilia like the third draft of George Lucas’ script for Star Wars. It maintains its working title of The Star Wars on its blue leather-textured cover and hails from August of 1975, when Lucas brought it to the first reading of the film. The current bid for the draft is currently at $4,750.

Other items featured are an X-Wing Fighter miniature used for A New Hope from the collection of model maker Grant McCune ($150,000 starting bid), an E-11 blaster used by the Imperial Stormtroopers in A New Hope ($20,000 current bid), an original piece of Darth Vader concept art by artist Tom Jung for The Empire Strikes Back ($4,000 starting bid), Mark Hamill’s khaki-colored combat suit for The Empire Strikes Back ($10,000 starting bid), and an illuminated model of the Death Star made by visual effects model maker Jim Arbaugh ($8,000 starting bid).

The big question now is, do you splurge the thousands of dollars you hopefully saved for an occasion like this, or do you wait for something like San Diego Comic-Con? Decisions, decisions.


Image via Lucasfilm


Image via LucasFilm


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