Artist Wayne Dorrington Tells the Original STAR WARS Trilogy in Iconoscope Form

     February 24, 2012


Fans of Star Wars have managed to parody and re-tell the saga in countless ways, and it’s getting to the point where it’s become redundant and predictable.  Artist Wayne Dorrington has broken the mold by going through every scene in the Original Trilogy, and breaking down to its barest form.  No dialogue, no motion, just basic pictures and symbols.  Dorrington told us that he thinks this is how IKEA would tell the Star Wars movies.  I would agree except that Dorrington’s illustrations makes me laugh whereas IKEA’s instructions make me want to murder every Swedish person in the world.

Hit the jump to check out Star Wars: A New Hope done in “iconograph” form.

Via Dorrington’s official websiteClick here to see The Empire Strikes Back and click here to see Return of the Jedi.


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  • Nomis1700


  • Spock Jenkins

    Ingenious and wonderfully humourous – alas, I doubt even Wayne could attempt such a marvellous retelling with the Star Wars Prequels…

  • Yahzee

    … this “news” is old. You guys already published this one months ago. I know cause I thought it was pretty funny.

    It’s one thing to write fillers, but another write repeated fillers…

  • Knecht

    He should do Indiana Jones next.