Watch STAR WARS Spinoff Director Josh Trank’s Early STAR WARS-Inspired Short Film

     June 5, 2014


While some other studios are having trouble getting their ducks in a row when it comes to their interconnected franchises, Disney and Lucasfilm are moving full-speed ahead on their plans for Star WarsJ.J. Abrams is currently directing the first new Star Wars film out of the gate, Episode VII, and just yesterday we learned that Chronicle helmer Josh Trank has been tapped to direct an unspecified Star Wars spinoff (aka “stand-alone”) movie.  The young filmmaker only has one feature under his belt thus far, the 2012 film Chronicle, but he’s currently in production on his big budget debut with Fox’s The Fantastic Four.  However, Trank’s passion for Star Wars runs deep, as evidenced by a short film he made in 2007 called “Stabbing at Leia’s 22nd Birthday.”  It’s a humorous take on a party gone awry in a world populated by lightsabers, The Force, and Stormtrooper police.

Watch Trank’s Star Wars-inspired short film after the jump.

josh-trank-star-warsIt will likely be some time before Trank’s Star Wars film comes to fruition, as he’ll be busy with The Fantastic Four through next June when the superhero reboot is scheduled for release.  Moreover, Godzilla director Gareth Edwards was recently pegged to direct a Star Wars spinoff of his own for a December 16, 2016, meaning Trank’s film probably won’t hit theaters until 2018.  It is interesting to see what kind of directors Disney and Lucasfilm are setting to steer these standalone Star Wars movies, though.  Instead of bringing in name talent, they seem keen on enlisting young filmmakers on the rise to put these films together.  Young filmmakers who, no doubt, grew up being enamored with the original trilogy.

Judging by this short film (via /Film), it’s clear that Trank was heavily influenced by Star Wars, and I’m definitely curious to see what he brings to the franchise with his own film.



  • milo

    So would this be the first franchise film to be done by a guy who had actually done his own fanfic for the series? Or has that happened before?

    • Lex Walker

      Abrams is a self-professed Star Wars fan. I’d bet he made one or two videos as a kid. If that counts.

  • This Guy

    This sucks.

  • Beatific

    Hope he’s not doing a found footage Star Wars movie…seriously though, it’ll be cool to see what these directors do with the spin off films.

  • Adam

    Meh. So, so far all we’ve seen from him is handheld, shakycam footage?

  • Neo Racer

    This itself was a rip off of that original star wars ‘cops’ so Im not impressed at all. Nice afterfx work tho!!

  • alk

    So if all it takes to be in the running to direct a star wars spin off is to make a short crappy fan film..why haven’t I been announced as the third director?

    • WockerDaw

      Actually, what it takes is to direct a feature length low budget superhero movie that was critically and commercially successful.

    • WockerDaw

      Actually, what it takes is to direct a feature length low budget superhero movie that was critically and commercially successful.

  • DEADP00L

    We want a Darth Vader movie!!! As in Empire Movie with Darth Vader and the 501rst storm troopers!!!