STAR WARS Spinoff Collaborators Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta Meet Their New Boss, Darth Vader

     May 28, 2014


While many figured that Godzilla director Gareth Edwards’ next film would be a Godzilla sequel given the monster pic’s success at the box office a few weeks ago, we were taken aback last week when it was announced that he will instead be directing the first Star Wars spinoff film.  We still don’t know anything about the nature of the spinoff, but Lucasfilm also announced that The Book of Eli and After Earth screenwriter Gary Whitta will be penning the screenplay.  As a December 16, 2016 release date is already set for the untitled pic, Edwards and Whitta are getting to work straight away, and the latter recently shared an image on Twitter of the two standing in front of their “new boss”, Lord Vader.  The photo reveals nothing about the film, but it’s clear that both are eager to dive deep into the Star Wars universe.

Hit the jump to take a look at the image in full.  Before the spinoff hits theaters, Lucasfilm and Disney will release Star Wars: Episode VII on December 18, 2015.


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  • GrimReaper07

    Gary Whitta may have wrote those two horrible movies, but he also wrote the first season of the Walking Dead videogame which is fantastic. I’m wary about Edwards though, I felt his direction totally missed the mark on Godzilla.

    • Michael N.

      The problems with Godzilla was in the screenplay.
      The guy you want to be worried about would be Gary Whitta.

      • GrimReaper07

        Edwards wrote (or co-wrote) the screenplay though, so my point still stands. I saw how good Whitta can be though, so he’s not my biggest concern.

      • Farrell

        yeah Edwards doesn’t seem to do characters well…

      • PS4ismax

        Have you seen monsters? That movie completely written by him and it delved very deep into character. Godzilla was written by Max Borenstein. A PURE amateur screenwriter….

      • Farrell

        I barely remember the characters from Monsters. Kind of speaks to my point. And Edwards isn’t writing the Star Wars spinoff either. Whitta (After Earth) is.

      • SV7

        I love Monsters and think Edwards is brilliant at what he does, but Monsters had no script, just a treatment. They made it up on location with the actors. There were hours and hours and hours of footage and the film was literally created in the edit suite. Godzilla demonstrated his genius of set pieces and visuals but what worries me is he didn’t seem to recognise the script’s big flaws in character and plot before/during making it.

      • GrimReaper07

        His genius of set pieces? Every action scene before the end was pretty much worthless.

      • SV7

        I thought the set pieces and cool moments/visuals throughout were awesome. BUT… making us wait til the end before we got a proper Godzilla v Muto fight was a terrible and frustrating decision.

      • GrimReaper07

        I agree with the last point but disagree with the first one. The first hour and 40 mins of the movie were a complete bore to me and the final 20 min definitively didn’t make up for it.

      • dolphin558

        Elizabeth Olson’s character could have been written out and nothing would have changed. Also, while I applauded Bryan Cranston’s performance, Aaron Taylor-Johnson…my goodness! Blank stares, no emoting, it seems like throughout the film he had forgotten about his family (credit to the writing there, more so acting) drove me crazy. Still overall, I enjoyed Godzilla and gave it a B.

  • Royale With Cheese

    I did not know who was writing this but now that I do….I have lost all interest in this. I can’t see a scenario where the man who wrote ” The Book of Eli” and “After Earth” comes up with something entertaining or even remotely interesting.

    • Johnson

      ‘Book of Eli’ was quite good.

      • Royale With Cheese

        Our standards on “good” differ greatly. That isn’t a bad thing. If you enjoyed it, good for you.

  • Dustinwashere

    I wish they had someone better writing.

  • Lewida Funji

    The story will take place a decade before episode one where Qui-Gon Jinn has found out that he has a teenage daughter and she’s been kidnapped. He doesn’t know who the kidnappers are but he’s gonna find them and he’s gonna kill them.

    • DEADP00L

      I would factually watch that.

  • Strong Enough

    from the writer of After Birth. great.

  • The Flobbit

    Wow. It’s been what, only two weeks since Edwards was brought on and already we have a picture and a writer? If this was Abrams we’d be kept in the dark for 1. Freaking. Year. and then be spoonfed vague tidbits about casting rumours.

    • MIXTER

      Some of us prefer this secrecy! Yes its painful to sit here wondering and being fed scraps. But, I’m sick of trying to avoid the internet to avoid spoilers/trailers that show half the film, usually all the best bits and the ending. When Star Wars trilogy came out originally, it just when BANG!! In yo face! No spoilers at all, just a brief trailer.

      By the time Revenge of Sith came out, all mystery was shot to pieces, we had books featuring burt anakin, Wookies, every spaceship in the movie, every planet etc.. it was in newspapers the internet, toys, even the new soundtrack was available. then about 5 or so trailers that showed most of the good stuff, but actually made the film look better than it was. There was no avoiding it. Add to all that, out curiosity to keep checking it out too, impossible to resist!

      If I were you, i’d appreciate this secrecy. while it lasts anyway.

  • Farrell

    Could this be a hint that the new spinoff film is about Vader?

    • MIXTER

      Though a Vader film was not on that leaked list of upcoming projects, I really wanna see a Vader film more than any other spin off. Vader is the face of Star Wars, yet he was only featured (badly) in one prequel, and the OT. Yet his history before ANH went unnexplored. We never got to see him conquer the Galaxy and wipe out the Jedi. .. Though maybe some of this may happen in rebels? But i wanna see it on film, and see him and Palpatine build the Empire etc..

      • MEY


    • gunousse


    • gunousse


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  • SV7

    He’s doing the R5-D4 spin off movie, working title BAD MOTIVATOR.

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