Editorial: Need STAR WARS Spinoffs Featuring Old Characters, We Don’t

     February 6, 2013


We knew that Disney was developing Star Wars movies outside of the sequel trilogy, and a couple days ago, it was rumored that one of those spinoffs would focus on Yoda.  Today, we’ve received the news that we’ll be getting a spinoff focusing on a young Han Solo, and a new adventure featuring Boba Fett.  Even though George Lucas has removed himself from the new movies, it seems like Disney and LucasFilm are continuing one of the key mistakes of the prequel trilogy.  They’re taking the gigantic, rich world of Star Wars and making it smaller by clinging on to old characters as if audiences would stay away unless there were familiar faces.  Holding on to Yoda, Han Solo, and Boba Fett could weaken the Star Wars legacy as the mystery and allure of the characters is washed away.

I planned to write this editorial when there was only the rumor about Yoda, but now that Han Solo and Boba Fett are in the mix, I’m going to break down why those movies aren’t good ideas either.  But start with Yoda, we should.


Yoda-movie-Star-WarsYoda is 500-years-old [correction: he's 900-years-old] by the time he dies in Return of the Jedi, but no matter where you go in his life, it’s nowhere worth visiting.  If the movie takes place before the prequel trilogy, you deprive Yoda of his gravitas.  He comes to us old and wise, and I don’t need to see a reckless, freewheeling Yoda who plays by his own rules unless someone is making a Star Wars spoof.  He’s the voice of wisdom, and we already know the guy he becomes.  Yoda isn’t, or at least shouldn’t be, defined by a singular experience that makes him who he is by the time we meet him.  If anything, we could be in for a retread of how a do-gooder Jedi Master once again sucks as being a teacher since, like Obi-wan, Yoda screwed up and let his apprentice, Count Dooku, go to the Dark Side.  Maybe we could learn how Yoda’s lightsaber fighting style was influenced by heavy cocaine use and the juice from Gummi Bears.

If the spinoff takes place during the prequel trilogy, then it’s basically The Clone Wars, and even if the movie were to take place between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, it would still be pointless.  Yoda’s purpose throughout the prequel trilogy is to do almost nothing, and tell us that he has a vague premonition that something bad is going to happen.  Great work there, Cassandra.  Some could argue that this would be a tragedy as Yoda struggles to stop some sense of impending doom, but this film would probably only highlight the character’s incompetence.

If the movie takes place during the original trilogy, matters become even worse.  We always assumed that Yoda spends all of his time on Dagobah.  If you want to find a way to ruin the original trilogy even more, give Yoda a secret spaceship and have him go on missions to either secretly help out the main characters (“So that’s why the stormtroopers were terrible shots!  Yoda was behind the corner using the force!”), or going off on his own adventures.

If the movie takes place after the original trilogy, it’s Ghost Yoda.  No movie should have the ghosts do anything.  They’re dead.  Let them stay dead.  This would be particularly bad for Yoda since he has a moving death scene, and then we’re all left to wonder why he didn’t do more after he died.

Young Han Solo

According to EW, the Han Solo movie would take place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.  Problem #1: Find an actor who could play a younger version of an iconic role.  It’s possible since Chris Pine isn’t bad as a young Captain Kirk in Star Trek, but this is Han-freaking-Solo.  Go nuts with dream casting, but I can’t fathom who can possibly fill those boots.  Even if you go with an unknown, you’re still mimicking a performance.  It’s not an insurmountable problem, but it will create immediate skepticism until audiences see the finished product.

I like who Han Solo is when we meet him in the Mos Eisley Cantina. It’s a great example of immediately establishing a character.  You know who this guy is within five minutes of meeting him.  People get pissed at Han not shooting first because that little change completely alters the character’s personality.  He goes from badass to guy-with-Jedi-reflexes.

Rewind back to Lil’ Solo, and now we’re bothering to see how he became the Han Solo we know and love.  Did you always wonder that?  Did you watch the original trilogy and couldn’t stop thinking, “I wonder if he had a happy childhood?”  Han Solo comes to us fully formed and then develops from there.  What blanks are we really trying to fill in?  If it’s just some smuggler going on adventures, why not simply come up with a new character?  Keep Han Solo intact as we know him, and then use a new character to show us the world we were going to see with Young Han Solo.

Boba Fett

I don’t get the love for Boba Fett.  I really don’t.  Fanboys isn’t an amazing movie, but I can’t agree more with this quote:

“You guys both got to stop perpetuating this myth that Boba Fett is some kind of bad-ass. All right? He has a jet pack. So did the Rocketeer. Really cool. When it comes time for battle, the man’s Michael Bay – all style, no substance.”

Preying off the character’s cult popularity, the prequel trilogy attempted to add “substance” and ended up smothering all interest in the character.  Who is Boba Fett?  Well, his dad was the model for the stormtroopers, and Boba Fett was just some angry little kid.  He became sad when his papa got decapitated.

Wouldn’t it have been far more interesting if young Boba Fett had been this happy, innocent kid?  Now there’s a story worth telling.  How do you take someone with that attitude and turn them into a bounty hunter?  Oh, wait.  Never mind.  That’s the story of Anakin Skywalker.  With the exception of Luke Skywalker, if people get sad after experiencing a tragic loss, they will inevitably become assholes.  It’s the rarely talked about sixth stage of grief: Murder.

As we discussed on the latest episode of The Collision, what we want to see is the world of bounty hunters.  We know it’s there, just like we know there’s a world of smugglers, and a world of soldiers, and a world of rebels, and so many other places to go without dragging back old characters.  If Disney and LucasFilm are so bent on dragging people out of the original trilogy, then dig deep and tell me how Porkins got so fat.  Show me Star Wars: Attack of the Diabetes.

Final Thoughts

star-wars-episode-v-the-empire-strikes-back-posterIt all comes back to keeping the mystery alive.  On some level, I can understand the prequel trilogy telling the story of Anakin Skywalker because it ties back into a generation conflict.  It’s a big story.  By comparison, the original trilogy is over six hours long, and Boba Fett has approximately less than a half-hour of total screen time.  Fans don’t really care about Boba Fett; they care about the idea of Boba Fett.  They like the idea of the taciturn, bounty hunting side character.  Describing his origins only diminishes what fans built up in their imagination.  And when it comes to Yoda and Han Solo, you’re messing with perfection.

But mess with it they will.  It’s the move of studios that underestimate their own product.  Even worse, these kinds of spinoffs reek of a lack of creativity.  A Seven Samurai-inspired spinoff sounds like a fountain of imagination compared to recycling beloved characters.  At least with a Seven Jedi movie, you have to invent new characters (although I suppose the writers could copy-paste the character descriptions from Kurosawa’s film).  The characters of the original trilogy matter, but part of their charm is how much we know about them.

After the prequel trilogy, this franchise needs a fresh start more than ever.  Spinoffs based on beloved characters aren’t a look back at Yoda, Han Solo, and Boba Fett.  They’re another step back for Star Wars.

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  • rothgar

    Your opinions are dumb and you are dumb. Also, your onions are dumb. There, I said it.
    But seriously, this is a good move, not a bad one. Getting the public back in to the Star Wars series requires some level of familiarity with characters. You can’t just trot out some no-name character and expect people to be instantly interested. Let’s get the audiences back first before we start really digging deep into the character catalog. Show some new characters in these spin-off films, then maybe they get ones of their own.

    • Grayden

      To be fair, Goldberg does have a point. We don’t really need to see a movie about Han Solo. We meet him fully formed in A New Hope. It would be like going back and making a movie about the Joker before the events of The Dark Knight. What’s the point, really?

      I will say, a movie about the Mandalorians would be kinda cool. Not necessarily Boba Fett, but a bounty hunter in general or THE Mandalore, the progenitor of the Mandalorian legend, could be interesting.

      I think a great movie would be to adapt the ‘Shadows of the Empire’ story. Completely new cast of characters save for a small cameo by Luke for 5 minutes. They could have fun with another scoundrel type in Dash Rendar, that isn’t Han Solo. He runs into Boba Fett (epic fight against Slave I) and IG-88 (Showdown on the Junk Planet). We’d finally get to see a Dianoga, the thing that tried to eat R2 on Dagoba. Awesome speeder chase through Mos Eisley, or some other Tatooine city. All in all, it would make for a great companion film that fits between Empire and Jedi .

      • Anonymous

        Dianoga was the alien lifeform in the trash compactor. The thing that tried to eat R2 in the widerness was Bear Grylls.

    • No Khan

      The interest is there or they wouldn’t start with Episode 7!

  • Grayden

    Yoda was 900 years old when he died, actually…

  • JW.

    Yeah didn’t take long for this to come out. Matt Goldberg doesn’t like anything Hollywood does nowadays. I wouldn’t mind, if Matt would have a good thing to say once in a while. It’s just nothing but cynical thinking that he holds even when a film comes out and is good. He still will say it isn’t as good as it COULD have been. That’s not being critical that’s whining about not getting what you want. It’s childish. Matt gives good points especially in independent film reviews but when it comes to anything with a budget of a well known title he becomes grumpy cat.

    • Mark

      I think it’s unfair to single out Matt, though he is the writer for Collider. I’ve seen the same kind of negative knee-jerking from the likes of Devin Faraci. It’s just a little depressing to see so geek culture revel in misery and discontent any time a new idea (or new movies with not-so-new characters) is suggested. It brings out the pop pyschologist in me. Sometimes I wonder if its a bit of self hating at work. We love to hate the things we love.

      • JW.

        I get what your saying but other people on the site, when they complain about a subject always end on a little optonism and acknowage the possibility of theses films succeeding. The only thing he seems optomistic in this artical is the seven samari film, which when first announced he called a stupid idea. Matt needs… dare I say… A New Hope ;)

      • Nerdgasm

        I don’t remember Matt every being AGAINST the seven samurai movie. in fact any movie that remakes or reboots the older version he praises and can’t wait to see what they do. He’s in love with that shit. While he didn’t PRAISE the Star Wars treatment of the story he didn’t bash it. All these dumb nerds on this site don’t realize an editorial is opinion based AND Collider isn’t a NEWS mag its more a rag mag if anything so it’s not real journalism and they aren’t trying to be so. All of the people on this site are immature… even the most respected guy on this site Frosty got slammed for standing up for Matt which he shouldn’t have to do. But collider has a lot of self rightious whiney little bitches that read this site. i dont think Matts the issue. i think its the “fans” of this site.

    • Anonymous

      In fairness to Goldberg, hollywood and michael bay thought they could feed us quality-free garbage like green lantern, hitman, max payne and the transformers and that we would mechanically pay for it and demand no quality at all.

      It’s a fact the suits think like that, with honorable exceptions like Marvel, and that is offensive to all working people who go see movies on a weekend, so I say let’s demand the best possible product from the suits, it’s possible, there’s Avengers and Zero Dark Thirty and Argo.

  • NCC-1701

    I was shocked by the fact that I agreed with a few points here, but overall, I disagree with the point of the editorial. Star Wars IS making a step forward, with the sequel trilogy, and meanwhile it’s revisiting classic characters that a lot of people want to see more of. Remember how excited the world was for the prequel trilogy? This is a chance to prove to the geek population that Star Wars prequels CAN be done right.
    Besides, I don’t have time for any guy who doesn’t get Boba Fett’s appeal.

  • Ringlerund

    You could have saved yourself a lot of time and just linked to Devin Faraci’s article @ badassdigest. In fact, you could do that to most of your news items…

  • Tyler

    A Porkins spin off would be amazing.

    • BlimpieBoy

      Jonah Hill is a young Porkins battling the Empire and his waistline. I’m in.

      • Anonymous

        Jonah Hill ? I’m in.

    • Ackbar

      Porkins ate Willrow Hood’s ice cream for years. End of story….

  • TheHOYT

    I’ll admit, news of all these spin-offs make me a tad nervous. Then again, Disney has handled the Marvel properties with grace and intelligence. They let Marvel have their sandbox and play in it to their hearts content, without too much meddling, and reap the monetary rewards. I imagine they’ll do the same with Lucasfilm (Star Wars). I trust Kathleen Kennedy. From my standpoint their treating the Lucasfilm property like the Marvel property, only in reverse. Marvel had individual films leading up to a culmination with The Avengers. Whereas, with Star Wars, they have a collaboration film(s) already in existence, and are going to reverse engineer it by releasing smaller spin-offs that focus on single characters. As long as we’re getting quality products, I’ll hand over my hard-earned cash for some Sci-fi escapism. Oh, and as for the argument that they’re not focusing energy on creating new stories and characters, what do you think the new Sequel Trilogy will be about?

  • Michael Horne

    I actually agree with Matt here. Do something original for once! If it has to be any of the three, I’d rather see the Boba Fett one. At least that way you can have the seedy underbelly of the Star Wars universe and then tell a completely unrelated story that involves Fett but doesn’t revolve around him.
    Matt, I have to admit, some of your one-liners made me chuckle ;-)

  • Cpt. Hindsight

    Han story makes no sense to do. Han IS Harrison Ford at that time in his life. So scratch that crap. U could do something with Yoda. 900 years is a long time. Still not that into the idea. Boba Fett on the other hand could be AWESOME! Just the idea of doing a Sci Fi organized crime movie alone is a good idea for a movie. Then add Boba Fett, other bounty hunters, Hutts, mob hits, NO JEDI, and Slave 1 and you got some good shit with the right director and writer. How the original was based slightly off The Hidden Fortress. Base Fett story loosely off of an old crime novel.

  • Jake Doe

    Goldberg is a piece of shit. Just listenting to him talk on his podcast is like cynical nails on a fucking chalkboard. All he does is whine and bitch about movies as is he’s the ultimate authority on them. His opinions are stupid and yet he says them like he’s the word of god. FUCK MATT GOLDBERG people outta boycot his posts and him in general. He sounds like a whiny bitch that tried to make it in the film industry and failed. It’s easy to shit on everything when you’re not talented yourself and dont know all the hard work that goes into making movies. HEY MATTY

    • JDS

      But you took the time to download and listen to his podcast, though.

      • Jake Doe

        Yea I did, and it was an huge mistake. Never again…..hearing him talk with his obnoxious condecending attitude is so frustrating. His lisp doesnt help either, he sounds like a little bitch

  • Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

    I do not understand why some of you attack Matt for writing his opinion. If you have a different one…how about you write it as a comment and leave the name calling to the bully that attacked you on the way to school. Very sick of how immature a lot of you are.

    • rothgar

      I feel bullied reading Matt’s “editorial,” because it reads too much like “I’m the authority on this, they’re doing everything wrong, and my way is the right way.” Some comments here are quite harsh, but then again, so is Matt. Matt, when was the last time you actually just sat back and enjoyed a movie? I’m pretty forgiving when it comes to films and prefer to let myself be taken in and enjoy as much of a movie as I can. I’ve also been taken aback by films where I had a preconceived notion of what the film might be before I’ve actually seen in, but then eventually come to like it for what it actually is. A Han Solo and Boba Fett movie might not be the most original ideas, but it’s a safe move I think they need to make in order to hopefully justify more stand alone films. Prove they can work first, then branch out to crazier stuff.

    • rothgar

      Frosty to the rescue!!
      Steve, quick question, which do you prefer, the 2 take method of Clint Eastwood or the 90 take method of David Fincher?

      Despite the tirades of the public, this editorial is really just nagging, let’s wait and see what the powers that be have in store first, then make your judgement, not before.

    • Alan B

      There’s a very big difference between expressing an opinion, and doing it the way Goldberg does. Goldberg’s writing ALWAYS comes from a very entitled, arrogant place: the filmmaker SHOULD do this, the director SHOULDN’T do that, they DON’T UNDERSTAND, as if Goldberg is the last sane person in the world, apparently. If he genuinely wanted to bring some insight into these films and talk about how they make him feel, people would feel – and write – differently about him. But he isn’t interested: he just wants to throw a tantrum, and tell others why they are wrong, as if a lack of creativity in Hollywood began with this announcement.

      And he doesn’t respect readers either, which was very clear in the comments section of The Hobbit review, in which he threw a slab of writing into the comments section, and effectively said, ‘see, see, I’m right, I don’t need to explain why I think the writing is bad, goodbye I’m leaving now’. If he feels entitled as he clearly does, well then good for him, but his perpetual arrogance doesn’t make him another writer, and shielding himself from ANY criticism means that he’ll never improve. You don’t help him either by defending him, and blaming others for why they are so tired by his immaturity.

    • Grayden

      Frosty has a point people. Whether Goldberg is trolling us all or just giving his honest opinion, people are taking his editorials and reviews personally. As if he’s directly attacking you and your whole childhood. It’s not personal…it’s just opinions. Yeah, he might be abrasive in his attitude, but so are some of the people posting replies to his stuff. The Hobbit review was special case, but I don’t always agree with everything he says, and that goes for virtually every other human being I come across. Do you all scream profanities at those people too? They’re just movies and tv shows…he isn’t insulting your life or your family. Nothing else should really matter that much. Bunch of self-entitled children on here. Saying it here and now, Goldberg isn’t ruining this site. It’s everyone who reacts to everything he says with hostility.

      • Steve

        Matt may have his detractors, but at least he doesn’t ban people who feel strongly about his writing. I can name at least one other blogger who comes across as entitled and petulant but also belittles or bans folks who express negative feedback. The result: a comments section that serves as more of an echo chamber than a place for genuine and well articulated dissent. I frequently don’t agree with Matt, but at least he doesn’t resort to personal attacks on the people who dislike him.

    • Think a little

      Totally agree with Matt and as for the assholes that hide behind their keyboards, throwing rocks just because Matt gave a well written opinion, life will make sure you eventually get to feel that pointed at you.

      • Alan B

        “well written”? That’s funnier than any joke Goldberg ever told, well done.

  • Mark

    Brilliant article. Totally agree with all your points. Star Wars is in need of a freash start it it wants respect again. You can just see them making these movies and the characters running into characters from the existing movies, like Han and Leias paths crossing and them not realising it in some bullshit way.

    Why not just attempt a decent 1 off movie about the old republic, or a ewok porno or something interesting for one! I don’t want to want movies where I know the ending before I turn it on anymore!!!

  • ComicFanatic

    “but no matter where you go in his life, it’s nowhere worth visiting”

    REALLY?! How about thinking back before the prequels? Yoda’s past is untapped since he is so old and his Jedi training and trek up to being the head of the Jedi Counsel is a great starting point for a standalone Yoda movie (or even a set of Yoda movies).

  • gimpsuit

    Wow, Lucas bails and they start pumping out the crap films en masse. Disney are gonna make Lucas-greed look like Ghandi by comparison.

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  • Nate

    Nice article. I think spin offs are definitely a step backward for Star Wars.

  • fitzchiv

    i dont usually agree with mr.goldberg, but credit where credits due, good article, completely spot on!

  • Mark

    Goldberg is a douche-nozzle and most readers are sick of his constantly negative bitching and whining, just accept it Frosty. And why should anyone have respect for his opinion when he acts like it’s fact?

    ” Fans don’t really care about Boba Fett; they care about the idea of Boba Fett. ”

    Yeah, sure.

    • Kevin

      Hey Mark,

      Maybe YOU are the douche. It’s become a ridiculous trend around this site to harp on and/or cry about every single Goldberg article, simply because the guy isn’t afraid to write how he really feels when it comes to films. That much is a fact around here because even when he writes a SOLID article, like the one above, the twelve year old girls on this site come crawling out of the woodwork and start yapping.

      Now, while I dont agree with Goldberg 100% of the time, when he writes an article that makes as many great points as this one, anyone who doesn’t give credit where credit is due..is an idiot.

      • Ackbar

        Nice try Kevin. Or should I say Kevin Goldberg? hmmm???

      • JR

        Wait, why are you insulting 12 year old girls?

        Aren’t most of the immature brats here grown men/teenage boys? If you ask me 12 year old girls have more decorum than them.

    • CJ

      Boba Fett didn’t do anything, he just died like a little bitch at the hands of a clueless blinded man. People like how he looks, nothing else.

      • Alan B

        “Boba Fett didn’t do anything” Yeah, except for the fact that he outwitted Han Solo, helped the Empire capture the heroes and got away Scott free at the end of ‘Empire’.

  • dodoriz

    Completely agree with Yoda and Solo making terrible films, Boba Fett on the other-hand can go either way.

  • Matt (Not Goldberg)

    I generally do find Goldberg’s pieces coated in cynicism and arrogance, and while he didn’t avoid that in this piece here, I can say I at least think there’s some validity to his opinion. A word of advice that won’t be taken is to perhaps remove the tone that so often pervades your pieces. There’s such contempt and disregard for the industry you cover and it makes reading your pieces slightly difficult.

    Nevertheless, have to agree that they could do to add some new characters. The very fact that they carry the Star Wars banner will mean they’ll make tons of money. That really won’t be a problem at all. So I don’t necessarily understand their hesitance to expand the universe in the spinoffs. That said, I expect the new trilogy will only vaguely be attached to the other two and there we might meet some new characters.

    Despite being more open to new characters than a rehash, I don’t believe its nearly as impossible to make these spinoffs good as Goldberg does. Whoever is writing these will be a million miles better than Lucas. All you need to make something fresh and relevant are fresh and relevant screenplays. So I can understand why Disney might go back to the well while still doing something new.

  • chris

    TOM HARDY for young Han Solo

    • Alan B

      Tom Hardy for Jebb Solo – Han’s cousin who spends all his time drinking, sleeping with Han’s girlfriends and laying about on the Millennium Falcon. His chief power is being a jerk.

  • party

    i’m matt goldberg meh meh meh meh meh…. over you dude.

  • Excpired

    It kind of seems like you are basically just saying that if anyone takes a franchise and makes anything with said franchise then its dumb because whats been made is holy and nothing else can come after it.

    You also seem to be using the least amount of imagination possibly when describing the possible directions they could go with exploring a character story; sure any side-story or story period would be dumb if the writer made up the most lame storyline possible, but its also an opportunity to make something great. I love Boba Fett and I think a story about him (and thus a story about Bounty Hunters in general) would be an interesting thing to watch. Better yet go with a story about his dad and how he came to be the model for the storm troopers.

    Either way Star Wars is a film franchise and its going to be treated like one, this isn’t like someone is digging into some dead writers novel series and trying to come up with other movies to make out of it. There are plenty of stories they could pursue within the Star Wars universe that explore specific characters indepth that would be interesting; whether they do it well is another story, but if they want to keep making money off the franchise they’ll do it well.

    • Nate H

      I don’t think Matt is assuming that Disney will read this and then change their mind. As a fan and a movie columnist/blogger/American, he has the right to express his views on this.

      I do think that Boba Fett has the greatest likelihood of being successful, but only if they make it completely unrelated to any of the previous films. What Matt is worried about is Disney doing one of two things. One, doing an origin story for Boba Fett and diving more into how the loss of his father fueled this young kid to become a ruthless bounty hunter. No one needs to see that – it’s like showing the hardships that a great white shark went through to make him a killing machine. I don’t want to sympathize with the shark, I want the shark to be badass. Two, they could rehash parts of the original trilogy and essentially show “Episodes IV-VI from Fett’s point of view,” which would be stupid. Both options are very likely possibilities. If they moved away from the plot of IV-VI and just played with Fett being a badass bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe, then it could work well.

      I don’t really see any positive options for Yoda or Han Solo. I need a Han origin story as much as I need to watch “Young Indiana Jones” – which, fyi, is not at all. Same goes for ‘The Maturation of Yoda.” Besides, Han is already going to be in Episodes VII-IX, for crying out loud!!!

      I think Matt is just expressing disappointment that out of literally hundreds of Star Wars characters, times, situations, and plots, they had to cop out and choose characters that we already know well and don’t really need more of.

  • Keen

    Its not important do we need them or dont. Disney cashed out 4 billion to get Star Wars franchise. I bet they want to double that money in next 10-15 years. So we will get them whether anyone wants them or not.

  • Jon

    Abortions = spinoffs

  • No Khan

    Awesome article. I do not want to see recycled characters in mini prequels. Create new characters. The only one i could go along with would be An Obi-wan with Ewan set after ROTS & ANH.

    • Anonymous

      He almost convinced me, the Porkins stuff I especially enjoyed, but if you are the studio, and you put a Whedonesque amount of work into Han and Boba, I would very much like to see that movie, but let’s not over do it with prequels, 2 is fine for phase 1.

  • Nate H

    All of the fanboy-hating on this editorial is very humorous. Did any of you Goldberg naysayers actually stop to THINK about his argument logically? I, for one, love Star Wars and find that I completely agree with Matt. He’s not arguing that the movies won’t make money – of course they will. But is it a wasted opportunity? Yes. Will it damage the legacy of already established and revered characters? Yes.

    This isn’t a J.J. Abrams reboot, folks, so don’t compare the this to the 2009 Star Trek. This adding to the movie continuity of established and love characters for no reason other than money. Matt makes a good point on all three characters. What could I possibly need to know about Yoda that will add to his character? I don’t want to see a young, reckless Yoda. He’s the wisest Jedi of all time; seeing him as anything else just damages the character. Same for Han; I don’t need to see a young, sweet Han that gets hardened by life’s struggles. I want Han to be HAN. And let’s not even start on Boba Fett…he’s so inconsequential to Star Wars that it’s not even funny. He’s a fan-favorite footnote, not the center of a 2 hour film. To do that takes away the mystique and allure of the bounty hunter. Why not a Seven Samurai Star Wars film? Great possibilities! Or a Knight’s of the Old Republic film? Tons of possibilities! Or we can explore how Mon Mothma came to be the strong leader of the rebel alliance! Or a Lando spinoff exploring Cloud City mystery and intrigue! Why??? For the love of god, those characters were great and fully formed as they were!

    You could compare this expansion on characters’ pasts to Episodes I-III revealing more about Anakin, but that was different because it was always intended to be told that way. Besides, Anakin’s part in those films was the worst parts!!! Imagine that annoying little Anakin actor, or whiny Hayden Christensen, but for Yoda and Han. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. EXPAND the universe, don’t REHASH the universe.

  • will

    Editorial: We Don’t Need to Hear Matt Goldberg’s Fucking Opinion.

  • Strong Enough

    wow. most of you have issues. its an opinion. stop the bullying dickwads

  • phantompope

    The Han Solo origin story is great and I’ve wanted to see it on screen for years. This is great news. The books are such a fun read.

  • 2 Dimensional Mr Kippling

    “I don’t get the love for Boba Fett. I really don’t”.???whaaaaat???? shut it Goldburg you ****! Stop preaching your bullshit, so what if people love the character, he looks badass, his a bounty hunter, he has a very neat spaceship, and yes he has a fucking jet pack and more than anything he is absolutely shrouded in mystery…so get over it and move on if you dont share the love :P

    Also like to add that aside from that misstep your rant was a decent effort bringing up some fair points, but that is all it was, good effort but ultimately pointless, it seems you wanted to just let offsome steam. I personally have come to the point i cannot keep up the energy for putting up a losing battle against the star wars machine, its too much to take on now, its becoming endless! But besides your worthy pointless rant i would like to say just because YOU cant imagine anything great or worthwhile for these characters (probably why your not in the industry;) doesn’t mean someone else wont, and its likely that they will be more crappy than good, but its going to happen either way so best to wait and see what they come up with then im sure loads of us will ranting about it?

    Anyway sod this nonsense and talking about you and your opinions…..

    RIP Stuart Freeborn, great contributor to some real movie magic. Be one with the force!

  • Think before you type

    Are any of you brain dead morons capable of writing in the talk backs without swearing your tits off? I mean seriously? Is this what the average film fan is like these days? This editorial was actually eloquently worded, and contains some very good points. It might not be your own point of view, but so what? Why swear at the writer if – oh golly! – he has a different opinion to yourself? That’s why it’s an editorial! It’s the editors opinion! Every film talkback seems to be filled with dumb, illiterate teens these days who cannot string a sentence together without f-bombing the heck out of whatever lame ‘point’ they’re trying to get across. Makes for a very frustratnmg experience for the true film enthusiast trying to wade through the word-muck to get to the genuine film fans replies. The people who are capable of thinking, before they write. But it seems intelligent well reasoned replies are few and far between on here (even worse on the aint it cool talkbacks) – the morons have taken over the internet talk backs world wide, it seems…..


  • Ackbar

    Lando prequel. The twist is that Billy Dee still plays the part of teenage Lando, because he can….

  • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

    I don’t completely disagree with some of your points, but certain criticims have become beyond cliche. Boba Fett sucks, ROTS is better than ROTJ. Get outta here with that nonense. Even Vader respect Fett. That says something.

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  • johna

    Exar Kun!, i could totally dig a movie about this double-blade wielding bad boy .

  • Ned

    I love Star Wars and want more movies BUT with new characters PLEASE. Don’t run this into the ground.

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  • Theo

    Harrison Ford returns in Star Wars Episode Seven! Han Solo may be old, but he still has what it takes to take on the Empire! Armed with a whip and a fidorra, Han must seek out a lost artifiact in order to take down Darth Mickey. Monkey brains will be eaten, joints will ache, and jokes about how “i’m too old for this” will run rampant.

  • Doug

    I think that a Han Solo movie could work as long as it’s just a fun adventure film and not “how he came to be.” Although, I can see Matt’s point about just doing that with a new character. Star Wars fans though, myself included, want Han to be the coolest cat in the galaxy, so why not do a high adventure story with Han and Chewie? If they are going to go the route of telling us part of Han’s origin, though, the movie will be called “When Solo Met Chewie.” To my knowledge, it’s the one area of Han’s past they haven’t explored fully. I know in the “Origin Trilogy” by Ann C. Crispin, the second book picks up after the two of them have met.

    Yoda movie would be lame. Who the hell wants to hear that syntax for an entire film? It was already getting annoying in the Prequels because Lucas had no subtlety.

    A Boba Fett movie could work, but I kind of agree with Matt’s point that it’s the bounty hunting world that holds all the allure. Wasn’t that what the live action TV show was supposed to be about? Maybe a Boba Fett movie will lead into that?

  • JR

    Wait, why are you insulting 12 year old girls?

    Aren’t most of the immature brats here grown men/teenage boys?

    (I agree with you btw, but let’s not tell men they’re acting like women when they’re acting like, well, men)

  • PhillB

    Matt, you hit the nail. Star Wars is dying regarding the new generation of moviegoers. Messing with the mystery… rats. F**k Disney, they’re not better than Lucas.

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  • PatM

    I somewhat agree here. I’m really not interested in seeing a Yoda or Han Solo spin-off. I do think a Boba Fett one would be good. Not everyone is up to speed on the universe beyond the movies. Going with the mysterious bounty hunter could be interesting. I was/am hoping the seven samurai/jedi idea happens. There is the potential to do a lot of interesting things in the Star Wars universe that don’t have to have an effect on the main stories. But, you just know the studio will see the Yoda or Han Solo ideas as safer bets with the bigger money making potential over rolling the dice with more original ideas.

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  • Kori

    I very often disagree with Matt when it comes to his reviews, and I frequently get frustrated by the condescending and arrogant attitude he often injects into many of his articles, but some of you guys really do take it to that next level … which is worse than any of the things Matt says on the site. Don’t get me wrong, I AM NOT sticking up for the guy, but you guys should kind of cool it. Maybe try providing some intelligent and articulate arguments as to why you think Matt is wrong on a particular topic.

    Steve, I love the site and I love your material and I hope that you keep doing what your doing until the end of days. I love your interviews, especially your David Fincher interviews, because you genuinely care about films and respect filmmakers for what they do. I’m a filmmaker myself so it’s really nice to see that, especially from someone who is often involved in Geek Culture which is absolutely one of the hardest audiences to please. However, my biggest problem with Matt is that he doesn’t really share this attitude when it comes to filmmakers and the amount of work they put into their craft. I remember reading his 2012 live blog of the Oscars and his comment about Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall, who won for the second time in a row for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, was frustratingly condescending and ignorant. He felt the movie “lacked tension” which meant that the Editing of the film was horrible … even though those guys are some of the finest Editors currently working in the Film Industry and absolutely deserved it. It just came off as extremely disrespectful when he obviously has no idea what their job entails. I think if he was to actually do the homework and find out what they do and how they do it and wrote in a respectful manner I wouldn’t have a problem with him.

    Note: and I DO NOT mean he has to suck the dick of everybody and love all their work, but I think he really needs to look at how and when to give his opinion without coming off as an arrogant “armchair critic”.

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