Tack on a Mos Eisley Cantina in Volkswagen’s New STAR WARS Super Bowl Ad

     February 1, 2012


Last year, Volkswagen released on the most popular Super Bowl ads by dressing up a kid in a Darth Vader outfit and have him try to use force powers on various items.  So what’s they’re Super Bowl ad strategy in 2012?  Star Wars plus dogs.  It’s quite ingenious since everyone loves dogs (unless you’re one of those wretched “cat people”) and we’ve already shown you one of the company’s Star Wars/dog ads.  Now the other one has gone online and it doesn’t seem like they were even trying.  They basically had a 30-second spot featuring a dog, someone came along and said, “Add Star Wars“, and this was the result.

Hit the jump to check out the TV spot.  We’ll be posting all of the ads from this year’s Super Bowl, which airs this Sunday at 6:30pm EST.

Via 24 Frames.


  • jetblac


  • Franklin

    Yeah — what does Star Wars have to do with the dog portion of the ad? The dog portion is its own standalone ad. Just baffling.

  • Elitist Prick

    More to the point, what do either dogs or Star Wars have to do German cars? Is it the name “Stormtroopers”? The fact that the look of Vader’s helmet was inspired by Nazi helmets?

  • T

    Yet again George Lucas’s levels of whoring greed have reached a new low.

    • Girl

      That’s why he’s George Lucas and your……………who give’s a shit!

    • Northern Star

      Absolutely right T, I was thinking the exact same thing myself, Luca$ has evidently decided just to pimp out ‘Star Wars’ for the rest of his days… whatever happened to that great filmmaker who said he only licensed merchandise to fund the movies himself, the mask has not only slipped, Luca$ has flushed it down the crapper, along with his artistic integrity, it would appear!

  • Dogs suck!

    That was lame.
    Attempt of laugh, fail!

  • chrissy

    I loved the dog part! So adorable!

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  • frncs1963

    matt goldbery is the wrost douchebag for say “It’s quite ingenious since everyone loves dogs (unless you’re one of those wretched “cat people”) ” . Next thing you know, he calling gay people the f word.