STAR WARS Live-Action Series May be Titled STAR WARS: UNDERWORLD; Plus Other Details

     January 9, 2012


With George Lucas’ Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace set to be the first of the 3D re-releases in little more than a month, you might be thinking to yourself, “Gee, there really isn’t anything more they can do in the Star Wars universe that I haven’t already seen.” Well, your self would be wrong. The long-developing Star Wars TV series may be no closer to production but it does at least have a working title: Star Wars: Underworld. This fits in with the previous plot details having to do with a Godfather-like storyline set in the Star Wars universe.  Unfortunately, prequels producer Rick McCallum confirmed that they’re still at the mercy of financial constraints and the inefficiency of ratings standards on network television. However, we do have a few tidbits of information on the series that Star Wars fans might find interesting. Hit the jump to see what they are.

rick-mccallum-george-lucasIn an interview with McCallum, IGN scooped some new details about the Star Wars live-action TV series, currently called Star Wars: Underworld. While it might seem like just another cash grab for Lucas and Company, it seems like they’d be willing to go forward with the project if they could finance it themselves with guaranteed recoup of their losses. The other major hurdle besides the cost of digitally animating a weekly show (north of $5 million per episode) is the skewed ratings system for network television which would prove far too unstable for as expensive a project as Star Wars: Underworld would undoubtedly be. Check out the bullet points or watch the whole interview below:

  • Scripts are timeless, so even though they’re a few years old already, the stories can be produced at any time. McCallum says the scripts will only get better.
  • Stories take place in the twenty year period between Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope when Luke Skywalker is growing up.
  • Stories aren’t about Luke, but about the criminal underworld during that period. McCallum draws comparisons to modern day Wall Street.
  • The main impediment to getting the live-action TV series done is the budget. The difficulty lies in integrating the effects from the movies within the budgets and time constraints of a weekly series.
  • Lucas obviously won’t go to a network like HBO which will demand rights to the property in exchange for financing.
  • McCallum says it’s about breaking even, “not about making a shitload of money.”
  • Calls Nielsen Ratings a “Bernie Madoff pyramid scheme.”
  • McCallum says that there are 50 one-hour scripts, each of which is “bigger than any of the prequels were. They’re complex, they’re dark, they’re adult,” but technologically they can’t do them for $5 million an episode or less due to all the digital animation on the digital characters.
  • Cites difficulties in getting their series onto major networks, even if they financed the project themselves, due to lack of patience by the networks for shows will smaller audiences and lower ratings.

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  • Bob Fett

    Awesome! The clone wars animated show started out ugly and nasty, now its one of the best shows on tv. And i’m surprised it isnt winning awards. Its both gripping, well thought out and has become 100 times better than all the prequels put together. It has its odd duff episode here n there but every series has gotten grittier and more adult. I love it! But i bet a lot of people didnt bother after the pilot movie, what a shame.

    Anyways, if its as great as series 3 and 4 of clone wars then i’m 100% looking forward to it.

  • Strong Enough

    doesnt George have like unlimited money? lol

    • Irish 101

      hey Northern Star go suck GWs D*** and find those WMDs you sorry SOB

  • Northern Star

    McCallum has gotten awful vocal about his left-wing views lately, he took a completely gratuitous swipe at President Bush a few years ago during a BBC interview when talking ABOUT VISUAL EFFECTS TECHNOLOGY!!! Someone should inform him that his boss is a billionaire who earns his fortune by making people pay for the same damn movies over and over again, at least Wall Street has made many people wealthy over the years, and not just one fat, bearded Marin County liberal recluse, what a tit…

    • MisterED

      Oh shut up. So he made a Wall Street reference that got you so butthurt and oversensitive. Big deal.

      I’m tired or reading some tin-foiled wearing fool such as yourself that gets the vapors because someone that works in show business doesn’t share your nutty ideologue ways.

      Besides, Harrison Ford, Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor have all expressed Liberal point of views. I guess is time for you to give up Star Wars for good.

      Good riddance.

      • Greg

        How is your comment / point of view any more valid over his? Last I checked, we all have our opinions and have a right to voice them. Yet you tell him to “Shut up?” Bad form, mate.

      • Northern Star

        MisterEd dude, it bothers me not a jot what side of the political spectrum any writer/director/actor falls on, each to his own, but when they start injecting needless and gratiutous partisan rhetoric into their products and/or interviews (McCallum wasn’t even being asked about his opinion of the Bush administration or of Wall Street, he just threw in a swipe nonetheless), I have a right to call them on it- but maybe I’m in the wrong here for responding to a talking horse…

    • Irish 101

      hey Northern Star go suck GWs D*** and find those WMDs you sorry SOB….Yeah did Cheney share any of his profits with you? sad he was getting money from Haliburton while he was V.P.. NO bid contract for Iraq.. hmmm FYI Bush ruined our economy. Look up GWs speech from 1997 ( he wanted Saddam dead) … his speech from in 03 ( I could care less about Bin laden or where he is) so he spent more $$ on Iraq more Troops died in Iraq over a LIE.. Bin laden ordered the 9/11 attacks yet Bush had more troops in Iraq in 05 2 years after he invaded then he ever had in Afghanistan looking for Bin laden….

  • ozzie

    hey george …. you know how you could cut some of your budget … stop making it 90% CGI and use live people.

    the prequels should have been just computer animated because 90% of everything on screen was CGI.

    • Oliver

      Agreed – make some rubber costumes for goodness sake! Make some clone trooper outfits – surely that’ll decimate the budget (assuming they’d be in the series on some level, you’d assume so).

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  • BobaFett

    What he’s not saying:

    Lucasfilm is waiting for their contract with Spike and Cartoon network to run out. After it does, they will ELIMINATE the middle man, and either buy an existing channel (Possibly Spike) or go with digital distribution themselves.

    What Duncan Jones, Vincenzo Natali or Shane Carruth have done with minimal budgets CAN be reproduced. In fact, I’d love to see any of them directing episodes. Just produce $30-40 million of stock Star Wars effects for space chases/battles. None of that Coruscant BS.

    Make it character based, like much of the OT. The effects were great but they weren’t why Star Wars became a hit. The characters are what made the films not the effects. Those other movies were the opposite, and why many hate them.

    SIDE NOTE: IMO, casting Christensen over Hunnam was a HUGE mistake.

  • Tarek

    Satr Meh Underworld.

    What a nasty title…

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  • Razalian

    I could bare the in between. I just wish they would go post-original trilogy. Or during the Old Republic. I don’t understand why any of those are not being made to the big screen or multiple television series.

    George, you have so much material that you can do all of this. Yet you continue to fiddle with over-milked movies. I don’t think your 3D re-release will have much success because we all seen the saga in different formats.

  • Michael

    If this ever gets made, which I’m sure in the next five years it might, I would love to see the creators use ThePianoGuys’ version of a Star Wars medley as the theme song. It’s on YouTube, and it would be great if those two guys got some extra attention.

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  • Mr.Rich316

    Sounds like these nerf herders need to put that show on HBO.
    The Sopranos in Space. Jaime Lyn Sigler in a Metal Bikini……

  • Zach

    The concept is great! as long as Lucas doesnt cater strictly to children, it could turn out amazing.

    This would be perfect for AMC or FX. As much as I’d like for it to be on HBO, Lucas would never make it THAT adult-oriented anyways. Plus the possibilty of it being too tame due to major network restrictions would be minimal.

  • Mikey

    As an avid Star Wars fan, I am genuinely excited about this. Even though George Lucas appears to have gotten too full of himself with the prequel trilogy, he had a lot of help from various screenwriters writing these scripts, so as long as he sticks to those and gets other people to direct, we should be fine.

    I’d love to see a Star Wars show dealing with the underside of the galaxy. Especially if we get Boba Fett as a character, which they’ve been teasing since they announced the show.

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  • Reich werden

    Awesome! The clone wars animated show started out ugly and nasty, now its one of the best shows on tv

  • bubba


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