May the Fourth Be With You: Watch J.J. Abrams and Simon Pegg Talk STAR WARS

     May 4, 2013


In light of today’s national Star Wars holiday, Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams and star Simon Pegg recently sat down to discuss their massive fandom for that other popular sci-fi franchise.  In the ensuing video, the two swap stories about seeing Star Wars on the screen for the first time, how his love for that series that affected Abrams’ take on Star Trek, and Pegg speaks to why Abrams is a swell fit to direct the impending Star Wars: Episode VII.  Abrams even briefly touches on his wholly different approaches to the Star Trek and Star Wars worlds.  Hit the jump to watch, and may the fourth be with you.

Via Sky Movies [Via /Film]


  • Mr. Orange

    Hahaha, the joke at the end. Now that I think about it, it’s weird the Lucas didn’t create a kids show around Jar Jar.

  • Jar Jar

    Finally!!!! A Star Wars movie that gives Jar Jar the respect he deserves. Can’t wait for more wacky adventures with Jar Jar. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll head to Endor and my fantasy of an all Jar Jar/Ewoks movie will come true. Fingers crossed…..

    • amg907

      Jar Jar,

      You need to be shot in the face and buried at sea.

      • Neel

        Leave Jar Jar Binks alone. it is jj abrtams who need to be shot in his ugly face and buried at sea and then jj abrams needs to be shot in the fave again


    Brilliant! That lil Jar Jar gag and JJs reaction to it pretty much spells out how they feel about that. (As well as Peggs public hatred of jar jar, noted especially in his series Spaced. ) Its as if balance in the Force has put these two men together via Trek, to make Star Wars what it was to begin with, perfect! The Dark times of the prequels are long gone!

    I bet they had a lot to say to each other about the prequels and Jar Jar after the camera was cut. Maybe JJ is our New Hope?!

    • Jones

      I see what you did there.

    • Jessica

      jj will destroy star wars like he already has, by simply being director in name only on a phony star wars film. He shitted on star trek, and he will shit on star wars. JJ is pathetic!

      • Shart ner

        You crazy trekky Trolling fool! He saved Trek from a boring run of sequels that only the most hard core trekky could find anything to like about them. Sorry if JJs Trek had too much action in it, or too good special effects, or too little boring pace. You must have blinkers on if you missed the yawn fest that was the undiscovered country. Or Generations where they were all prancing around like pirates on that damned hollodeck. Even the one with the Borg was overrated, the Borg were cool, then it went to shit when they landed on that planet and got drunk. I will say one thing in your defense however, he does use way to much lens flare.

        Also, changing your name several times on here to troll the same diarrhea is painfully obvious!

  • TJ

    Star Wars, always better in one’s imagination than on screen.

  • Leslie

    JJ, go away you overrated hack and fool!

  • Toope

    Pegg will so be in this.

  • Guess What

    I don’t think Seamen Pig should be dissing Jar-Jar when he was just as annoying in Star Trek Wars and Mission:Forgettable 4. Also, please don’t let him be in the Star Wars 7, pulling stupid faces and doing that ‘I’m so happy to be here’ crap he does in the aforementioned movies.

  • Mickey

    Simon Pegg needs to go away

  • ad

    I agree with the person on here who says that it’s better in one’s imagination than on screen. I don’t think i need star wars to be honest. So over it. Especially after all the disappointments.

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