Starz Officially Cancels CAMELOT

     June 30, 2011


After premiering the first season in April with Joseph Fiennes, Eva Green, Claire Forlani, and more leading the series, Starz has officially decided it will not pursue their medieval drama series Camelot for a second season. A representative for the cable network says, “Due to significant production challenges, Starz has decided not to exercise the option for subsequent seasons of Camelot with our production partners GK-tv, Octagon Films and Take 5 Productions.”  Honestly, I was never sold on the series to begin with as it just seemed like they were taking the violence and sex of Spartacus: Blood and Sand and sending it over to Camelot. Between this and Party Down (a very funny show that, for whatever reason, lacked an audience), the cable company doesn’t seem to have as much luck with their original series’ as Showtime or HBO.

  • Edward Lee

    Ethan, your “take” on CAMELOT is completing misinformed. CAMELOT had very little violence to speak of (that’s probably why Starz is letting it go the way of the four winds). As for the sex? Some, but nothing to write home about. The show had very little in comparison to SPARTACUS at all. It’s no surprise it was canceled; it really had very little going for it other than modest production values and moderately entertaining storytelling.

  • Jesus

    Because all of a dozen people actually get Starz, and only 3 of them are aware of it.

  • chris

    the series was well acted and written but didn’t have the level sex and violence that the Spartacus series and Game of Thrones had. The sex and violence is what people watch premium channel series for. Smart series don’t do to well.

    • Edward Lee

      Well, I’d agree with what you said except for the fact that CAMELOT wasn’t really all that smart. You couldn’t beg for pacing more dull than CAMELOT had.

  • skroegerj

    I agree, Camelot was horrible. Glad they put it out of its misery. Despite Spartacus being full of sex and violence it is still a well-written and engaging piece of TV.

  • Kelly Szentgyorgyi

    Camelot had a variety of problems, number one was the miscasting of Jamie Campbell Bower as Arthur.

  • Excpired

    I’m sorry, but SEX is not the reason that HBO’s shows are good. They are good because they are well acted, well written, and don’t play down to their audience.

    The reason Camelot was canceled was because Arthur was COMPLETELY mis-cast. If it wasn’t a complete snore-fest everytime Arthur their MAIN character came on screen then the show may have been decent. Even without that miscast, Camelot was simply not a quality show like Game of Thrones, True Blood (well it has been going downhill lately), or anything else HBO has produced.

    Showtime is capable of producing his shows, but I don’t think they are as good at it as HBO is. Starz just doesn’t know what they are doing.

    For the record, Camelot had little sex, it wasn’t like True Blood season 2, 3 where every single scene is soft-core porn.

    The only interesting thing about Camelot was Merlin’s story, and go figure their best actor had that role. If they had cast Arthur’s brother as Arthur who knows, maybe the show would have been better.

  • ozzie

    I was very intrigued by the Camelot story line …

    As far a pace goes Game of Thrones was very slow the first 7 episodes … nothing of importance happened until the last 3 episodes.

    As far as people saying Jamie Campbell Bower was miscasting I don’t think they know the character of Arthur that well … at this point in the story line Arthur would have been no more than a brash teenager … especially the way the story was written in this version. The way it was written Jamie Campbell Bower was a good choice.

    You can say people watch True Blood because it’s “well acted, well written, and doesn’t play down to their audience” but that show is marketed for its sex and that’s why it’s watched. Plain and simple. I know a ton of people that watch it.

    • Snoozefest

      While everyone is entitled to their opinion I absolutely disagree with you about Game of Thrones being slow. I would watch it with friends and each time the hour FLEW by and we were left wanting more.

      As for Arthur, I think people know more than you realize…even if all they’ve watched is “The Sword in The Stone” by Disney. It’s common knowledge Arthur started out as a boy King. There’s a difference between penning someone to be a “rash teenager” and a sleeze ball, he came off as a sleeze ball, same for Guenevere.

      Game of Thrones, True Blood, Spartacus, Pillars of the Earth…and many other shows have something far above Camelot. Well written characters with depth. Perhaps the edge those shows have though (not the sex and violence) is that all were produced from books. The writers of those series had something tangible to draw on from the very beginning and authors to turn to, Camelot did not exactly have that. Yes, there are books about Camelot and Arthur, but not so much in the sense as the other series I’ve mentioned…Camelot’s books are more lore being retold, not new characters developed by current writers. It’s not as if the shows writer could turn to Chaucer or Mallory and say “ok, what’s this guy really like to you?” “What would he do in this situation?”

  • Snoozefest

    I agree, you didn’t watch the show it you think it was full of violence and sex. Yes, it had some sex scenes…particularly towards the beginning of the season, and it showed Morgan nude just for the hell of it at times…but as far as the sex & violence goes, it was tame in comparison to other shows. Do people need those things to make a series successful? No, but they do need good writing and this show was definitely missing that.

    The problem this show had, as already mentioned…was massive mis-casting. Jamie was not believable in the role at all, he was boring, a total snoozefest…and the writers wrote the “love story” as some type of creepy “lets betray everyone for the hell of it and make us look like total creeps” kind of a thing. Arthur and Guenevere are unlikeable from the start and they stay that way…you don’t root for them to be together, you hope one or both is taken out by a stray arrow in the pathetic fight scenes.

    Aside from that I’ve seen it reported that this series cost $7 mil per episode…and this is what was delivered?! No wonder it met an early just deserved death.