Gigantic Arrows Can’t Keep Stephen Lang Down; Set to Return for AVATAR Sequels

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Stephen Lang‘s performance as Colonel Quaritch was one of the best things about Avatar.  Of course, like most villains in standard adventure movies, he met his demise in a grandiose fashion.  In this case, it was taking three huge arrows to the chest after losing a mech battle to Jake Sully (Sam Worthington).  But for director James Cameron, such a brutal death shouldn’t mean the end of the delightful character.

Hit the jump for more.  Avatar 2 will begin filming this October for December 2016 (set your calendars now!) with two more sequels to follow.

According to Variety, Lang is the first piece of casting following Worthington, but it’s currently unknown (and will be for quite some time) how the character will return.  Maybe he had some super-secret avatar clone.  Maybe he drank some Tree of Souls revival juice.  Maybe he had twin brother like Sully.  Screenwriter Josh Friedman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) will have to figure it out.

If Lang continues to play a villain (or maybe his speculative twin is good!), I wonder where that leaves the rumor of Arnold Schwarzenegger being tipped to play the heavy.  Of course, there’s room for more than one villain, especially when you spread the story out over three movies.


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  • Sawyer

    Characters just can’t stay dead in movies anymore.

    • ATherling5011

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      Otherwise, not interested.

      • bombinUSA

        f*ck your cousin. get a real job

  • Guest

    Before, I was just interested. But now, I really REALLY want to see these movies!

  • Guest

    Before, I was just interested. But now, I really REALLY want to see these movies!

  • Kevin


  • Mars

    I think you mean it will film NEXT October. “This October” only has like 9 days left.

  • Christian

    Maybe he’ll completely destroy Pandora at the beginning of the next movie and then fly somewhere else to fight xenomorphs instead. Otherwise, not interested.

  • AdeoAdversary

    Ya this is pretty weak, c’mon Cameron. Lang was an awesome villain, no question, but coming back from three giant poison-tipped alien arrows to the chest. Weak.

    • MITNG

      More like poison-dipped steel beams. Those things were huge.

    • mbmarquis69

      The technology existed to create a Na’vi avatar. What if Quaritch was using his own personal version of it to control a cloned version of himself?

      The version of Quaritch we saw in the movie was his avatar. Not him. The series will continue to be called “Avatar” so that suggests someone will still be controlling a body somewhere.

      That’s my stab at explaining it.

      • Sebastian Rooks

        Nice, It could work!

      • kilar

        Exactly what I was thinking. Quaritch in Film 1 was a human Avatar of real Quaritch. In which case he can just keep jumping into as many clone avatar bodies of himself as they can grow.

  • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

    Cameron seems like he’s completely out of ideas. First, Avatar wasn’t the best or most original story in the world. Now he’s bringing characters back from the dead. No wait, he played that card once at the end of Avatar too.

    • tarek

      of which character are you talking about ? No one was brought from the dead in Avatar.

      • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

        Jake and that stupid transfer his soul from a dying human body to a big healthy blue one.

      • Nikhil Sunil

        His body wasn’t dying. He was perfectly fine.

      • tarek

        He was alive and in good health when he did the transfer. Remember that Dr Grace couldn’t be “resurrected” in a na’vi body because she was near to death.
        I am not saying that I believe this could be done in the real life…

      • mbmarquis69

        What they said. So if you’re going to troll, at least troll with your facts straight.

    • kilar

      I guess if you create a world where this is totally possible you can use it to do as you please.

  • tarek

    I don’t like these “resurrection” tricks to bring back characters.
    what Fu**ed Alien resurrection was the stupid idea to bring back Ripley.
    Instead of a Badass Ripley, we had a zombie-like Ripley. Not cool.

  • Scullibundo

    ‘where that leaves the rumor of Arnold Schwarzenegger..’
    Nowhere. That rumor was completely fake and denied outright by FOX.

  • Matty

    Hmm strange decision. I don’t like the idea of resurrecting dead characters but I’m giving James Cameron the benefit of the doubt. Avatar had a weak story but Cameron is the master at making sequels turn the originals on their heads. Maybe Avatar 2 will be then next T2 or Aliens.

    • zac

      half glass full…i like!

    • The Flobbit

      You forget that Aliens was a masterclass in suspense and atmosphere, and the Terminator is one of the best action movies ever made.


    james cameron may be a technological genius but he’s totally overestimating the standing avatar has in pop culture. it’s pretty widely accepted that the story was pretty weak, and i think that the hype behind both motion capture and 3D has diminished greatly since it came out. how many people do you know that still talk about this movie? i have never ever met a single person who wanted a sequel to it, let alone 3. it will be really interesting to see how this does at the box office, i have a feeling cameron will be in for quite the surprise

    • Nikhil Sunil

      See, I’ve met plenty of people who want a sequel to Avatar.

      Think about this, even if the sequels do HALF of what the original film did, its still over a billion dollars and will be declared an incredible success.

      And there’s no doubt Cameron is going to push 3D and visual effects again so Im sure audiences will be clamouring to see it.

      • axalon

        Been a life long Cameron fan and I feel like Avatar was one of his weakest movies, if not the weakest.

        But I’ll probably be there Friday morning ready to see Avatar 2 in IMAX. The man still knows how to make an experience.

    • tarek

      I feel guilty, but I want 2 sequels.

      don’t shoot! don’t shoot!
      Will this never end…

    • kilar

      I think you’re underestimating that becuase not everyone paints themselves blue that the fan base isn’t so huge. I think 95% of people who saw Avatar at least enjoyed it, or better. Of those I’m sure most would be happy to see a sequel. Saying it was the CG or 3D or whatever is like saying Titanic was only succesful because of the CG or becuase Leo made teen girls wet. They helped, but there was a lot more going on that just those factors.
      If Cameron listened to people like yourself he’d be directing Pirhana 15 by now.

    • Oolie zool

      The movie made 2.7 billion world wide… yah you’re totally right, nobody wants a sequel or three…

      • mbmarquis69

        I think the question should be… will people go see an Avatar sequel.. not do people want an Avatar sequel.

        When they hear there is a sequel to Avatar, people will go.

    • Scullibundo

      Seeing people predict Cameron is going to bomb at the box office is like watching evangelicals going in circles, trying to call on the lack of evidence to disprove their 6000 year old Earth myth.

  • jay

    he was my favorite part of the first movie, but he took a giant arrow too the chest; and ,if that didnt kill him wasnt he exposed to the air at the end too?

  • Mark

    Why is everyone saying he was the best part about the film? … He was so cliche.

    • filmquack

      If that is our criteria for liking anything in Avatar, I don’t think there will be anything left to like… The movie itself was one giant cliche.

      Between Avatar and the Avenger, I truly question the sanity and taste of the majority of the populace. At least with something like Twilight we can point towards preteen girls as a group that shouldn’t really be expected to enjoy things like good film making or originality.

  • haters need not reply

    sooo over avatar and anything cameron puts out. he had his shot and waited took long. same for spielberg.. old fucks who think they are still in the 1980′s.

    • kilar

      As opposed to new fucks who can’t direct a scene without 25 edits, shakey cam and whip pan nightmares to create ‘action’ where you have no idea what’s happening or gegraphically where anyone/thing is and just assume something cool is going on.


    I dont get the hate! I didn’t go crazy for it, but it was still impressive. So what if the story wasn’t original? Not many are! Hell, Jurassic Park is basically Frankenstein meets West world, but no one ever goes on about that. Or Alien basically being Dark Star. et et.. list goes on…

    I don’t really think they should bring bak this dead Character though. I was wishing the Arnie rumours were true. That really would have been interesting. Needs some Bill Paxton and Michael Bein too.

    • Nick

      It’s not just that its unoriginal. It was unforgivably unoriginal (Unobtainium, are you F@#*ing kidding me?), had about 2,000 plot holes (they have the technology to essentially transfer our souls into a new body, but haven’t progressed passed extraordinarily archaic strip mining techniques?), and most egregiously suffered from a serious bout of horrendous and emotionally manipulative story telling. Lets not even start on the acting.

      Like pretty much every movie since he made T2, Cameron hides behind overdone visual effects and a manipulative story to cover up for a massive quanitity of lazy writing as well as the numerous shortcomings behind his current directorial style. Bassically what I’m saying is that James Cameron is a lot like George Lucas. A talented film maker turned lazy piece of sh!* from too much power, a ton of money, and name recognition that could sell anything.

  • pinkincide

    One dimensional stereotypes are hard to kill.

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