Steve Carell Video Interview DESPICABLE ME; Plus Updates on GET SMART 2 (Which he Wrote!) and Another Movie With Tine Fey?

     July 7, 2010

Steve Carell interview Despicable Me slice

I’m a huge fan of Steve Carell.  So when I found out I’d be getting the chance to talk with him as our partners at Omelete got TV spots with the cast of Despicable Me, I’ll admit I was pretty excited.  While I’ve had the chance to interview him a number of times in the past, it’s always been part of a roundtable interview or a press conference…never just me asking all the questions.

Thankfully, Steve Carell is ridiculously nice, and while the cameras were getting set up, I had the chance to talk with him for a few minutes before the interview “started.” It’s always great to meet people you respect and admire and they end up being even cooler than you could have possibly hoped.

Anyway, when the cameras finally started rolling, we talked about how he got involved in Despicable Me (which is quite good), how did he find the voice, how did the project change over the years, and we also talked about Get Smart 2 (which he wrote!) and he revealed to me as the interview ended that Tina Fey is currently writing another project for the two of them!  If you saw Date Night, you know they have awesome chemistry.  Hit the jump to watch the interview:

Finally, you can watch 10 clips from Despicable Me by clicking here.

Steve Carell

  • Has he been to Brazil and is he following the World Cup
  • How did he get involved in the movie
  • Did the focus of the movie on villains attract him to the movie
  • How did he discover the voice of Gru
  • How long has he been working on the project
  • How did Gru change as the project progressed
  • I mention how much I enjoyed his work with Tina Fey in Date Night and their chemistry together
  • Get Smart 2 talk – Carell confirms he wrote a draft of the sequel. Says the script still needs work and he isn’t sure when they will make the film
  • As the interview ends he reveals Tina Fey is writing something for the two of them right now….


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  • hopalong

    The interviewer has come a long way from when he first started doing the press junkets. He used to be very nervous and star struck when interviewing actors. He is not stiff and bumbling and cardboard – like anymore. Good job dude. Good that he makes sure to ask different questions than most of the interviewers.

  • frelling_cute

    Get Smart 2? Oh god.

  • Scscorpio

    Tina Fey is writing something for the both of them?! How is this not bigger news?

  • Studlybob

    Would like to see the interviewer actually listen to the interviewee. Steve is answering the questions very conversationally but as soon as his answers there is an abrupt switch to the next unrelated question. Put down the notebook and actually talk to the interviewee. I realize your time is very limited in interviews but you'll get better responses if they feel like you're talking to them instead of just being a robot and asking them a series of questions. Just my unnecessary 2 cents.

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