March 9, 2012


As The Office wanders the airwaves like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense (refusing to admit it’s been dead this whole season), Steve Carell continues to prove that he most assuredly won the break-up with a host of interesting and lucrative projects. Now comes word that the in-demand comedian is attached to Warner Bros.’ blockbuster comedy Magic Kingdom For Sale—Sold!.

Adapted from fantasy author Terry Brooks’1986 novel, Kingdom will see Carell slide into the role of lawyer Ben Holiday who, desperate to start over in the wake of his pregnant wife’s death, shells out $1 million to purchase the rights to a magical kingdom he sees in a catalog. After being magically transported to this magic kingdom, however, Ben finds himself with a bit of a lemon, as the land is in utter disarray and in danger from a malevolent evil, a malevolent evil that, presumably, can only be defeated by Carell’s signature good-natured hilarity. Written by Craig Wright (Lost), the film is currently in need of a director. Hit the jump for more.

magic-kingdom-for-sale-sold-steve-carellPer, The Mummy director Stephen Sommers was first attached to direct, but no longer. Warner Bros’ Matt Cherniss and Akiva Goldsman will produce. As mentioned above, it’s good to be Steve Carell these days; his last flick, Crazy, Stupid, Love. ended up being quite the sleeper hit, raking in just shy of $85 mil domestically this past summer.

This coming June, he’ll lead a fantastic ensemble cast in Lorene Scafaria’s much-anticipated end of the world dramedy (best sub-genre ever!) Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. In August, he’ll play marriage counselor to Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep in Great Hope Springs. And next year, he’ll square off with Jim Carrey in dueling-magician comedy Burt Wonderstone, bust out the goofy voice again for Despicable Me 2 and join Nicolas Cage in Frank or Francis, Charlie Kaufman’s musical satire of Hollywood. Hey Carell, save some awesome for the rest of the actors.

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  • Jacob

    Has anybody at this site actually watched The Office this season. It’s been very funny.

  • chris

    A comedy involving the death of a pregnant wife? ….huh..

    • Abernathy

      It won’t be a comedy. It will be a dramedy. And seeing as Carell has done both comedy and drama work — his drama work is far more impressive than his comedic work, I think — he is the perfect choice for Ben Holiday, who has both sides to his personality.

  • Griffhor14

    The book has him calling on the spirit of a dead paladin to give him the power to defend the kingdom. It’s really good.

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  • willow

    this is my fav book ever i hope they dont ruin it …was there talk of somthing about him having 2 son’s that go with him …i hope not i cant see how that would work ….r they definantly making the film?????