Steve is in London This Week

     July 5, 2009


You may be wondering why I’ve been quiet these past two days. It’s because on Friday morning I departed Los Angeles and after a layover in New York City, arrived in sunny London Saturday morning. I’m over on the other side of the Atlantic this week to visit a few movie sets. While I can’t write about what I’m covering (yet), I can say both set visit are exclusive to Collider and one of them is going to let me do all the interviews on camera. So at some point down the road, you can expect me to fully write about this adventure.

Also, to all you “Harry Potter” fans, I’m going to be participating in interviews with the cast and filmmakers this week for “Half-Blood Prince”, so look for those very soon. When I agreed to take this trip, I had no idea “Harry Potter” would be doing press while I was here, so this was an added bonus. As a big “Harry Potter” fan, I’m excited to cover the film while  in London.

Finally, early tomorrow morning I’m taking a train to get to my first set visit. I’m going to try and film/take pictures of the adventure, so check back tomorrow night for whatever I can post. While it might not be movie news, I think it could be cool. And if I can sneak in anything about tomorrow’s set visit…I will.

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