David Fincher Will Only Direct Steve Jobs Biopic if Christian Bale Stars

     March 20, 2014


A few weeks ago, we reported that David Fincher was considering reteaming with Aaron Sorkin to direct the screenwriter’s untitled Steve Jobs biopic.  The screenplay has an interesting hook in that it’s only three, 30-minute scenes.  Each scene is based at turning point in Jobs’ career: the Mac, NeXT, and the iPod.  Fincher and Sorkin were a terrific pairing for The Social Network, and presumably they’d be a good fit for another story about an influential, aloof titan of technology.  So what’s the issue?  It turns out Fincher has one hefty condition for taking the job.

He only wants Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs.  Hit the jump for more.

David-Fincher-steve-jobs-christian-baleAccording to The Wrap, “Fincher recently met with Sony’s Amy Pascal to discuss the possibility of directing the film, and told her, in no uncertain terms, that he’d only take the reins of the project if Bale plays Jobs.”

Bale would probably be a great choice for the role, and he has a good relationship with Sony following American Hustle, which netted him his second Oscar nomination.  However, the actor is reportedly taking a break to spend time with his family after finishing up his work on Ridley Scott‘s biblical epic Exodus (he plays Moses).

If Bale does sign on, then production could begin as early as late this year, although an early 2015 start is more likely since Fincher will be doing publicity for Gone Girl, which opens in October.

Personally, I hope Bale takes the gig, not only because I think he could do a good job, but because I really want to see Fincher and Sorkin team up again for this Jobs story.  The version starring Ashton Kutcher felt like a rushed attempt whereas this would be the real thing, especially since it’s based off Jobs’ official biography, which was written by Walter Isaacson and used “more than 40 interviews that author had with Jobs, as well as interviews with friends, family and colleagues.”


  • Kay

    Interesting. Some people suggested that Christian Bale should play Steve Jobs.

  • Neo Racer

    I dont-get—it…?!?!??

  • VicManMan

    Please Bale!!! Bail on your family and get the jOB done!

  • Jan

    Bale’s response when his agent brought up the part: “Ah, f**k. I’m not gonna be eating any steaks anymore for the next several months, huh?

  • lordjim

    no, please, jobs was just a would like to be dictator and not that interesting as a person – i want to see fincher´s version of 20,000 leagues under the sea, not another biopic damned!

    • jack

      assholes make for interesting characters. No one wants to watch a nice guy be nice for 2 hours.

      • Agent777

        Would you rather see a Stalin movie, or a Jobs movie. Jobs is a wormy prick, there are host of delicious and real villain and assholes that don’t get movies. This is just a trendy cash in. No one i going to make a Ivan the Terrible movie, but the dips&*t who took the right click off of his mouses, oh yeah make a trilogy about that, fascinating.

        Fidel, do a Fidel movie. Fidel Castro is 100% more compelling and had a way more badass life than Steve “I’m not even as cool a Max Zorrin” Jobs.

      • The Flobbit

        Tell that to Tom Hanks.

      • lordjim

        richard III. makes an interesting character, captain nemo makes an interesting character…steve jobs?no.interesting bad guys aren´t geeks.

    • pickaname

      ” jobs was just a would like to be dictator and not that interesting as a person” As a person who has read the 600 page biopic this movie is based on, I cannot begin to tell you how wrong you are.

  • Whatnot

    I think Bill Gates should play Steve Jobs.

    • The Flobbit

      I think Steve Jobs should reach from beyond the grave and b-tchslap Gates.

  • the king of comedy

    I don`t understand the need to leave the fate of a movie in the hands of an actor. I know Christian Bale is great, but Fincher never worked with him, so he didn`t chose him for the way they interact and work together, he chose him because he thinks he can pull this role off. But there are several actors who could do it as well.

    • Person

      In Fincher I Trust. He has his reasons, even if we can’t understand them. My personal preference, at least from a physical resemblance point-of-view, was Mark Strong, but I’m always down for anything Bale’s willing to sign onto.

    • Agent777

      You are so right.

      To answer part of your question, in old Hollywood every one was answerable to their superiors, actors to directors, directors to producers and so on and so on. That is is why most of the iconic casting of the past was of actors who who third of fifth choices. Bela Lugosi was the last choice to play Dracula and Errol Flynn was definitely not the first choice for Robin Hood, for example. You see no one was bigger than there roles, and if you were doing another project they just moved on.

      Now however is big egos who run things, and you get idiot like Fincher saying crap like this instead of just casting another actor. It makes Fincher look weak and brittle, in my opinion. But it’s everywhere now a days. Look at the Bond series, stuck waiting on Sam Mendes. He did a great job, but not good enough that they need to stall the series… again to wait for him. It’s pathetic really

  • Atlasshruggedmyass

    Fincher, repair your relationship with Disney and get your
    Visually dark “fincheresque” 20,000 Leagues film greenlit again!

    • http://collider.com Matt Goldberg

      There’s no “relationship” to repair. They couldn’t agree on a bankable star, the project was deemed too expensive, and Fincher moved on. He can’t force Disney to pay for a movie.

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  • randommale7

    I’m down with that!

  • Drake

    Stan Tucci could play the role with just as much charisma and skill as Christian Bale … both would be fine though. I just don’t see why Bale is 100%, absolutely necessary.

    • Drake

      Then again, if the character is going to be younger for some of the movie, Bale is definitely more equipped … Still, a later in life Steve Jobs played by Stanley Tucci would be great!

      • 80sRobot

        Come to think of it — why not have 3 different actors play Jobs, one for each of the screenplay’s 3 parts? (Rumor is, the screenplay focuses on the behind-the-scenes of three significant product announcements in Jobs’ career: the Macintosh, the NeXT, and the iPhone.)

      • dzyg

        Cate Blanchett as young Jobs

    • Cyberpunk14

      Tucci has never been a leading actor he more supporting actor .. Sorry but is Hollywood and the star system.

  • Annie

    I was looking forward to a steampunk 20,000 Leagues. This, on the other hand, sounds . . . unexciting. For both Bale and Fincher.

  • L-Man

    So if Bale accepts he would play a real life famous tech billionaire after already played Batman, a popular fictional comic book tech billionaire. Meanwhile, Jessie Eisenberg will play Lex Luthor, a popular fictional comic book tech billionaire after already played a real tech billionaire. Wow.

    • alk

      after you made that connection, I think Christian Bale would think himself SILLY by NOT taking on the role.

  • Walt Gamble

    I still want Adam Scott

    • The Flobbit

      –to throw himself off a building.

      • Matt

        I mean I have no ill will towards Adam Scott but that was pretty funny.

  • Strong Enough

    the power of a director.

  • Agent777

    David Fincher is delusional and Jobs doesn’t deserve this many movies. The dollar bins are full enough as it is. Clearly Fincher is showing his true colors and how much he will sacrifice his talent to get an Oscar.

    • Marty

      Or maybe the studios don’t wanna give him money for his most ambitional projects just because they are expensive and risky. Personnaly Iam still waiting his Black Hole and Rendezvous With Rama adaptations but I know it’s too damn difficult to make such projects, you know, be alive.

    • Um…Sure

      The dollar bins are full of pathetic, forgotten films made by people who are still more talented, creative and impactful than you’ll ever be. So there’s that.

  • Tim

    Why do you always use the SAME picture of David Fincher????

    • Mike

      Because your mother’s a whore, that’s why.

  • LEM

    COME ON! Can he really live up to Ashton Kutcher?

  • RecoveR

    I will watch ANYTHING David Fincher makes, the man is my favourite director hands down. The tone, drama, style and writing in all his films are just amazing, since Alien3 (his first feature, studio meddled movie) he has NEVER made a bad movie! i’m reading Gone Girl at the moment, and i am so damn excited for his take on it!

    • The Flobbit

      Let me give you some advice: do NOT finish Gone Girl. 1. It will ruin the movie. 2. It is the most dissatisfying, hateful, and poorly written ending I have read anywhere, bar The Maze Runner.

      • RecoveR

        Haha thanks for the advice, but didn’t David Fincher already say they were going to be changing the ending? So i figured, the ending of the book wouldn’t matter?

      • The Flobbit

        Anyways, it’s a horrible ending.

  • eternalozzie

    Jobs was a tool … Bale is a tool … I can see it … maybe he can use his cool batman voice again too

  • Colonel_Neville_Wraithchild

    so, if bale does not want to be a part of this movie its going to technically be his fault that fincher doesn’t direct it? holy advance blaming fincher…

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  • Tom

    No. Idris Elba should play everyone.

  • joeybot

    Who would play Bryan Cranson when they do an autobography about him?

  • Trick

    They should play in a movie together. Face/Off 2: The facening.

  • BigJimSlade

    But all he can play is Idris Elba. One is plenty…

  • LEM

    Idris Elba should play Bryan Cranston.

  • 80sRobot

    I wouldn’t count on English versions of the other books being made. At least any time soon.