AVATAR 2nd Unit Director Steve Quale to Helm “Found-Footage” Hurricane Film CATEGORY 6

     January 5, 2012


Avatar second-unit director Steve Quale has been hired to helm the “found-footage” hurricane disaster movie, Category 6.  According Vulture, the movie is in the vein of Cloverfield and centers on a group of high-school students who document a massive hurricane.  Quale had a big success last year with his directing debut, Final Destination 5, and per Vulture, “He was responsible for much of the envelope-pushing 3D in Avatar,” so it’s probably safe to assume he’ll shoot Category 6 in 3D as well.

While the old Hurricane classification system only went up to Category 5, the hurricane season of 2005 set a new record for the amount of hurricanes and the number of people killed by them (almost 4,000).  Because of this, scientists have pushed for the creation of “Category 6” for winds that exceed 174 mph.  I’m not sure what the point of that would be, but I’m not a meteorologist.  I can only guess Category 6 means, “Stupid teenagers who go outside to document this hurricane deserve to be ripped apart.”


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