Steven Soderbergh’s CONTAGION Infects Warner Bros, Takes Their Money

     February 17, 2010


Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, Contagion, has quickly garnered quite a cast and now has a buyer in Warner Bros. to help bring the quickly-spreading film to life, according to Deadline. The film was in a bidding war, with Summit Entertainment (Twilight) falling short, and Warner will be helped by Participant Media, who is co-financing the $60 million budget. The eclectic cast already assembled seems to continue to grow, as it was announced yesterday that Gwyneth Paltrow would join Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, and Jude Law.

If Soderbergh and that cast alone doesn’t grab your attention, join me after the break to see why the film brings screenplay writing chops to the table as well.

steven_soderbergh.jpgThe film is scripted by Scott Z. Burns, who has screenplay credits for the criminally unseen and delightful The Informant! and has delved into action with The Bourne Ultimatum. If you don’t already know, The Informant! linked him with Soderbergh and Damon, while the Jason Bourne series has long featured Damon in the lead role. The film is based around the miscommunication surrounding a deadly viral outbreak, and follows in the footsteps of The Andromeda Strain and the monkey-lovin’ Outbreak.

I’ll admit that I am a recent Soderbergh fan, having thoroughly enjoyed his award-winning Traffic and falling in love with the incredibly smart and funny The Informant! last year. Add in an incredible cast and a solid screenplay writer who essentially made Soderbergh drop almost everything (save for the currently filming Knockout) to jump aboard this project and it has generated an understandable amount of interest.

  • mini sd

    Unless he gets the cast of Community in on it, I think I am going to pass. Read to many disease apocalypse books to care.when I saw OUTBREAK I was so sick and getting sicker by the minute … I was coughing a deep gurgling weezy cough and running a fever … and then the scene “one scene where somebody is watching a movie and sneezes, and you see the germ fly through the air into the laughing mouth of another audience member” kind of put it all in perspective

  • Corin Prendiville

    I'm confused as to what Community has to do with this movie ? lol.

    Apocalypse books are almost always terrible and not worth the time. I recently saw Carriers with Chris Pine which wasn't a terrible contagion apocalypse film, low-budget but pretty well done considering.

    Then again contagion apocalypse films often follow along the lines of zombie apocalypse, but usually without the devouring a flesh. I get the same vibe.

  • Blueberry Pies

    that picture of jude law is like 15 years old or something. what's the point of using a picture that look nothing like the person anymore?

  • Blueberry Pies

    that picture of jude law is like 15 years old or something. what's the point of using a picture that look nothing like the person anymore?

  • Bubber

    5Zld0u Good point. I hadn’t thgohut about it quite that way. :)