Steven Spielberg Is 2013 Cannes Film Festival Jury President

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Steven Spielberg has been named jury president for the 2013 Cannes International Film Festival.  In recent years, the likes of Nanni Moretti, Robert De Niro, and Tim Burton have led the jury.  As arguably the most important American filmmaker working today, Spielberg is an ideal candidate.  The director remarked:

“My admiration for the steadfast mission of the Festival to champion the international language of movies is second to none. The most prestigious of its kind, the festival has always established the motion picture as a cross cultural and generational medium.” [The Wrap]

Spielberg won Best Screenplay for The Sugarland Express in 1976 and premiered E.T. at Cannes in 1982.  Jane Campion will head the Short Film Jury and the Cinefondation at the 66th Cannes Film Festival, which runs May 15-26.

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  • Superprongs

    Well, that’s too bad.

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  • jackjack

    “as the most important American filmmaker working today”??? I don’t know who pays you or what drugs you’re on to write such bullshit.

    • Stoney Lodge

      Well, he is not the best, but he IS the most important, yes. I mean, this guy made american cinema what it is today, what else do you want?

      • Minas

        Agree 100%!!

      • jackjack

        Oh, I see, it’s just a misunderstanding on my part. It’s that for me “the most important” means “the most ingenious, creative at this moment” because that’s kind of individuals develop what we call cinema and eventually prolong it’s life. Spielberg, esentially, did one basic thing, quite simple, it’s that he showed moguls where are the money. You can very easily check how this kind of approach, after years, is turning out: in the loss of artistic quality, downfall of movie going etc. There’s one peculiar thing about this – the condition of people to whom Spielberg, other producers, even the whole american cinema, should be most grateful for placing them where they’re now, I think about VFX artists here, who’re for years treated like slaves and I didn’t hear nothing about Mr. Spielberg trying to brighten their situation. After this, i think that Spielberg himself expressed in the best way, the opportunistic philosophy he’s devoted to: “there’s a time to be a human being and have an opinion, and there’s a time to sell cars”.

      • Minas

        Ingmar Bergman, Roman Polanski, Martin Scorsese, David Lean, Stanley Kubrick, among many many others, disagree with you.

  • Superprongs

    Perhaps we could label him as the director who has most detrimentally impacted the industry forever?

    • jackjack

      That’s fine by me.
      To Minas: So that makes me a supporter of Jean Luc Godard’s, Michael Haneke’s and many other people’s opinions.

      • Superprongs

        Don’t forget Gaspar Noé!

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