Steven Spielberg in Talks to Direct Biblical Epic GODS AND KINGS

     November 15, 2011


In September, we learned that Warner Bros. and producers Dan Lin and Matti Leshem were aiming to get Steven Spielberg to direct the biblical epic about the life of Moses, Gods and Kings.  According to Twitch, this lofty aspiration has surprisingly led to formal talks with the legendary director.  I can understand the appeal for Spielberg who likes going big with his movies, and Gods and Kings would present him with the challenge of measuring up to Cecil B. Demille’s 220-minute Moses epic, The Ten Commandments.  While most studios today would never allow an almost four-hour movie into theaters, I’d be interested to see if Spielberg could get away with it (assuming he wanted to make a four-hour movie).

Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine‘s script covers “the life of Moses from birth to death.”  Hit the jump for a great recap of the major episodes in Moses’ life.  Spielberg’s next two films, The Adventures of Tintin and War Horse, are due out next month, and he’s prepping to go into production on his Abraham Lincoln biopic, Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

moses-rembrandt-paintingHere’s the great recap of Moses’ life that Brendan wrote back in September:

  • Moses is born in Egypt at a time when all newborn Israelite boys are to be killed.  His mother sends him down the Nile to save his life.
  • One of Pharaoh’s daughters finds baby Moses, and raises her as his own.
  • When he is grown, Moses kills an Egyptian who is beating a Hebrew slave.  He flees Egypt.
  • God appears to Moses in the form of a burning bush, and instructs Moses to deliver the Israelites out of slavery.
  • With Moses as his mouthpiece, God unleashes ten plagues on Egypt.  Among them: frogs, hail, locusts, and death to the firstborn of every household that neglected to smear lamb’s blood across their door frame.
  • Pharaoh finally lets the Israelites go.  They sing “When You Believe.”
  • Moses parts the Red Sea on the way out of Egypt—just long enough to allow millions of Israelites to pass through and zero Egyptians.
  • The Israelites set off to wander the desert for forty years.
  • God drops bread from the sky, and enables Moses to produce water from rocks.
  • Moses meets God on a mountain, where god gifts him the Ten Commandments, inscribed on two tablets by God’s finger.
  • While he’s up there, the Israelites start worshipping a golden calf.  Moses is livid when he sees this, breaks the tablets, and orders the death of 3,000 of the disobedient.  He goes back up the mountain to get more tablets.
  • More wandering.
  • In the end, God lets Moses see the Promised Land.  But Moses dies before he can enter because of that time he hit the rock when he was supposed to speak to it.
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  • grittymcgritterson

    This makes a lot of sense actually. The Ten Commandments w Charlton Heston was on television not too long ago, and all I coud think about was much of it reminded me of what he did with Indiana Jones, the big theatrical set pieces and supernatural elements became so clear of how they strongly they must have influenced Spielberg. Look forwaard to it.

  • JLC

    The problem is that if you’re going to make a Biblical epic, you need someone with the screen presence of a Charlton Heston, Richard Burton or Victor Mature. Basically, a ham. Once upon a time, Russell Crowe could pull it off, but not any more. And I don’t see anyone else out there with the required gravitas. Several others have tried to make a more “realistic” Ten Commandments (such as having Moses stammer as portrayed in the Bible), but it just doesn’t work. Gotta have larger-than-life.

    • Alex–

      Sure if Spielberg is making a 4 hour film. But he has yet to do that. So cut it down to 2 and half hours, with a great cast and Spielbergs skillz and you got a great film.

      Keep in mind, the Queen and King don’t feature in the original story much. That was just added in. Moses personal journey is epic enough and shortens the film significantly.

  • Sugreev2001

    Enough with these bullshit religious propaganda films.Invest in intelligent movies.Anything that has the stamp of religion in it shows ignorance on a whole new level.Not to mention every story in the Bible,Gita,Torah etc. are immensely bloodthirsty and stupid.

    • james

      Yeah, all atheists are , like, totally enlightened. Those billions of people in the world who place their faith in a higher being are so ignorant….. no, wait…

      • sense 11

        Its a self imposed ignorance, you choose to believe something that makes absolutely no sense and is obviosuly made up then expect us “non believers” to not be annoyed by the time & money spent forwarding those lies to the next generation through the media.

        Facts Matter, such as the fact that Jesus was not born in December. Sorry, deal with it.

  • Tim

    Man, you are so hip for hating all of that! I wish I could grace even a little bit of your shadow.

  • AFD

    ‘Lincoln’ is already in production. The Beard is in my hometown right now filming.

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  • sense 11

    Sticking with fantasy I see…

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