Steven Spielberg Is Brainstorming Ideas for JURASSIC PARK 4 With Mark Protosevich

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Back in 2008, producer Kathleen Kennedy was pessimistic about the status of the Jurassic Park franchise:

“You know, when [Jurassic Park author Michael] Crichton passed away, I sorta felt maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s a sign that we don’t mess with it.”

Jurassic star Sam Neill agrees, citing the death of creature design guru Stan Winston alongside Chrichton when he told MTV in a recent interview, “I think we’ve told the story. I think it’s done.”

It’s a nice thought, but the franchise is about as likely to remain dormant as the dinosaurs within.  Jurassic Park III director Joe Johnston went so far as to tease “the beginning of the second Jurassic Park trilogy” last year, but that’s probably taking things too far the other way.  Heat Vision hears Universal and Steven Spielberg are absolutely thinking about Jurassic Park 4, that Spielberg is brainstorming with Mark Protosevich (Thor) how to reboot the franchise.  But reps for the studio and Spielberg stress that discussions are, at this point, “purely exploratory.”  More after the jump:

jurassic-park-imageJurassic Park was ridiculously popular.  In 1993, the movie grossed $357 domestic and $915 million worldwide.  Box Office Mojo ranks the inflation-adjusted domestic total 18th of all time.  By the same calculation, the worldwide total is equivalent to about $1.7 billion in 2011.  Wow.

The sequels were also astoundingly successful, though less so.  The Lost World earned $619 million worldwide in 1997; Jurassic Park III slipped to a still impressive $369 million in 2001.  It’s hard to leave that kind of money on the table.  Especially Universal in its current state.

As Heat Vision points out, the studio has one fully functional franchise: the Fast & Furious movies.  The Mummy may be worth another look in the next few years.  And though they’d rather have Matt Damon back, a Jeremy Renner-led Bourne reboot is promising.  Yet, Universal’s tentpoles over the next two summers are Cowboys & Aliens and Battleship.  That’s exciting for us, but must terrify studio accountants.

Any new Jurassic Park will make money hand over fist, though of course I don’t know that this is, creatively speaking, a good idea.  Will Spielberg, entrenched in the motion capture world of Tintin, even bother with practical effects these days?  Are we interested in a 3D velociraptor?  There is undoubtedly a good idea for Jurassic Park 4 out there, and I hope Spielberg and Protosevich come across it in these meetings.


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  • Brenno

    why not ay. Its been 10 years since the last one and near of 20 since the first. Assign a good reliable director, and universal have themselves a nice little cash cow they can all but bank on.

    • Brenno

      Ive never been one to think that a bad re-boot/much later sequel/remake ever took away from a good original.

      In recent times there have been some decent success stories as far as reboots/remakes; Batman, x-men, james bond, star trek, incredible hulk, predators, true grit. Even the ones still to come like spiderman, planet of the apes, superman look they are going to be decent.

      Yeah im def open to another stab at the story….. if its shit, well fuck the first is always gonna be a great movie no matter what.

      • Bheaya Emortalis

        lol i agree with both of u. If they’d bring the original cast members back (although conventional) would b great. I have a feeling they will come up with something nice.

        I read sometime back that the difficulty with getting this film of the ground is balancing adventure/sci-fi with factual science. I can c how that may be difficult but it can happen. They did it once, they can do it again. They just have to SERIOUSLY think and put some thought into the project. Hell hire some geologist, biologist, & paleotologist to help with the science part. Once they have succeed on science the adventure/action will fall into place.


  • Strong Enough

    i wonder if it will be in 3-D!?

    stupid question of course it will

  • kungfukid

    i heard Bill Monaghan wrote a script for Jurassic Park 4. that would have sucked if you’re Monaghan, a writer at his caliber, not getting his script made. i wrote a few scripts, and it’s really hard to do, especially to perfect. what if you wrote a terrific script, wrote it for a long period of time, and then the studio didn’t get it made(or had it rewritten when you already structured it perfectly).. BOOM!

    • Dilophosaurus

      I sure wish I knew where to send my story ideas, I wrote a rough story for JP 4, and would love to send it in…

      It involves the actual Park being re-opened to the public, and 1 year later (on its anniversary) a terrorist? plot messes it up for the visitors. (I included viewing tubes crossing the jungle canyons, like in Jaws-3) and the Park had an overhaul/re design due to safety measures) Also, I included a few scenes from the first book that never made it to film (river boat scene) etc etc..

      I loved the books, and the films 9 yep all 3! But do have my grievances with all, so a sequel would be great.

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  • Nick

    Steve I love you, I really do, but I’m not with you on this one.

  • Jonny

    So glad to hear this fantastic news – its about time. Either a reboot or a sequel is long overdue. Indiana Jones got a 4th movie, now its Jurassic Park’s turn!!! Fans have been waiting patiently for a decade now, and the movies are literally always replaying on TV. Get moving on that second trilogy Steve!!! Super 8 has whetted audiences appetites for the return of the traditional Spielbergian blockbuster.

  • Billy

    There’s a fond place in my heart for the Jurassic Park movies. I’m in the camp who enjoyed JPIII, so news of a fourth movie excites me. If it were to happen then cleary, by now, the dinosours would have left the island (those that can fly, swim…)? The movie could be something like Reign of Fire, though probably less dark.

  • Rev. Slappy

    It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve read the book so there’s a strong chance I’m misremembering it, but at the end of it isn’t it implied that the dinosaurs have already gotten off the island?

  • Lem

    My idea….Big ass dinosaurs eating and trampling people with a thinly veiled story about the dangers of science or how fragile our ecosystem is….credits.

  • Tarek

    They will mess with Jurassic Park, as they did with Indiana Jones…
    Maybe some E.T hunting T.Rex ? ^^

  • Salfie

    I think the reason Jurassic Park was as successful as it was had a lot to do with it being a significant jump in movie making technology, coupled with something kids have loved forever (dinosaurs), and having the right director (Spielberg) & source material (Crichton). I think a reboot or another venture into the Jurassic Park films won’t yield anything really fruitful. I feel like the original is the best because like so many other Crichton stories it recognizes the greatness of man’s intellect, but also the folly of his ego. The other films, while fun diversions don’t have the weight or magic of the original film. IMHO

    • Bill Graham

      I couldn’t agree more. The film worked on the awe factor. Seeing the brontosaurus in the first 30 minutes of the film, and seeing the Rex. Holy crap. Those moments STILL give me goosebumps. The Rex especially, because the thing was animatronic and REAL and looked it.

      It was a perfect combination that savored every glance and shot of the dinosaurs. It made sure you could clearly see them. The story was also about as good as a blockbuster gets as of late. Crichton gave a brilliant premise that got people talking and it really shot the profile of dinosaurs through the roof.

      I think there has been a lack of great dino movies, but if they aren’t going to use practical effects, I don’t really want to see it. AVATAR worked because it was an alien planet with alien creatures. A new JP should be set in the present, with practical effects. Animatronics have to have evolved by now.

  • Michael

    I just want the T-Rex to get it’s revenge on the spinosaurus for JPIII that was almost as detrimental to me as X3 when they killed off Cyclops and Professor X like WTF?!

    • Tarek

      “when they killed off Cyclops and Professor X like WTF?!”

      I said the same thing: wtf!. The screenwriter who was behind this treason is a dumb.

  • nawtnt

    Leave the series as a trilogy but if Steven Spielberg directs the fourth movies then this might scare the next gerenation like it did with the old ones in 1993.

    Jurassic Park, the first one will always be a classic masterpiece.

  • Deon

    One name: Joseph Mazzello.

    Did a good job on The Pacific and in The Social Network. Could be great for him to have a significant returning supporting role as Tim Murphy (the little boy from the first film).

    And bring back Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Ariana Richards also for cameos/supporting roles (and hey, what the heck, maybe even Vince Vaughn or other characters from the 2nd and 3rd films).

    That is, if this should ever come to really happen, and happen in a way that actually makes sense story-wise.

    • Sir Chancelot

      I agree. The kids should stop screaming and do something adventurous for once. And make sure that there are no kids whatsoever. Even the kids from the second and third films aren’t necessary. The only reason there were kids in the first place is to gain a bigger audience. I think if there were any kids in the fourth film and parents immediately recognized this, they probably wouldn’t take them. And even if they did, at least the parents should show the first three to their children so they’re ready. I think Spielberg shouldn’t go to all that trouble and have to include kids to reassure parents that he hasn’t gone too far, but I do know the kids were in the original novel.

  • Travis

    Screw a second trilogy, or a No. 4 (not that I wouldn’t watch it though)…remake the FIRST film as an action-packed, yet intelligent R-rated sci-fi horror film, and THEN start a whole new re-imagined trilogy based on that remake. It can be done…put ME in the director/screenwriters chair damnit!

    • Travis

      And one last thing, FORGET the second Crichton novel. The sequel should be an original work. The Lost World had a couple of OK ideas, but as a whole it was a failure of a novel. Better emphasis on characters needs to be a staple in the remake…not a totally lame idea, look at THE DARK KNIGHT as an example. A film can be action-packed and amazing and still be intelligent, thought-provoking, and human. A remake of JP has that potential.

  • Shakespeare

    Jurassic Park 4: Here you go!

    A Hollywood Filmmaker named Stephon Spewberg decides to make the first movie using real dinosaurs. Since at the end of JP3 they announce to the world that dinosaurs exist, this filmmaker is in the know, and decides to send a team of FX and Stunt guys to capture several Dinosaur “actors” from the Costa Rican island where they live. After several grisly stunt men’s deaths, they successfully bring the Dinosaurs back to Hollywood. The dinosaurs are secretly held at Universe Studios, and the entire film will be shot on the back lot.

    Well, there’s your premise. The dinosaurs escape from their cages and proceed to eat or kill the filmmakers, gaffers, producers, make-up people, etc.

    The movie will end, of course, with a scene where Spewberg is so busy filming the Dino action that he doesn’t realize he’s about to be eaten, and the Velociraptors devour him on camera.

    Now that’s a sequel Baby…and it is called Jurassic Park 4: Hollywoodosauros.

  • Sir Chancelot

    Jurassic Park 4 is not necessary, but it would be fun to see Sam Niell be Dr. Alan Grant one more time. Jeff Goldblum may not be necessary, but the two together again, with a few old cast members returning as well. As far as the plot goes, I think it would be best to make this the FINAL film, no Jurassic Park 5 required. In so, you start with John Hammond on his deathbed, with Alan Grant and others present, as his last words are: “There is a Site C.” After the funeral, the group, along with the army as required by greedy board members, go to the island, following Hammond’s coordinates, and are faced with one important goal: extinction. Therefore, the full title should actually be Jurassic Park 4: Extinction. What do you think?

  • michael

    For the love of God NO!
    Enough remakes!

  • JurhasidicPark

    Number 4 would only be interesting if global warming message where civilization near doom with dinosaurs inheriting earth again.

  • mattyn

    I do not give a shit if this movie sucks, i am going to see it, and you can bet the other billion people who saw Jurassic Park when they were kids will too.

  • ilovedinosaurs

    I also have what I think would be a great idea for a fourth film. I would love to pitch my script to Mr. Spielberg.

  • AJ

    Perhaps they can use the Fourth installment to give out ideas on how the dinosaurs became extinct. Must bring back all of the cast from the first though: Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler, and Dr. Malcolm to make it interesting. Speilberg and Universal would be crazy not to capitalize on this. I’m not the hugest fan of sequels, but considering the success of what I consider to be tired franchises, I think JP4 should happen.

  • Dr Grant

    JP4 should be at Site C, or if anything, great time has passed and Hammond has sold the rights to the park, theres a Hammond funeral, and now the park under a rich mogul is re opened and re instated…Only now there are two other additional sites which are also along the south american coasts and hold a threat to america and the whole world…a few sitings of dinos have appeared thru out the world…a special team of fighters have been engaged by the U.S. navy, to bring down flying dinos (pterodactyl, and other swimming dinos that hold a threat along the pacific…there should be a scene where a us submarine or russian sub gets taken out by a huge swimming dino…Sam Neil, or Goldblum, along with Vince Vaughn, and sum returning cast members from all 3 films are brought back one last time, for a final expedition deep into the jungles to put an end the sites and further dino production along with a team of experts or navy seal they infiltrate to find a certain specie of dino not to just exterminate but to use the DNA to save the presidents daughter…Jon Voight plays the role of president….with fanning as his daughter….The main goal: to exterminate remaining dinos from all sites, and the remaining which have broken free and are roaming the world…and to retrieve that one dna serum to save the presidents daughter….once again life finds a way….JP4:Site C or aka Extinction….or Fall Of The Dinos

  • Dr Grant

    There should be sub scene with a giant swimmin dino, a sinking navy crew ship…a fighter jet scene with pterodactyls, and the expedition team headed by Dr Grant and other cast with sum new cast members..with a elite navy seal team they navigate to each site and conquer the dinos…then they find trouble in the remaining last two sites….once again lives are in jeopardy….only this time make it so only a few survive…just like Jp3….With a darker more serious tone…

  • Dr Grant

    There should be a evolution to the dinos as well as “hybrids” which were cloned and tampered with in a new DNA strain….funded under the rich new mogul and his wealthy team of experts and scientists….The moral of the story, “dont try to be like God”

  • Dr Grant

    The ending should end with only a few small friendly plant eating dinos left to live in a open field country or a small island off the pacific with a nest of eggs that are about to hatch..the egg cracks, and something is about to hatch, a beak is shown, but we’re left guessing what specie it might turn out to be…and the movie ends…with the words reading “life finds a way…” “Dedicated to the memory of Michael Crichton”

  • Dr Grant

    Eff all sequels…this movie should have a definate ending, and maybe it’d be great having a two part epic film instead of Jp 4, 5 and 6….Where the whole world is at stake….Thats just looks like something doomed….this should be Jurassic Park 4, with a two part film conclusion which takes us back to the begininng, with critics ranting, “The best Jurrassic Park since the original “Jurassic Park”

  • Ringbearer1420

    The book is dark, and expansive, go back to the book and explore the darkside this time.

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  • kamal

    jurassic park film is very like me best for dr.alan grain

  • Alberto

    The story for the new Jurassic park should be about the dinosaurs who escaped the two islands to the mainland of Costa Rica 10 or so years earlier. Expanding this idea even further the inhabitants of these central American countries find alien species that have been eating children and livestock. Proof for “Ingen’s Dinos” is not available due to the fact that the Costa Rican government in order to protect its tourism destroys all evidence of these escaped Dinos. No one but Ingen and the Costa Rican government knows where these Dinos have come from. It takes an accidental finding by a bird biologist in a Costa Rican bird sanctuary to find strange new bird eggs, he sends his newly found eggs to Los Angeles where theyre embryos are extracted and analyzed. The embryos extracted match no known species of bird in Costa Rica or the world. It is not until the scientists mentions his new finds to a close friend that he finds out the kind of eggs that he found. His close friend is an employee of Lewis Dodgson. His friend tells the biologist about Ingen. He’s skeptical until he hears about the second island. He calls a former agent of the Costa Rican governmet and schedules a secret meeting with him. The agent verifies the existence of Dinosaurs on Isla Sorna and tells about what went on the island from what construction workers have told him during the construction of the electric fences and barricaades on the two islands. He goes on to tell the biologist what went on in Isla Sorna before Ingen abandoned it. He ends by telling the biologist that his government is willing to pay anything for a team to go on the island and kill and destroy every species. The biologist signs up and has an expedition crew ready but he is bringing along Lewis Dogdson and his employees who have plans of their own for Ingen’s Dinosaurs…..

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