Collider Premieres the STREET FIGHTER LEGACY Live-Action Short Film! Plus Two Awesome Behind the Scenes Featurettes

     May 6, 2010

Earlier this week we premiered two teaser trailers and some images from Joey Ansah’s Street Fighter Legacy live-action short film.  Based on the responses in our comment section and on YouTube, you were all as impressed with the footage as I was and have been looking forward to checking out the entire short film.

While some trailers show you everything, I’m happy to report you haven’t seen any of the money shots in Street Fighter Legacy.  Trust me, if you’re a fan of the Street Fighter video game franchise, about 1:45 in, you’re going to wish you were watching a feature film.

As I said in the first post, while you might not know Joey Ansah’s name, if you’ve seen The Bourne Ultimatum, you’ve definitely seen his work, as he played “Desh” and did the awesome fight scene in Morocco with Matt Damon.  Ansah is the main force behind the Street Fighter Legacy short film. More after the jump:

Before telling you more about the project, let’s get to the reason you’re here: the Street Fighter Legacy live-action short film.  Once you’ve watched it a few times, further down the page are some behind the scenes featurettes and more info on the film:


The first thing you’re probably wondering is does this short film lead to a feature.  I think if the film spreads virally and people start to talk about it on more than just a few online sites, you never know what could happen.  But for now, the short is it.  Saying that, I think it’s a great blueprint for what a future video game movie could be.

In our first article, we posted what Joey Ansah said about why he wanted to make the short and who was involved.  Here’s the main point:

As an actor, filmmaker and fan, I have been disappointed by the many diluted, unfaithful and outright butchered movie adaptations of fighting video games. It was clear to me, that given the way the movie industry worked, we would never see a super faithful, darker toned and more adult themed (or just plain good!) incarnation of Street Fighter unless a die-hard director or filmmaking team with game canon knowledge stepped up to the plate to helm such a project.  So almost a year ago, I began writing script treatments (with my writing collaborator and great friend Christian Howard, who also plays Ken) and a production design brief and partnered with Streetlight films before proposing my concept and vision to Capcom. I’m pleased to say they gave their blessing and permission for the project to move forward.

Joey sent over a new message for today’s post:

Hey guys, I can speak for the whole of the SFLegacy team when I say I’ve been blown away by the response. The support, interest and anticipation for our humble short film that has generated in the last 48hours is incredible and we are all very touched.  With all this excitement we wish we could be about to unveil a 30 minute film for you all, but our resources, time and budget only allowed us to give you 3 minutes. But we’ve tried to make that 3 minutes as damn cool as can be (in 1080p HD) and very re-watchable, hopefully leaving you wanting more!

This film is very sound driven so please listen to it with good headphones or speakers to properly appreciate Patrick Gill’s epic score and Nigel Albermaniche’s huge sound design. This film was made to be seen in full HD so try and watch in 1080p if you computer can handle it.

Finally, the truth is we’d love to do more in the Street Fighter universe.  I want to make a series/movie and I really want it to happen.  But what will fast track the process is the fans getting behind it, making their voices heard, and championing me and my team doing this on the biggest scale.  I have done the hard part and got it to this point.  If you get behind my vision and demand more, we’ll try like hell to make it happen.

Joey Ansah


And for the people that loved the short film and want to know how they made it, Ansah has released two behind the scenes featurettes.  The first one is called ‘Designing the fights’ and it shows how much time and energy went into the fight scenes and how much they studied the actual game.  The other featurette is called ‘Costume Design’ and it’s all about getting the look right.  I’ll admit I was blown away by how seriously they took everything in the featurettes.  But this explains why the short is so awesome.

Check them out below and next week Ansah will be releasing a few more featurettes.  Until then say what you thought of everything in the comments below.  For more on Street Fighter Legacy,  here’s the official YouTube page, the ‘Street Fighter: Legacy’ Official Facebook Group, and you can also go to for more updates.

‘Designing the fights’

‘Costume Design’

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  • style

    Wow AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!! MIND BLOWING GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fizzyornotfizzy

    pretty freakin sweet. if someone in hollywood could make a movie like this, then i could die happy.

  • Mike.Hutnan

    I posted this on the YouTube page and as a comment under the actual video but I think I should post it here too as this is where I originally found out about it and would like to give my input.

    “Great job keeping it faithful. I loved how Ryu thought that his 'nightmare' had caught up with him, only to find out it was Ken. I was a bit disappointed in the length though, I realize the 3 / 4th of this was fighting and it takes quite some time to re-hearse, but you should have done more with the first fight; it would have been easily 10x better because of an extra fight and extra length. People can still get behind this and hopefully help create a very big buzz – though I liked it, I cannot. There wasn't enough involved to make me believe that you guys can do better than this. I'd watch 2006's DOA over a feature length of this (even though this is more faithful), sorry. Again, great job though.”

    Does anyone agree?

    Also, out of curiosity; who knows what happened at the end? There is no way to come out of those kicks in an advantageous way (fight wise) – it just didn't make sense to me. :(

    • yesman

      But i’m sure you can do better, hein mon homme?

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Absolutely insane! Way to go Joey Ansah and crew! You show them how to do SF right! I can't wait to see more. CAN'T WAIT!

  • Cody

    I agree. True to the source material, but overall, very weak. I don't understand the hype built for this? I guess I was expecting something mind-blowing, oh well. Nice effort.

  • gman10

    Great look forwad to full length film awsome trailer want the film now! when ?

  • chrisw78

    this 3 minute video is a 100% better than both the live action jokes that have already been made. spread the word so hollywood will see that we'll pay for this. they green lit a marmaduke movie, they can give SF another go.

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  • Erik

    i would donate money to see this turn into a full lenght film. I cant imagine what this could become. I really like the true recreation of these iconic characters that we all know and love. Can't wait to see Dhalsim and the other more loopy characters. Akuma is so cool.

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  • Slater4

    Weak sauce. Lot's of ramping there. Gonna call this Ramp Fighter. Should have saved the slo mo for the special moves and rain only. 3 minutes of slo mo must've been a 30 second fight in actuality. Probably looks better in real time.

  • Aragorn27

    Awesome!!!!! Two thumbs up!… although the costume may look a bit silly in real life perspective, but this is the way the movie version supposed to be…

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  • Mr. Thin

    nicely done…! As a visual artist, I noticed small details that were overlooked, but overall, this 3 minute short is infinitely better than its two full length predecessors combined… Just imagine if these guys had the budget to employ visual effects from ILM…. I guess the hard part is coming up with a decent story…. If this develops into a full length feature, I'll be at the midnight release…!! (as long as Joey Ansah is behind it)

    …why didn't Ken and Ryu do the “fist bump” before they began sparring…? hhmmmmm…

  • duuuuude

    i dont even like street fighter, but i would do horrible, disgusting things for you if you would make a full film of it similar to those three min.

  • Jonathan

    Damnnnnnnnn!!!! that was awesome. Good job guys. GIVE ME MORE!!!!!!!!

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  • demoncat

    love the thing. and its almost scary how the actors look so like ken and Ryu hope the thing leads to more street fighter for love to see what Blanku would look like.

  • jay

    great short, amazing scene. now if the studios would just realize this is what people want to see, they would stop waisting time on the legend of chun-li.

    • Jayman7788

      I disagree with that one thing where you said they would stop waisting time on the legend of chun li because i thought is was really cool and my dad and I are big fans of that movie

    • Jayman7788

      I disagree with that one thing where you said they would stop waisting time on the legend of chun li because i thought is was really cool and my dad and I are big fans of that movie

  • shoeknife

    that was ultimate

  • Irons

    You can tell they both are very good martial artist, and I love the choreography, but this looks like it was edited by a 12-year-old fanboy.

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  • Amy

    I am very impressed by this short… I too have been very disappointed with the Street Fighter Films in the past… I can't wait to see the whole of this one!! I hope eventually there will be enough fan base for this to turn into a full length film! :)

  • Alexa

    This is absolutely amazing. Kudos.

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  • morgoth2

    very good!

  • will_Power

    This is so cool. better then the movie.
    i what to see a fight with Ryu and Akuma.

    Is Chun Li going to show up?
    A fight of Chun li and vaga would be cool. (but keep it clean unlike the comic)

    when will the full length film come out lol.

  • horng

    i wish scott adkins will be acting Guile!!!with the proper hair style…

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  • William

    Hay when are you going to make more.

    I what to see more of them.

  • William

    Come on make more.
    And why did you make the akuma costume. but he is not on the video?
    Id love to see chun li, kick vaga,s butt.
    And sakura kicking Dan,s butt.



  • ESCO

    guys awesome work…wayyy better then the other two… and if you can do this with a low budget i can imagine what will happen with with a good one… GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS

  • Blueyed

    great!!!! i want more!!!!!!!

  • toryoom

    DEAR GOD THIS IS NEAR PERFECT!!!!! …The look of the characters…the costumes…the attention to backstory detail (…Ryu actually bothers to speak Japanese…I think I may cry)…..and the FIGHTING…pitch perfect. The slow motion flow is EXACTLY WHAT A STREET FIGHTER MOVIE NEEDS to stylize the fight scenes into badassery instead of cheesiness. With a full productions budget to allow for close, zooming shots with some of the blows, it would be absolute perfection!



    Basically…HIRE THESE GENTLEMEN NOW AND GIVE THEM THE BUDGET THEY NEED TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. YOU’LL MOST CERTAINLY GET YOUR MONEY BACK….and the precedent for good video game movies will be set. The end.

  • Jayman7788

    my favorite character is chun li

  • Jayman7788

    when is the release date for the street fighter legacy

  • Tamoor_15

    Constructive Criticism. The end kick where they both jump up together. They both intended to kick each other, but seem too far. Unless ofcourse if they were travelling forward whilst jumping and continued flying forward during the kick, and then kicked each other in the shins, would make more sense. But to jump vertically up (AND lean back) and make toe contact lessens the effect u were going for, and what we were expecting. I hope u can imagine what i mean. The rest was awesome.

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  • Matt Saxon

    VERY well filmed! The martial arts were first rate, the sfx were not only good, but really well balanced between the realism of film of the animation of the game. It all works really well and I’m very impressed! I’m just starting work on a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic fans film, and if its half as good as this, then we have done well!

  • Darren

    I’ve been working on a costume similar to ken’s. The only thing I’m having trouble coming up with are the gloves. They don’t sell grappling gloves that look like the ones you used in the video. Any advice?

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  • anderson

    meu isso é irado estou recordando minha infancia quero ver o filme completo voces são muito fera bixo valeu!!!!

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