First Trailer for STRUCK BY LIGHTNING Starring and Written By GLEE’s Chris Colfer

     February 18, 2012


Even those who quickly grew weary with Glee maintain their love for Chris Colfer.  So we are all watching closely with Struck by Lightning, which is not only Colfer’s feature debut, but also his first produced script.  The first trailer has dropped, and there is definite promise.  Colfer’s writing is clearly influe nced by his day job, given the story’s focus on what it means to be an outcast in high school.  But Colfer smartly crafted a different kind of high school outcast for himself, one who wants to be the editor of The New Yorker rather than a Broadway star.  This ambition leads the character to, as he puts it, “blackmail the entire school to better my chances of getting into the school of my dreams.  And it’s exhilarating.”  Rebel Wilson, Sarah Hyland, Allison Janney Dermot Mulroney, Christina Hendricks, Allie Grant, and Angela Kinsey also star in Struck by Lightning, directed by Brian Dannelly (Pushing Daisies).  Watch the trailer after the jump.

Via E! Online:


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  • Jordan

    Kurt Hummel as a #2 pencil?!?! Sign me up!

  • Chris Colfer’s Wide Open Anus

    This shit is mad gay yo

    • Chris Colfer’s Prolapsed Rectum

      No doubt, son.

      • ozzie

        if you are going to be a bigot use your real name at least coward.

      • 3rsSt

        It always amazes me how these wanna-be fan boys who want to get into film are so bigoted and hateful toward gays. HELLLLOOOOOO!!!??? You’re going into the film industry where you will be working for, surrounded by, supervised by, PAID by and collaborating with LOTS and LOTS of gay people. Get the F8@k over it or get another job.

  • Joe Laturo

    Rebel Wilson might have tacos tonight. She might have spaghetti with the Italian community. It’s immaterial.

  • Co

    Looks great. Chris seems so different from Kurt Hummell in these clips. Tougher, not so sweet.

  • Jim

    This doesn’t look that bad. Some of the lines were pretty funny.

  • terry

    And what the f**** did he do to get all them big names in that movie.
    I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!

    • Ann

      They all read the script obviously they like it.

  • Ann

    “Colfer’s writing is clearly influenced by his day job”… Struck By Lightning was thought of and written as a speech and debate script Way before Glee was even more than it’s dictionary definition.

  • burntcopper

    this looks pretty interesting. the only problem will be chances of seeing it.

  • Sparks

    Looks okay. Love, “spread that shit like Nutella”. lol :D

  • Tiina

    “Colfer’s writing is clearly influenced by his day job” Seriously? Glee is hardly alone in depicting the plight of high school outcasts. If anything the script was influenced by Colfer’s own experience. It’s not a secret that he had a rough time in high school.

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