March 24, 2011


Imagination does not exist in a vacuum.  We’re inspired by experiences both internal and external.  We build our dreams on the dreams of others and if we possess a brilliant imagination, then we can transform these ideas into something fresh and new.  With his new film Sucker Punch, director Zack Snyder shows he not only misunderstands how imagination works, he also has no understanding of inspiration, empowerment, or joy.  The movie swims through the wet dreams of a teenage boy but pretends at higher aspirations of thoughtful escapism and transcendent determination.  For a movie where dragons battle fighter jets and teenage girls in skimpy outfits take down samurai golems, Sucker Punch is a surprisingly dull and self-serious affair that can’t be bothered to develop its heroine, but wants a round of applause every time she defeats a CGI monstrosity.  Despite all of the energy put into the stunning vistas and designs, nothing in Sucker Punch‘s visuals comes close to the majesty of its delusions of grandeur.

A girl (Emily Browning) is sent to an insane asylum by her cruel stepfather after the girl attempts to kill him and accidentally murders her little sister instead.  The stepfather bribes an orderly (Oscar Isaac) to have the girl lobotomized in five days.  This is the “reality level” of Sucker Punch even though everything has the same slick production design and editing tricks as the rest of the movie.  “Reality” is just grimier and with a more limited color palette.

The second before the girl is given the lobotomy, the scene flips and now the girl is in a brothel where in five days she’ll be sold off to the High Roller.  Inside the brothel, the girl, now dubbed “Babydoll”, fashions a plan to escape by obtaining a map, fire, a knife, and a key.  She’ll obtain each of these items in the brothel because when she dances, she and her fellow prostitutes Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish), Rocket (Jena Malone), Amber (Jamie Chung), and Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens), go into a second imagination level where they engage in giant sci-fi fantasy missions to obtain the items needed for escape.

If that sounds confusing, it’s because it doesn’t make much sense and because Snyder has undercut any stakes his movie may have.  The movie takes not one but two steps away from reality and any consequences within the fantasy worlds are automatically rendered void.  If Babydoll happens to be killed by a bunch of steampunk German soldiers, so what?  It was just a fantasy inside her fantasy of being sold into sexual slavery.

If you’re wondering why a teenage girl in 1960s Vermont would fantasize about being in a brothel and then set up fantasies within that fantasy that would appeal more to a 13-year-old boy than a girl dealing with the loss of her mother and sister, I don’t have an answer for you and neither does Sucker Punch.  Reading Steve’s set report, I learned that there were books about dragons and robots in Babydoll’s father’s study, but we never see that material.  We barely spend any time with Babydoll to learn who she is a character and why she would set her fantasies inside a brothel or why she thinks of herself as a katana-wielding badass who battles alongside mech-warriors.  Also, if she really envisioned herself as a soldier fighting alongside other soldiers, why are she and her compatriots dressed in burlesque gear rather than battle armor?

Which brings me to my next point: can we please stop pretending that giving a hot girl in skimpy clothing a weapon and letting her destroy shit constitutes “female empowerment”?  Can we just take that notion, murder it with a shovel and bury it in a shallow grave?  Here’s what constitutes female empowerment: well-written, memorable female characters.  With the exception of Cornish—who manages to convey at least some semblance of inner strength—the lead actresses seem adrift at what to do with their characters other than pout, whimper, seduce, or fight things that don’t exist.  The notion that the female characters are “empowered” is further undermined by having the voice of “sage” wisdom come not from the asylum’s chief psychiatrist Dr. Gorski (Carla Gugino) or even Babydoll’s dead mother, but from Scott Glenn playing a guy with no mirror in “reality” who spouts fortune-cookie platitudes like “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” even though the platitude is in no way helpful or even applicable to the situation at hand.

With no characters or coherent structure, it’s not surprising that the gigantic set pieces lack gravity.  Loads of camera tricks, expert fight choreography, and an avalanche of CGI fail to impress when they’re not in service of characters and the story.  When Babydoll first receives her mission from Scott Glenn, he then informs her that she has to fight giant stone warriors.  Why does she have to fight them?  Do they represent anything in the real world?  What happens if she loses?  What’s laughable is that after Babydoll defeats her enemies, the film takes a moment to pause for hypothetical cheering from the audience, but in my theater you could hear a pin drop after every set piece.  Snyder gives us a dazzling array of CGI animation, but can’t be bothered to give the audience a reason to care.

Sucker Punch has an abundance of visual effects, but it’s sorely lacking when it comes to character and story.  Snyder’s passion clearly lies with creating vast worlds where retro-fitted war-planes can take on fire-breathing dragons and hot girls in fishnet stockings can mow down a train car full of enemy robots.  But he never bothers to come up with a reason why.  The film is exploitative garbage that takes itself far too seriously to be aware of its own trashiness.  It’s just a collection of male adolescent daydreams that puts the emphasis on “This looks cool” rather than “This is worth caring about.”

Rating: F


  • rob… you didn’t like it then?

  • edmzen

    So….. you didn’t like it?


  • Person

    I can’t believe how terrible this movie actually is. What a shame too, because which such a great premise, everything just falls flat on its ass.

    I think the dream within a dream really messed it up. I thought this was about an asylum/brothel, not an asylum with a dream of a brothel where the girls dream within that dream. It could potentially work, but it just doesn’t.

    Honestly, what was Snyder thinking?

  • Bryan

    I am seeing this tonight but I dont understand why critics can’t just take a movie for what it is sometimes. For instence this movie obvuisly has no plot but its prob really cool to watch and be like “holy crap that was cool” If I wanted to go see a movie with a plot I would go and see “The Kings Speech” again. I can understand if the the acting is shit and the the special effects are shit too but I dont think Zach would have that in one of his films. Not every director can be Christopher Nolan or David Fincher lol I wish they were though we would have allot more ORIGINAL storys, but beggers cant be choosers I suppose.

    • Axford

      I think Matt made it clear in the review that the problem is not people accepting the movie for what it is but the movie excepting itself what it is. To quote Matt’s review, “The movie swims through the wet dreams of a teenage boy but pretends at higher aspirations of thoughtful escapism and transcendent determination.”

    • DamnBASTERD

      I’ve seen this movie. The problem with this movie isn’t that it doesn’t meet the criteria level of great art; it’s that it fails to live up to the much lower bar that it set for itself. Matt is right that the fantasy/battle scenes are undermined by a lack of stakes; but honestly, they look cheap and boring on their own. Everything in them is spliced together from the recycled parts of much more impressive and memorable sequences from other films. The robo-train robbers look like cheap, cgi renditions of Terminators and the I-Robot bots meshed together. And the dragon sequence looks like it was shot on a five buck knockoff of a LOTR set. This movie is a failure not just because its stupid, but because it’s BORING.

    • Mastermind

      Well, I¡m pretty sure that anyone who liked the trailer will like the whole movie. As to anyone who liked 300 or Ga’hoole. And specially to those who thinks Watchmen movie is better than the comic. I mean, this isn’t surprising at all, we know what kind of things Snyder do. But after all, there are people who love his movies, and there are people who likes Inception just cause the bending streets of Paris.

    • Michael

      @Bryan, it would be beneficial to you, and to the people reading what you post, if you would go back and read the review.

      It’s all laid out there in rather clear terms what’s wrong with this movie and why critics “can’t just take a movie for what it is.”

      You haven’t even see “Sucker Punch” yet and you’re criticizing this reviewer’s perspective?

      It already sounds like you’re going to like this movie, maybe even love — perhaps just to “prove” the critic wrong.

      If you can’t read this review and come away with why the critic just couldn’t leave his brain at home and mindlessly and vapidly be easily amused by all the eye candy, then I have some snake oil and a sand-into-gold machine to sell you.

      • Jose

        @micheal it would be benicial to to me to know if you have seen the movie. Because it sounds like your hanging on to every word the reviewer is saying without even knowing what you are talking about. I have seen the movie and I can tell you that there are real consequences to the imaginary world. So with that I have to really not listen to this Matt person. so yeah, I don’t understand why this critic can’t just accept this movie for what it is. Honestly you make it sound like this critic is the know all be all of movies. so far all I have been shown are inaccuracies about the movie. Its clearly his opinion I understant that. But at least get whats in the movie right. From what I can tell he did leave his brain at home because this review is crap. And before you want to insult someone about not knowing what they are talking about. You might want to make sure that you do.

      • Jose

        @Michael sorry about mispelling you name. among other things

  • Lame Duck

    Ok so based off of Rottentomatoes and yourself, this movie is just a waste of time. ~Sighs~ If this is what’s to come with Superman, I’m not even going waste $13.00. Please Snyder step your game up and dont try to be like Michael Bay.

    • Lanny Buettner

      Don’t go by these two reviews. Both of them are by people who missed the point of the movie and criticized it for not doing what they wanted it to do rather than for what it actually did. This is one of those films that people seem to either love or hate. See it for yourself. I’m sure there were critics who panned Star Wars as mindless space opera.

    • Mariana

      I had no idea WHAT REVIEWS WERE BEFORE I VIEWED THIS. Having a ten year old and being a single mom, HARDLY EVER JUST ZIPPING TO A MOVIE, LOL! ….. AND YES, LIKE SO MANY ON THIS page that sound industry, me 2, but honestly outside of a handful of over the top CGI that were OK, not great some better than others ……… SOME BAD, I come from special effects and I believe the build effect looks beyond better …….


      Just seeing it now through Netflix which I’m dumping cz I’m one of the people who made them and it’s like my cell company changing my plan behind my back …… point is, it’s taken them this long for me to finally get it …….. SLOW ANYWAY!




  • baldowl

    I suspected as much. I’ll save this one for Netflix, then.

    Oh, God. What’s Snyder going to do to Superman?

  • Axford

    So much for Superman. Honestly though if anyone thought that this was going to be an amazing, clearly didn’t read the synopsis or look at who was directing it. This review could have been written when the first trailer was released….Who the hell puts in two layers of fantasy? I thought from the trailer it was a “mental institute” that was abusing the patients by using them as prostitutes….Who the hell puts in two layers of fantasy?

    • Person

      That’s exactly what I thought. I also initially thought that the dream world the chicks collaborated in wouldn’t be direct hyperbolic action that’s used in place for the real world actions. I thought they would be more of an indication as to what to do. Meaning that, they go through the fantasy first, then the fantasy reveals how to obtain the desired object.

      Looking through it now though, the whole premise of the movie is quite near impossible to make believable. I’d say having all the girls lobotomized first, then transfered over to the brothel (not as another imagined dimension) as mindless call girls, from where they escape the withholds of this operation, this mind entrapment by facing these fantasy worlds together, and finding a way out of post-lobotomy, back into the real world. At least, that would have made more sense.

      And lastly, rated R. For a dark themed movie, PG-13 does it a great disservice.

      • Lanny Buettner

        You must have missed the evidence at the end that the events in the brothel happened in the “real” world of the assylum. The doctor at the end explains that Baby Doll stated a fire, stabbed an orderly, and helped a patient escape. They are boarding over the charred remains of the storage closet she set on fire. The orderly had a stab wound in his shoulder right where she stabbed Blue in the brothel “fantasy.” The custodian no longer had his lighter. It seems obvious to me that what we saw was just the way Baby Doll motivated herself to take action and to convince the others to help. She reinterpreted the struggle as women breaking out of a male dominated world that exploits them and expects them to be grateful for being “protected.”

        The ending also suggested they were being sexually abused, so the “dance” sequences were how they re-interpreted what they had to do in order to obtain the lighter and the map and the knife.

        The third level, the action sequences, represented what they were going through in poetic fashion, re-imagined as a struggle against a soulless system, full of monsters and demons. Their triumphs and failures in these sequences are masterful, mythological and epic depictions of a deeper level of reality.

        The point of it all, as the narration explains at the beginning and end, is that before you can make changes in the real world, you have to use your imagination to take control of your own response to reality, rather than accepting what others want you to do.

  • Tommyk123123

    You say Snyder doesn’t understand imagination… and then you proceed to ask WHY he does everything he does with the film. Imagination has no reason. With a film like this… looking cool is enough.

    • JustaGuy

      First, i think its sad when a movie doesn’t have characters or a story that moves or can connect with an audience. I think this is what matt is getting at. I envy you, that you can just go to a movie and look at the pretty moving pictures without wanting to feel or think.

      I for one am thankful for this review as well as rotten tomatoes so i can get a sense of what a movie offers and whether its worth paying extra to see it at the cinema.

      Although Snyder puts a lot of effort into his visual design of movies and is talented at it, he is not really a capable storyteller. When you boil it down to its essentials a movie is a story about a charcter(s)

    • Lanny Buettner

      Both the reviewer and those who say it is just cool looking and nothing more have missed the point. The basis of the film is a philosophical understanding of imagination which sees it as a prerequisite for effective action. The message of this film is not in the plot or the character development but in the development of this idea about the power of imagination. The narration makes this clear, but it appears to have gone over people’s heads.

  • Martian Army

    Um, Axford, I don’t know if you’ve heard of a little movie called Inception, but it put in about 4 layers of fantasy.

    At any rate, to any one who was interested in seeing this movie, and is letting this review, or the idiot collective that is Rotten Tomatoes, turn you away, don’t let it. If you were at all excited for it, go see it for yourself and make up your own mind. I saw it last night, and absolutely loved it, as did most of the people I saw it with. I found it to be a fun, cool movie that wasn’t nearly as confusing as Matt is making it out to be.

    • Person

      Except Inception does it coherently.

      I’ll definitely watch it, but it doesn’t come out here until the 8th of April, while the country right next to me gets it on the 24th (today). I was ready to abstain from reading any reviews prior to my viewing of the film, but seeing as it’s not an instant release here, I’m left reading reviews and becoming disappointed.

      Nonetheless, I will clear my mind when I watch it. I won’t have any expectations.

    • Fuzzx

      Did you like Transformers 2 as well ?

    • Axford

      I didn’t feel the need to bring up Inception because it could be argued that Inception doesn’t use layers of “fantasy” in that there are real world consequence to everything that is happening and that those consequence only increase as they go deeper. I use fantasy here as in make-believe, that the experience has no real world connection.

      • Lanny Buettner

        Axeford: Did you go the the bathroom during the last ten minutes of the film? There WERE real world consequences to all the things that were depicted in the guise of the brothel. Sweet Pea really did escape, Baby Doll really did set fire to the closet and stabbed Blue. The custodian, depicted as the Mayor in the Brothel world, is no longer fiddling with his lighter, the cook is missing a knife.

        These were not escape fantasies used by Baby Doll to cope with her situation. It showed how she imagined the situation. She took control of her destiny by re-interpreting the situation. But the things we saw happening through that lens really did happen. That was the power of her imagination, which the narration clearly reveals is the point of this whole story.

  • burlivesleftnut

    Well this is disappointing. I was expecting something clever with the plot and how they tie into the real world. This indeed does sound like a 13 year olds masturbation fantasy.

  • superman

    this movie truly sucked, i was expecting so much more from this, trailers really can me so misleading. the best thing about this movie was the samurai’s, i thought that fight scene was gonna be amazing, that was sooooo lame. seriously, how do the investors let something like this leave the studios?????

  • Brandon

    I think Superman will deliver, considering it’s Nolan that’s doing the writing, and Snyder directing and doing the visuals. Snyder lacks in the story aspect a bit.

    Visually, I really enjoyed this movie. But I agree that the movie just doesn’t live up on the plot. I really wanted to enjoy the story. But the more I realized what was happening, the more I was being let down. And it sucks to say that I didn’t enjoy it. I hate saying that I didn’t enjoy a movie. But that’s only about half rigth for this.

    • JustaGuy

      Nolan’s producing, David goyer’s writing the script.

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  • M

    [quote]Which brings me to my next point: can we please stop pretending that giving a hot girl in skimpy clothing a weapon and letting her destroy shit constitutes “female empowerment”? Can we just take that notion, murder it with a shovel and bury it in a shallow grave? Here’s what constitutes female empowerment: well-written, memorable female characters.[/quote]

    Well said, I am a female and I agree. If the character is well written and kicks a$$ then that’s good.

    Snyder should not write scripts, he is kinda bad at it. The good thing for Superman is that Nolan wrote the script….

    • Michael

      Even as a guy, I agree as well. As soon as I read that line in the review, I was nodding my head in full agreement.

      Some of the most empowering female characters I’ve seen in movies (and unfortunately they are few) didn’t pump iron, flex biceps or reload a shotgun — nor did they show cleavage or wear super-revealing clothing.

      But it’s obvious to whom this movie is targeted — young men and teens. And, even worse, the notion of what it is to be young stretches higher and higher in age, so I’m sure there will be adults in their 30s and 40s also going to see this.

      • David

        Its like this, people say this doesn’t make sense…Oh well Its about insane people in a institution, I wouldnt think it should make sense. Anyway it sounds alot like Japanese anime without the kiddie porn whom millions of people give 5 stars to. So come on guys give Snyder a break

    • mike

      I dont think this movie is about female empowerment at all. Its about escaping reality all together. Who cares if it doesnt makes since. In the mind of a crazy person nothing makes since. With that said, there is nothing hotter than a scandalous woman swinging a sword around in one hand and shooting a gun with the other! And the thought of the women in the movie being in a mental institution just adds to the fantacy.

      The one thing I can agree on is that the movie swims through the wet dreams of a teenage boy. And thats good enough for me. If you want to watch something that empowers women then then this is not the movie for you. Its nice to forget about all the devestating things going on in todays world. What a better way to do that while watching a movie of hot women fighting CGI monsters and dragons. If anything the pictures of the movie should give you an idea of what is about. 5 women holding guns and swords wearing lingerie with a huge robot behind them and a dragon taking down an airplane. Does any of that seem like it is empowering a woman? I think not.

      • DamnBASTERD


        This is straight from the horse’s mouth: “The challenge was to confront the concept of the exploitation of women without creating exploitive imagery.” – Zack Snyder

        So if we’re missing the point, so is he.

  • Michael

    I had initially wanted to see this, but the more I saw, the worse and worse it looked. And now, with numerous reviews coming in, from all across the critical map, it seems this one is yet more proof that visuals cannot substitute for basic filmmaking requirements.

    It’s sad to know that Hollywood, as a whole, has sunken so low that it’s now churning out what are basically 2-hour music videos, or 2 hours of videogame action disguised as a movie.

    This movie really sounds like a mess, but unfortunately, I’m not surprised.

    • Lanny Buettner

      Michael: Ignore these reviews and see the film and judge for yourself. This is a film with a lot of depth, but because it does not follow a formula people were expecting, they seem to have stopped watching and ended up missing the point. This always happens when someone takes a risk and does something different.

  • João Paulo

    I don’t believe in your rating, i go to see this movie because fans will love i hope so.

  • sense 11

    Thanks for the warning but I’m going to have to see it.

  • Strong Enough

    LMAO dude went HAM on this movie LMAO

  • RaBBiTT

    I cant help but think this review is horse sh*t I saw the movie and it was great. yes theres a lot of CGI but its a ZACK SNYDER movie. come on people.
    If you just wait for this movie to be on dvd you’ll say to yourself, “I bet it would have been better in theaters.” you’d be right this kind of movie is best on a BF screen.

    I have to also point out that this review was written by someone who needs to slow down on the bullsh*t and get to the point. if anything theres too much blah blah blah not enough point. hmmmm… kinda like what he said the move was.

    • battleangel

      There’s no excuse to misuse the kind of budget Snyder had on this film. A few posts on this thread alone show how the story could have been enhanced with a few extra lines of dialog and some editing that shows how the fantasy realms tie to the stakes in “reality.” We’re talking about 72 hours max of mental effort on the part of the director to make the movie stronger and feel more compelling. There is absolutely no reason we couldn’t have a CGI spectacle and a compelling psychological drama in the same film, with these same actors, and the exact same visual cues. It’s just sheer self-indulgence- masturbation incarnate.

      …fuck man, Enter the Void has more compelling characters and that was *pure masturbation.*

      Also… what the hell Zack… you’re REALLY going waste Carla Gugino two films running? Fuck you.

    • DamnBASTERD

      For the movie to get to a point, it would have had to had one. Don’t listen to this guy. Unless your willing to pay for the cheapest, most basic half-rendered CGI; you will be bored.

  • Tim

    I think snyder should just stick with comic to film adaptions and not make his own things

  • Mcfly

    Well i think that nolan doesnt understand the dreamworld. The dreams doesnt have to be coherent or have rules. I enjoyed this movie, is just like a musical or 2 hs video clip. I really dont understand why everybody thinks that that is something bad. Just seat down, watch, fly, enjoy and listen an amazing soundtrack. If your relax you will be transported

  • Mcfly

    About the last comment sorry for my english i am not american

  • Aeonstrife

    This review should be posted on Snyder’s head as it summarizes everything that is wrong with all his commercials. Yes, commercials which are badly done, not films!

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  • Terry

    Oh boy! I knew something was amiss when I read a few weeks ago that the test screenings for Sucker Punch came back with poor grades.
    But hey, some critic wrote that the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was crap but I thought it was awesome.

  • Williight Knight

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  • Bob TallyWhaker

    In my opinion, the movie was like listening to a friend tell a story. You know the ones where they leave small but key details out. After the whole story your a little confused but you got the point. I liked it for the “eye candy” as well as the story line. And regardless of the critics opinion on “female empowerment,” some women are gonna just see women in scantily clad outfits and others will be “empowered.” It really just depends on the person.

  • Joe

    Yes, the individual components of the fantasy action scenes become inconsequential, but if the characters failed in their steampunk battle field world, it was a metaphor for failing in the other reality levels. So, the outcomes of the action scenes do have real world consequences. And they’re outlandish CGI eye-candy, they’re not pretending to be anything else. I don’t see how it’s a valid criticism to expect them to BE anything else.

    I didn’t like the lack of a better plot and the characters needed some serious development for sure, but let’s not go over board on this movie. It deserves plenty of flack but not the hyperbolic raw deal you gave it here.

  • Alex–

    “With his new film Sucker Punch, director Zack Snyder shows he not only misunderstands how imagination works, he also has no understanding of inspiration, empowerment, or joy. ”

    For a second there Matt Goldberg you sounded like you think people actually care what you think.

    • Cori

      Well you did read his review…

  • tarek

    Zack Snyder has never been a good director. so no surprise for me.
    He is just another shyamalalamanalaaam.

  • GerryA

    I have no time for movies which take part in masterbating, be it intelectual masturbation or visual masturbation.

    I’m not going to spend 12 bucks to sit in a dark room to watch Zack Snyder masterbate, while surrounded by 13 year old boys weeing themselves. You can get arrested at that kind of carry on.

  • Grounds Keeper Willie

    Yah Used Me Snyder! Yah usssssed ME!!

  • battleangel

    What a shame – there’s no reason you can’t have CGI wankery and make it dramatically compelling. There’s just no reason. It’s the work of 72 hours max to crack that code, Zack! People on here have suggested minor tweaks that would have given the film some teeth… what a freaking shame.

    Oh and thanks for wasting Carla Gugino two films in a row, you talentless hack.

    No squid.

  • Brandon

    I couldn’t agree more! It was horrible!

  • Kyle

    I’m a fan of Zach but this film felt like it was written by a horny 14 year-old boy. I left the theater so fast I forgot to validate my parking!

  • chris

    i say don’t take this movie so seriously …… im gonna see dont care for the plot in it just want to see something that looks fun. Why are people comparing this movie to ART??? just except it for what it is action with little importance in plot.

    These reviews are really starting to get annoying…

  • born

    hollywood execs for superman just shit there pants today, I think. Should have gone with duncan jones

  • milo

    I don’t even understand why they gave him the money to make this, especially after how Watchmen did (and that was based on a respected graphic novel).

    The trailer of this reminds me of Sky Captain. The terrible box office performance of that one seems like yet another reason to greenlight another retro pastiche greenscreen movie.

    I’m sure they’re getting nervous about Superman now, wonder if it’s too late to fire him.

  • milo

    And I have to laugh at the people defending this flick. Setting a movie in a dream/fantasy isn’t an excuse to just do whatever you want and not worry about making any sense.

    Sounds like the whole plot is “Hey, let’s go fight some robots and dragons now” – no plot at all, they threw in a bunch of action/FX sequences but were too lazy to even bother to come up with a reason for those scenes to happen. That’s a big budget FX demo reel, not a movie.

  • hahahaha

    All you snobby people that keep talking about how you hate this movie and Zach is a terrible director, it doesnt make sense that you would care so much. It’s in plain fact a movie. Thats it. I bet you all think your so special because your movie collection is full of “independant” films or award winners or ones that make you think. Its just funny that you latch onto a movie that didnt meet your “sophisticated” movie preferences. You should have known what the movie would be like from the trailer and yet here you are complaining about wasting your money…..

    That is all

    • DamnBASTERD

      Your argument is rendered void by your inability to look past your fanboy pandering. No one here is hoping for the worse from Snyder. To the contrary: he actually has talent and potential as a film maker. That’s why it’s so disheartening to see him churn out sub-Michael Bay shit like this.

      • hahahaha

        Fanboy pandering? Explain. I simply stated he made a movie that everyone expected more from when you can see whats in it and what its about before paying. God forbid a director make a movie that doesnt please EVERYONE. People said the same thing about Spielberg and War of the Worlds.

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  • Jamie

    And there goes my hope for Superman.

  • nameless assailant

    @the mindless masses who follow others: you pay attention to this film hoping its good, but one review gets your panties so bunched up u can’t think straight. First of all I’m not belittling the criticism or the critic, but everyone on here saying they refuse to see it on the whims of a highly detailed film critic. First of all his opinionated criticism is just that, HIS opinion, and should stay that way. I for one plan to see it anyway. I have a mind of my own after all. Maybe ill like it, maybe I wont, but ill decide for myself and I refuse to let some soulless, brainless, opinionless individuals following a critic like he’s ghandi tell me not to see something. No offense to the critic your review was very in depth and well thought out, but I have a mind of my own and I intend on using it. So why dont we all put on our big boy pants, slap on a smile, go watch a movie, decide if we like it for ourselves and realise that the theater experience isn’t a waste of money when shared with friends, no matter how bad the movie may be. Oh and for anyone saying this movie sucks and your not wasting your money on it; you didn’t see it so keep your opinions to yourself before you make yourselves look stupid.

  • nameless assailant

    Oh and fyi, critics badmouthed scott pilgrim vs the world and I for one love that movie, so why am I going to listen to someone who doesn’t know what I like?
    Disclaimer: I have not read rotten tomatoes review spvtw because I made my own opinion, so this does not reflect my opinion towards said review.

  • Arturo

    I don’t know why are you doubting about Superman, Snyder isn’t a good story teller but he can achieve stunning visual effects AND Goyer is WRITTING the story. I’m sure he learned a lot of things after making this movie that will helping to improving with Superman. Besides the Producers will guide him to the right direction.

    By the way, I give Sucker Punch a D+ rating (i’d knew it wasn’t going to be amazing, so my expectations were not very high)

    • Terry

      Let me tell you something. Superman will suck unless a GREAT story is created and not some fucking Melrose Place meets The Vampire Diaries.
      If you remember the The 1st SM with Brando and Reeves then you saw one hell of a story. No pretense no bullshit. Classic story telling with some of the best American super stars we ever had. Hell, Jackie Cooper was in it. JACKIE COOPER!!!!
      Goyer will probably get all dark and head trippy.

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  • Brendan

    ok, not as confident in this movie as I was before. Usually I don’t let bad reviews get to me until after I see the moview, but it seems pretty unanimous that this was a misstep. But it still looks amazing. If nothing else, based solely on the trailer, Zac Snyder has proven that he is a true visionary with original and authentic style. It bothers me that this reviewer said Zac Snyder knows nothing about imagination. I think its obvious that Snyder made the plot as a vehicle for the visuals, not to stand on its own (there can still be value in movies like that), and I’m still extremely excited to see Sucker Punch, albeit with lower expectations. Also, Snyder’s Watchmen and 300, in my opinion, were masterpieces. Sucker Punch is his first original story and obviously he might have trouble the first time around, but I think its naive to dub him as a bad filmmaker and I still have huge confidence in Superman.

  • mr_hat777

    I’m glad I saw this movie early with an open-mind before the onset of bad reviews, because IMO it was a very good movie. The plot comes from cues of different imageries, objects, subtle movements and lines that are easy to miss if you don’t concentrate enough at the movie, if you saw the story beyond all the eye-candies, it was pretty deep. The ending was bitter-sweet and you’d lose the value of it if you missed Rocket’s few lines in the beginning of the story. It also tackles deep philosophical subjects, and of course Samurai warriors with bazooka rocks!!! and Mecha with pink bunny face is just plain sexy… this is a fantasy movie after all, which is also dark and sexy without being awkward. This is like black-swan meets matrix meets lord of the rings all done in style! Love it! Cant wait for blue-ray and watch it again.

  • dvnobles

    This movie is a ride…seen it last night. I admit, it does pretend to add levels of symbolism and meaning where there doesn’t seem to be any (unless they got lost in script rewrites), but if you see it as sheer entertainment, it’s fun. And the people commenting on the ‘lame’ fight scenes…wow, it’s pretty sad when Hollywood has caused you to expect the beyond impossible, so when they deliver the impossible, it’s ‘lame’. The action scenes rocked.

  • liying

    This movie is a ride…seen it last night. I admit, it does pretend to add levels of symbolism and meaning where there doesn’t seem to be any (unless they got lost in script rewrites), but if you see it as sheer entertainment, it’s fun. And the people commenting on the ‘lame’ fight scenes…wow, it’s pretty sad when Hollywood has caused you to expect the beyond impossible, so when they deliver the impossible, it’s ‘lame’. The action scenes rocked

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  • mroobalooba

    To each their own.

    Of course some people are going to enjoy the film….and other’s will not. I don’t intend on seeing it, or at least not in the cinema, as i dislike Snyder’s films. I thought the review was interesting and seems to echo many other reviews, but as some comments have said, it’s one persons opinion. I knew after seeing the trailer that i didn’t want to see the film….i’m all for ‘cool looking’ films but i’m tired of uninteresting drivel….Michael Bay’s had similar problems. But, it’s good to see someone having a stab at being original, regardless of the outcome. Though it all seems a bit contrived, and even the short animation that was released for the film isn’t very good. I think if any guy had the opportunity to make a film with scantily clad women fighting large creatures and dragons with swords and guns, they’d probably go for it….we are only human!

  • Daft

    I tried to avoid the reviews before seeing this movie, but I accidentally glanced at a Rotten Tomatoes tweet that included SuckerPunch and 24%.

    I think the ranking and judging of film is too prevalent nowadays. Even when looking at the movies on tv on the digital guide they have a star ranking next to the title. Who decides on those? Who’s opinion is that?

    It’s an art form. It’s subjective. I don’t care what some nameless/faceless entity’s opinion is. They could be the polar opposite of me.

    Give me the pre-release news, interviews, set visits, hype… But really I don’t care what you think when you it comes out. I wanna be able to see a movie without knowing its “score” before hand.

    P.S. Emily Browning’s outfits = *****

  • Ma’at

    Best damned review of anything ever.

    From your writing to Hollywood’s eyes.

  • Movie Fan

    I was excited about Sucker Punch when I first heard about it, and the trailer did nothing to dampen that excitement. I actually like all of Snyder’s other films.
    However, this film is aptly named. It’s a sucker punch–I felt like a sucker paying money to see it even after the critics and movie fans said it sucked. I thought “it can’t be that bad–it looks awesome!” However, when a film makes no sense (for many of the reasons that the critic noted), the special effects just feel like the tinsel and balloons at a used car lot hiding the real fact that there is nothing but cinematic junk for sale. I’ m all for escapism, and a story doesn’ tneed to have too much of a plot to be enjoyable, but it has to make sense. If the story, even a simple one, does not hold up after the most superficial scrutiny, then I’m going to hate it. The acting was okay, the effects were great, but it wasn’t enough. The only ones who can truly enjoy this film are not only those who can shut off their brains while they watch this film, but pretty much already had them shut off before they walked into the theater.

    • Mike L

      I feel like I was suckered into paying my money too .That was the worst action movie I have ever seen

  • MainFragger

    You know, I think most people are overthinking this movie.. She goes to the insane asylum, and is immeadiately clued into the fact that most of the girls there are nuts and half live in another reality that is a Bizarro mirror of the real world. But she plays along cause it suits her get out of there. As she plays along, she discovers she has a talent. She can dance (although I DO think it sucks that we never get to see her dance at all..) for whatever reason, the music she is dancing to evokes a mood where her mind wanders into a video game like fantasy world.
    While she is dancing the girls perform THEIR tasks according to their fantasy.

    I can’t really further explain it without going into spoilers. But the reveal at the end should explain why a good part of the story’s narrative keeps in line with the group fantasy at the Asylum.. And Scott Glenn’s part in the story is more pivotal than what happens in the fantasy’s. If you really think about it, he’s kind of the book end of the story.. Because he isn’t just there..he’s part of the reveal..

  • Boom

    Ha, someone I know is head over heels for this so-called movie. The movie poster is now serving as a wallpaper…and it is annoying as ever.

    First of all, Sucker Punch is a movie that you will either love or hate. And, the costumes are not even relevant to its time period and are made to only catch the eyes of today’s googling men. I totally wish I did not get “sucker punched” into paying good money for this movie which only demonstrates the dominance of men and powerlessness of women. How can a little blondie beat three huge and gigantic warriors? Very unrealistic. It is in her mind, but come on…

    This movie also proves that men are still suckers for women who use their bodies to manipulate that’s for sure.

    If you’re looking for a good storyline, this is not the movie to go to. Sucker Punch was made for guys who are nerds and are into comics, chicks, and killing off the bad guys and it served its purpose.

    Bottom-line: Sucker Punch is not memorable and you can live without ever having seen it.

  • Lanny Buettner

    I looked forward to seeing the film but feared that it would disappoint me by being the things so many people claim it is, shallow, all flash, no substance. So I was delighted when I saw the movie and enjoyed it from begining to end. I’ve been reading reviews and comments trying to figure out why so many people failed to see what was so obvious to me.

    People who get this movie, I think, are people who appreciate classic mythology and story telling as it was once, a way to both entertain and educate the listener about profound truths. The plot details are not important. They serve the larger message.

    This film is about the power of imagination. It is not a character study, a social commentary, or an action-adventure joy ride. It is a mythological exposition of the power of imagination. People should check out web sites with synopses of Joseph Campbell’s explanations of how mythology works, as well as stories such as Illusions by Richard Bach or Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig.

    I also loved the music and thought the plot made sense. It was inspiring and uplifting. See if for yourself.

  • Eddie Plaza

    It has come to my attention that the movie Sucker Punch has had some negative reviews. I must strongly disagree that this movie was far from good due to a lack in story line; it had a solid plot that mixed in fantasy with a “sucker punch” of reality. Not every story ends with rainbows and victory, which is what made the film so interesting in my opinion. For those disappointed with a lack of plot, answer me why? The film shows strong points in keeping a solid theme interesting by stunning cut scenes and a twist from the expectations. The plot is unique and the punch line expiring, no matter the hardship, you can fight through it. Baby Doll didn’t lose her battle, she survived through it, and that was all she needed before she could let go. As for those who say the whole movie was for the effects, think about the purpose of a movie; it’s for entertainment! If your a guy who doesn’t think stunning girls fighting samurai, Nazi zombies, dragons, and robots to be thrilling, than your clearly homosexual and while their is nothing wrong with that, I can now see where your dislike for the movie comes from. For all those geeks out there who sit on their ass all day dreaming about being a knight in some WoW based fantasy or whatnot, I can’t see how you wouldn’t relate to this movie. Maybe it’s jealousy spurred by the movie (which should be agreed sounds pathetic), or maybe a loss of hope for a misunderstood ending. The point is Baby Doll never saw herself as losing or giving up. The directing wasn’t bad either; it consists of a large portion of unspoken setting which the audience must figure for themselves, a device which allows the audience to form predictions and formulate reasoning that best fits their likes. By showing the lobotomy first, it brings about a sort of dramatic irony even though we may forget this after a while of hoping that Baby Doll does indeed become free from the asylum in the physical sense. With this device, it’s easier to become attached to the character working in a beginning-end-middle direction (many movies use this). The music was used only for the purpose of adding excitement due to the fact that music, in its nature, creates emotions and moods in people.
    All in all, I felt that this was a great movie and that Zack Snyder did a terrific job at making a piece of entertainment that is certainly worth seeing if it fits your liking. I just felt that I needed to give an underappreciated movie the rebuttal it rightfully deserved!

    • Mike L

      You must have seen a different movie cause that movie sucked. a white girl gyrating and all of a sudden shes a super heroe.LOL.I wish they would have showed that on the trailer. This was worst than Pans Labyrinth .They Lure you in with a trailer full of action and You go to see the movie and its a whole other story .This movie is for Anglo saxon geeks who like anime and Little innocent looking Anglo saxon girl who like guns , swords and loud head aching guitars metal music. No good story ,the action was faker than a 2 dollar bill ,and the ending was mush .

      • Jude

        then i ask you, what is a good movie? give a couple of examples to back up your opinion. as far as i see now, your just one big troll face anime hating guy. please, let us know what a good movie for you is.

  • kym worthington

    I don’t think it was that bad – AT ALL. These guys below broke it down really really well I gotta say – one person HATED it, but another liked it. I saw the movie last weekend, and its really weird to say but I totally agree with both – it was terrible and awesome at the same time! But no matter what, you kind of HAVE to see it in theaters…

  • TheMurphelton
  • Mike L

    That movie was horrible Loud without a purpose .The story was Garbage ,The Action didn’t fit the story. I give it a 1 rating .The action wasn’t even that good .It looked like a bunch of other action movies ideas .If you go see this movie you will regret it .

  • jess

    hey that’s so arrogant. don’t completely shit someone else’s work like that. it’s a great movie. it was well done and a lot of time and effort was put into it with great results. the effects were amazing and the acting was good. the plot may have not been that spectaular but whatever, it’s a action movie asshole.

  • Nova

    My god, what a fuckin hideous movie. No thread to it, kept loosing it’s focus throughout the movie and what the hell was the plot!

    I waisted my money going to see it and the sad thing is that i will never get that precious time back!!!!!!!!!! Damn it hated it. Those who acted in it should be embarrassed to have starred in it.

  • pomp&sass

    I wonder if you guys are underestimating women or how their minds work. Apparently just like any horndog, you already conditioned your mind to think of the scantily clad female species as wanking material.

    No wonder Delilah defeated Samson with just a pair of scissors. And Cleopatra got to crush some big balls of the Roman empire.

    It’s rather pathetic most critics left out or decided not to use their brains to think that if a woman is push to the brink, she can or will use whatever means necessary for to gain what she wants, and yes, even be a poster for wanking material. That is empowerment.

    Her empowerment, that is. Not yours.

    • Jorge vargas

      your comments are true. I agree. but I did enjoy wanking during the movie. My choice, my empowerment. I liked it.

  • Jorge vargas

    It’s a good movie. It’s a trip through the mind of an insane woman. Music was great, CGI was great, fight scenes great. Yes, it has a plot, twisted but it’s there. Have fun and watch it !

  • Les

    Whatever, I love this movie. But I would like to say, I don’t care how well-drawn, or how layered, or how intelligent a female lead can be in a film, is she can’t defend herself or be a tough kick-ass chick, then she’s not so “empowered” now is she? An “F” though, seriously? It is not that bad of a movie. The worst movie ever made, would be a film where disgusting and horrible things happen without any point to them or explanation. Oh yeah, the REASON why all these action scenes are happening, is so we can see cool fantasy-action sequences of beautiful women kicking ass, and because Zack has a very vivid imagination that alot of other filmmakers don’t have. Whether you like him or not, you have to realize at least that. I really hope Hollywood doesn’t take this review to heart. The only thing that didn’t help the movie was misrepresentation in trailers, and the 18 minutes of footage we should have been able to see without getting a stupid R rating that wasn’t warranted.

  • AnOKMovie

    IMO Sucker punch was not a bad movie. No worse than any other standard action flick! I interpreted the plot mainly trying to tell the story ‘through’ the mind of babydoll (as a mental patient in an asylum). As in this is how she sees/experiences the situations she’s in, in reality, just some over the top fantastical version of the real event… I mean who knows what mental patients in real life ‘see’ in their mind, and I thought this was a good way to show what a crazy mental patient might be viewing things in their mind… (with respect to making a movie and money…)

    Anyway, once you watch the whole movie its pretty straight fwd what happened, of course there are the typical cliches and hollywood results but what do you expect from a wester/american mainstream movie?

    I think a few people mentioned inception in earlier posts and complained about his films feeble take on ‘dreams’ concept. I disagree, I dont see why inception, in terms of their fantasy aspect, is better than Sucker Punch… both are just as ridiculous/fantastical…

  • :S

    This movie does not make any sense, mental patients makes more sense!
    People, please don’t compare Inception with this movie

  • Zeroif

    All of you sound like a gang of grannys, the movie its cool, isnt Inception, but it is good, the effects were good placed, and the soundtrack its great, the plot twist in the end was real ejoyable

  • Miss Gee

    I think that the movie could have been a great movie. It had so much potential, but the ending just….. ruined it.

    The whole fantasy thing and everything is really exciting and action-packed. I just think that the story just ends without even finishing properly.

    When I watched the trailer it looked like a good movie, but I’m sorry to say, but I’m disappointed with wasting my money on that movie.

    This movie had so much potential. But overall, the story plot sucks.

  • Tiffany

    Psh! I just bought the movie on demand and I loved it! I would have went to see it at the movies but life got in the way. The reason why people are being haterz is because they can’t grasp what this movie is implying. Don’t be simple minded and listen and pay attention to what the suttle hints are. I think it’s about escaping from reality and trying to be strong enough to break it. Learning that its not always about you and accepting you can help someone. Baby saw and felt how Sweet was feeling and decided she would help her but she knew she wasn’t strong enough for reality so she choose imagination to help deal with reality. Almost like a mechanical doll’ living life with action and knowing you are doing it but you feel as if someone else is controling you. Baby realised she wasn’t strong enough to deal with the horrors of society so she made one she knew she and the other women would conqour that world. This is only my interpertation becasue I gone through similar.

  • Casey

    Most reviews you find on the internet tend to be bias toward the perspective of the writer. Go fig, right? Nothing new there nor with this review…

    It’s difficult to put any medium derived from an art into some sort of universal benchmark because art in and of itself is something unique every time it’s experienced, not only by its creator, but also by the consumers. Remember this.

    As for the movie and those who frown upon it, I shake my head at you in disgust. You remind me of everything I’ve grown to despise about today’s world. It’s truly amazing how many negative aspects you’ve apparently nitpicked about this film. Everything from “horrible CGI” to “horrible acting.” The fantastic irony, though, is that everyone making these claims would turn right around and praise movies like “Hostel” or “Saw.”

    I just don’t get it.

    I guess that’s the kind of thing we should expect from living in a free world, but as non-universal a language is like art (let alone, imaginative symbolism)–you would think that there’s an incredible amount of inherent value overflowing from this movie. But apparently we fail to see these things. Instead, we’d rather hypocritically wave a banner about lacking plot. What a shame.

    This movie kicked ass on many levels. Period.

    Anyone (in my opinion) who thinks otherwise is simply crazy and could benefit from a lobotomy in their own right.


  • Chris Bleichner

    Are you kidding me, they seriously let small minded fools like you with absolutely no imagination or insight review movies? Ever hear of a metaphor, obviously not, I guess you were to busy pleasuring yourself with your own wet dreams when they went over that in English class. The battle scenes are a metaphor to demonstrate that even the small acts of stealing the map, the lighter etc., are just as brave and dangerous as fighting zombies or a dragon. Wouldn’t be very exciting if she just wiggled on stage and then nicked what they needed would it? Also in that lies the rebuttal to your teen fantasy idea. The brothel and whore idea is a metaphor to show that just like prostitutes psych patients are considered property, how else could one justify lobotomizing another human. Just because this movie forces you to see reality, yes reality, the reality of the brutal condition of the human species, rather than let you hide behind your own personal version of “Shiny Happy People Holding Hands”, is no reason for you to try to sabotage the success of this amazingly deep, poetic, and philosophical film. Ohh and Scott Glenn does have a real world couterpart, the bus driver, leaving me to wonder if you watched the film at all.

  • chanel

    You know maybe i’m just being to nice but I loved the movie and i’m a girl.
    Seriously, you’re not gonna take a bunch of ugly girls and put them in ugly outfits and make them fight and have others think its a good movie. The reason the movie is a decent movie is because it is hot girls in skimpy outfits with guns which i feel is empowering towards women because hell if i was going to kick someones ass I’d wanna do it in a sexy outfit haha. (i’m joking btw i dont really care but i seriously know what my halloween costume will be this year)
    Anyways, I thought the story was pretty good, I liked the concept if any of you even know your history back then the mental asylums were very screwed up the whole movie was symbolizing what was REALLY happening which is why it went into a burlesque-like fantasy because back then they would rape and torture the mental patients and a movie about a little girl being raped and tortured wouldn’t be a very good movie.
    You should just give it a chance and watch it with an open mind like I did.
    1.The acting was pretty good
    2. The fight scenes and effects were done very well
    3. The story line WASNT the worst
    4. And may i add this is defiantly the best soundtrack i’ve ever heard in a movie
    Overall it makes a decent movie not the BEST but DECENT.
    So if you really thought it sucked than go and watch freaking inception 20 times if a story line is all your looking for in a movie.
    If you want to watch a decent action film than this is a decent movie.
    People need to stop being so critical,
    If you liked kill bill and 300 you’ll probably like this

  • SugarTart

    This movie was a waste of time it was horrible, they need to get the whole super hero thing out of their head cuz it’s not workin out, it’s stupid as fuck and some people hate the truth well get over it, the truth hurts and so do knives, lol but oh well at least I ain’t the one tripping bout this shit, ha just rambling here,bits my first criticism(: yay am I right?? Lol okay well hopefully they make a better movie then this one you know? Kk laterrrrrsss<3

  • Wowzers

    Very very very shitty work, hot chicks tho, I’d banggg(:

  • Ldogg

    I just finished watching the movie and coming away from it I feel a great sense of disappointment. Not very much because of the actors performance’s or the cinematography but for the lack of care in the development of characters in the film. For seem reason I thought this movie was going to be way greater than it was but when I saw the movie would be rated p-g 13 is actually when I realized there wasnt much hope for that. Dont understand why the director would bring in all these dark themes into the movie like insanity, sexual slavery or domistic violence when he isnt able to fully depict their affect in the film. But although I know this movie isnt good in the areas of plot and character development, I honestly still enjoyed it. It had great potential to be a cult classic.

  • …Jay…

    well i personally loved this movie, the complete over the top action was entertaining to say the least an im saddened that so many people could open up there minds long enough to fully appreciate this movie.

  • Stephanie

    Worst movie I ever saw.I saw half of it and was dying of how stupid it was.Doesn’t make any sence at all. Whoever gave it a good review was lying they should a gave a bad one I would.just totally wasted minutes of my life which,trust me I could of done something else.Save your Money!!

  • M from SC

    This was the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time. I rented it for a dollar, but I wouldn’t mind getting my money back. What a waste.

  • flyys

    the ‘art’ of this movie is its abstracted meanings

    because one cannot find a defined point in character nor story, it seems almost too fantastical for the eye of this period of understanding to comprehend why the author made the movie plotless. But, it is possible to comprehend this as if it were a work of picasso’s. Abstract art in its cinematic form. it is the idea that is predominant. The idea that one can lose his or her mind or one can run away from reality and still be a positive thing. This movie’s theme, is what defines the movie the most.

    read the colors, not the lines

  • chaos

    got it on netflix last night, and i was completely engaged in the storyline of the escaping prostitutes…i found the fight scenes a bit obtuse, because they didnt seem to really represent anything in the “real” life….or 2nd layer as everyone is referring to it as. i was tempted to ffw through the fight scenes, as aesthetically pleasing as they were, to get back to the main plot…the end left me hanging, totally confused. i really liked most of it, the dark filming, the plotline that i Could find, the soundtrack especially, but it ran quite thin and couldve used a lot more development. i wouldve welcomed it! i love being sucked into a storyline, but it was like a vaccuum slurping me into a brick wall- once i get pulled in, it left me shell shocked and confused as hell.

  • Britney

    The reviewer obviously didn’t understand this movie at all. The brothel and fantasy sequences are all metaphors for what is happening in the real world. I thought this film was very deep, personally.

  • FU

    Well, i guess it does take someone smarter than the average idiot to understand this. That explains why you don’t like it.

  • save yourself

    Don’t listen to any of these trolls. its a great movie, and i would like to see any of you make a better movie. it may take 2 or 3 watches to properly understand this, and the sound track is freaking awesome. oh, and by the way, CHICKS AND GUNS!!!!!

  • Stephanea

    I saw the movie yesterday, and I have to say that it felt like I missed something. I wanted to rewind (online) and watch the end again. What in the heck happened? I am so confused! I kind of understand why she might have chosen the brothel thing, it seemed like her step dad was raping her quite often. And the battles to get the objects in the CGI world I get, but what in the world happened in the end? I am so confused. lol

  • Clutch Purses


  • Maria

    Ugh. People expect way too much from movies like this. The action scenes were amazing, some of the best I’ve seen in any movie. So saying they’re “boring” obviously means you were biased before you even saw the film. I do agree that the THREE different worlds thing didn’t come off too well. The whole “switch” was when Baby Doll was about to get lobotomized, but then the scene turned into a girl wearing a wig and ranting about how a lobotomy isn’t “sexy”. That could have been made clearer, like the transitions into action scenes were. The acting was great, the story was very interesting, and the soundtrack was the best I’ve seen in any movie. No, this is no Inception, or something to “inspire”, but it never tried to be one of those movies. It just took a lot of thought and paying attention, which goes against the whole “it was made for teenage boys” idea people got from it.

  • Mitchen

    Ugh. People expect way too much from movies like this. The action scenes were amazing, some of the best I’ve seen in any movie. So saying they’re “boring” obviously means you were biased before you even saw the film. I do agree that the THREE different worlds thing didn’t come off too well. The whole “switch” was when Baby Doll was about to get lobotomized, but then the scene turned into a girl wearing a wig and ranting about how a lobotomy isn’t “sexy”. That could have been made clearer, like the transitions into action scenes were. The acting was great, the story was very interesting, and the soundtrack was the best I’ve seen in any movie. No, this is no Inception, or something to “inspire”, but it never tried to be one of those movies. It just took a lot of thought and paying attention, which goes against the whole “it was made for teenage boys” idea people got from it.

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  • Tai

    *spoilers* In the REAL world, she does help SweetPea to escape, that was real, she just imagined it as a brothel situation, and everything she imagine the 2nd world, it was when she was dancing and getting the “5 required things” that the man told her about. The man isn’t just a man she conjures up, it’s her own way of coping and finding out how to escape.
    That all sounded sort of confusing..
    But like the 3 samurai’s represent the 3 men that are watching her dance the first time. Obviously, the map she gets from the german steam guys after blowing up a blimp is the map that sweetpea gets, and the baby dragon and his “fire glands” represents that gross guy’s lighter with the Dragon on it. The knife is the bomb that eventually kills Rocket, like the chef kills her in the brothel world.
    so as you can see, everything that happens in the 2nd alternate world, represents something that is happening in the 1st aternate world (brothel)…
    And then everything that happens in the brothel world represents something that happens in the real world.

    I’m not sure why the girl creates TWO alternate universes, but i liked the movie, and i connected with it. I do admit the outfits were a little dumb, but get over it. they’re just clothes.

    At least it was something different.

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  • Tenrico

    The film takes itself too seriously to know their own combination of nothingness. It’s just a collection of young men dream, “It looks cool” and not focus on “This worry is for the cost.”

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