Report: ‘Suicide Squad 2’ May Introduce Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam

Earlier this year, Dwayne Johnson clarified that we shouldn’t expect to see him make his superhero debut as Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam! adaptation, but we might not have to wait too long to see the big DC bad take the screen after all. Per The Wrap, Warner Bros. is eyeing Suicide Squad 2 as an ideal place to introduce Johnson’s villain, who is traditionally known as the main nemesis to Shazam.

According to the report, two separate project insiders have confirmed that “the current plan for the sequel is for the members of Suicide Squad to be tasked with tracking down a weapon of mass destruction. That weapon? Black Adam himself.” That… sounds pretty on brand for the Suicide Squad, DC’s team of expendable good guys for hire.

Image via DC Comics

The Wrap’s report also points to a quote from Johnson back in May, when he told Fandango, “We have a really cool surprise for Black Adam that I can’t reveal, in terms of where we will see Black Adam being introduced.” That certainly seems to add up, and it makes sense from the studio’s point of view to introduce an actor of Johnson’s popularity in a film that’s all but guaranteed to be a box office sensation, especially if he’s intended to become a major player in the future of the DCEU. And let’s be real, it’s The Rock, so he’s intended to become a major player.

The Accountant helmer Gavin O’Connor is attached to write and possibly direct Suicide Squad 2, with production expected to get in front of cameras in Fall 2018. With Johnson’s ever-busy schedule in mind, the actor has Disney’s The Jungle Cruise, Universal’s Hobbes-centric Fast & Furious spinoff, and a potential fifth season of Ballers on the docket for next year, but the report notes Johnson’s schedule shouldn’t be an issue because Johnson’s part won’t take much time to shoot.

Suicide Squad 2 is expected to bring back Margot Robbie and Will Smith are expected to return as fan favorites Harley Quinn and Deadshot and does not currently have a release date.

Image via Universal Pictures

Image via DC Comics

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