Check Out the List of Trailers to Debut During Super Bowl XLV

     January 19, 2011


Ah, the Super Bowl. An event like no other. It’s uniqueness lies in the fact that you don’t really even have to care about the teams that are playing because there’s so much more to savor. Whether it be those silly Budweiser ads, the whacked-out, over the top halftime shows that typically star musical icons many presumed dead; or, most importantly, the movie trailers.

In fact, since my Seahawks were eliminated in the Super Bowl way back in 2005 (and seeing as it’ll probably be the Steelers vs. Green Bay for XLV … yawn), the only reason I’ve watched the program is to get a sneak peak at the latest masterpieces/disasters that Hollywood has in store for us.  Speaking of which, we now have our hands on this year’s locked-in Super Bowl ads, all of which are enough to get me stoked for the big day when I take into consideration the hefty lineup of films set to debut new footage.

Among those included are Paramount’s Super 8 and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. For the complete list, as well as a look at the trailers that will debut during the pre-game festivities, hit the jump.

super-bowl-xlv-logoHere’s the list of films whose respective studios have splurged in hopes of reaching the mega-audience provided by Super Bowl XLV [from THR].  Click on any of the films to catch up on all of our previous coverage.

Here is a list of films whose respective studios decided to save a few million and preview footage during the pre-game festivities:

Finally, as a reminder, Super Bowl XLV will take place on February 6th.

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  • conor

    How the fuck is nobody psyched for the Captain America trailer?? This is our first glimpse into whether or not Marvel will bomb or crush worlds leading up to the Avengers movie………..

  • chuck tanner

    steelers yawn my ass….

  • Brian

    Black Eyed peas doing the show this year means there’s no reason to watch it. Movie trailers I’d rather see when they’re online in 1080p. That said, the only real trailer I’d be interested in seeing anyways is Captain America.

  • Fallendeathspider

    no green lantern superbowl spot!!!?? well thats kinda weird..

  • Hairyman

    DA BEARS! Screw the Big Ben and the Steelers. I am shocked that there is no Fast Five or X-Men First Class trailers. I can’t believe that they are going to splurge on the latest lame duck DeNiro film.

  • J. Jonah Jameson

    That’s because Green Lantern = crap.

  • Tyrannosaur Yogi

    Yea I am pretty unimpressed with that lineup of trailers. I am most curious about Captain America, I know he’s getting flak for his outfit but after seeing film after film of superheroes in motion-inhibiting rubber tights his looser retro gear feels refreshing and somehow a little more appropriate to me. I am far more concerned about Thor, feels like an extended advertisement for Philips beard trimmer.

  • Dab

    Looking forward to seeing the Super 8 trailer.

  • CaliKid

    Thor and the Green Lantern look like they could possibly be the worst movies ever made based on the first trailers for each movie.

  • adam

    no harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2? WTF!?

    • Zman

      i wnated to watch deathly hallows part II trailer as well

  • kuroshirohaiiro

    Clearly this year’s game is just another display of which studio has the most money…as it is every year. I am very surprised that the Beiber movie has money in its production budget to air a superbowl commercial. As for the rest…it was expected. I am disappointed with this line up but there is always some kind of surprise. We shall see.

    • J.P.

      Please. Bieber has way more in his bank account than what it cost to make his infomercial disguised as a movie. Money is not a problem.

  • Tiago nogueira

    estou ancioso para o trailer de capitão américa,teremos base em informações para descutir vingadores,e saberemos como vai ser a liderança da equipe super poderosa.

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