January 29, 2009

Written by Matt Goldberg

I know why you’re tuning in to the Super Bowl this Sunday. It’s not to see all the hilarious commercials, TV spots for some of the summer’s most highly anticipated blockbusters, or even the most unlikely of reasons—to watch football. You’re tuning in, like all of America is tuning in, to see the advertisement for “Race to Witch Mountain”. But now MTV has the ad online which means this will be the lowest-rated Super Bowl of all time, even with Springsteen performing at half-time (remember, when Springsteen comes on, everyone has to chant “Fuck the Academy for not nominating The Wrestler for Best Song!” We’ll work out the rhythm later).

Check out Dwayne Johnson’s charisma below. “Race to Witch Mountain” hits theatres on March 13th.

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