THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Star Claire Holt Could Be Flying High in CBS’ SUPERGIRL Series

     December 2, 2014


Warner Bros./DC Comics TV has been having a lot of success with their superhero based TV shows with Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham all finding an audience, and now Supergirl could be on the way to joining them.  As we previously reported, CBS has ordered the series from producer Greg Berlanti, and there’s even the possibility that Supergirl could crossover to Arrow and The Flash.

But first they need an actress who can fly high and proudly wear the “S” on her chest.  Actresses are currently testing for the role, and The Vampire Diaries star Claire Holt is among them.  Hit the jump for more.

supergirl-comicThe character, Kara Jor-El, managed to escape from the exploding Krypton like her cousin Superman, and has been living in secret until age 24, when she finally decides to use her superpowers in public.

Like her character, Holt is in her mid-20s and blonde, although the latter hasn’t been that big of a deal since the invention of hair dye.  I’ve never watched The Vampire Diaries (I’ve been told by a couple friends that it’s surprisingly good), so I’m not sure if Holt is right for the character’s bubbly, cheerful nature (assuming Berlanti takes Kara in the same direction as her comics’ counterpart).

Personally, I’m just glad that a female superhero is breaking into the boys club that’s been around for far too long, although the most important thing is the quality of the series.  A new Wonder Woman TV series was a neat idea, but then we all saw the costume and we knew they were probably headed in the wrong direction.

As we previously reported, when it comes to costuming this time around, it will be handled by Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood (Chicago), who also designed the costumes for Arrow, which would create a nice visual consistency with that show if Supergirl ever crosses over.

But before we can even think about where Kara Jor-El will fly to, it’s important to get the actress right, and I’m curious to see if any other names surface before the role is officially cast. [The Wrap]