Superhero March Madness: The Championship Round

     March 22, 2016


We started out with sixty-four movie superheroes, and now we’re down to just two. It’s been a crazy ride with some pretty big upsets, but it’s been fun to see how the voting broke down and where your allegiances lie.

In the end, it has now come down to two number #1 seeds, although Captain America eked out a win versus Christian Bale’s Batman. Meanwhile, Iron Man has cruised through every round. Has he finally met his match with Cap? We didn’t intend for this to be “Civil War” (I honestly thought Christopher Reeve’s Superman would make it at least to the Final Four if not the final round), but here we are. Now you get to settle it six weeks before the movie opens.

Just as a reminder, we’re voting on which depiction of the character you prefer.  It’s not a referendum on the movies or which character would win in a fight.  Do you like Robert Downey Jr.‘s take on Iron Man or do you think Chris Evans is better as Captain America?

Vote below. Whichever superhero has the most votes by 9:00 am EST on Friday wins.

To see the results of previous rounds, click on the links below:


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