All of the Year’s Superhero TV Shows (So Far), Ranked

     September 4, 2018


It’s that time of year again my friends! On the big screen, we’ve survived an Infinity War, a time traveling soldier of fortune, a trip to Wakanda, and a visit from Steppenwolf, but superheroes on TV have also been having one heck of a time. This superhero TV season has so far seen the return of Jessica Jones, the arrival of Superman’s father and Adam Strange, a sentient boat falling love with a masked man, and much more. 2018 hasn’t been too shabby for TV fans, and there certainly aren’t any comics-inspired series that are as outright terrible (yet, anyway) as Iron Fist‘s first season or Inhumans. While a few of the following shows could be considered a slog, there were ultimately more pros than cons even in the least among them.

This list includes all superhero shows airing in 2018 (through August 31st), but for the broadcast series, it also takes into consideration the first half of their seasons that started in the fall of 2017. Below is the initial ranking, which we’ll update at the end of the year with final thoughts (including the return of Iron Fist, the DC CW series, and more). You can check out the final 2017 list here, and be aware that there may be some potential plot spoilers if you aren’t fully caught up, so just scroll on by! Without further ado: