Fox Developing Adaptation of Mark Millar’s SUPERIOR; Matthew Vaughn to Produce

     April 15, 2014


Comics writer Mark Millar is no stranger to having his material adapted for the big screen, and yet another one of his creations has now been pegged for the feature film treatment.  20th Century Fox has acquired the film rights to Millar’s 2010 limited series Superior, which revolves around a young boy stricken with multiple sclerosis who is granted one wish by an alien monkey: to become a Superman-like superhero named Superior.  Problems arise when the boy learns that the monkey is no alien at all, but is instead a demon who demands the boy’s soul in return for his transformation, lest his wish be undone and he return to his original form.

Hit the jump for more on the potential Superior movie, which has a familiar face onboard as producer.

superior-movie-comics-coverNews of the rights acquisition comes courtesy of Heat Vision, which reports that Matthew Vaughn will produce the Superior movie.  Vaughn and Millar are frequent collaborators, with Vaughn having helmed the feature film adaptation of Millar’s Kick-Ass as well as the upcoming The Secret Service.  He also produced the less-than-stellar sequel Kick-Ass 2, which was again adapted from Millar’s source material.

It’s still early days on Superior as Fox will now begin the search for a writer to adapt the comic, but Millar has a strong relationship with the studio.  In addition to The Secret Service, they’re also developing film adaptations of the Millar comics Nemesis, Starlight, and Kindergarten Heroes.  Those are still in deep development so there’s no telling when/if we’ll see them come to fruition, but Superior has a leg-up in that Vaughn has attached himself as a producer.

As for The Secret Service, Vaughn is currently in post-production on the action pic but preview footage debuted as CinemaCon last month to a positive response.  Colin Firth plays a veteran secret agent while Samuel L. Jackson fills the role of the film’s antagonist.  The pic is currently slated for release on October 24th.

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