SUPERMAN VS. BATMAN to Film Scene This Weekend at East Los Angeles College Weingart Stadium

     October 15, 2013


Production on Zack Snyder‘s Superman/Batman movie isn’t set to get underway until early next year, but they will be doing a bit of filming this weekend to take advantage of the crowd that will be at the East Los Angeles College Weingart Stadium.  The stadium and the crowd will be used at the backdrop for a game between Gotham City University and Metropolis State University.  Gotham City will be the home team, and the crowd will be sporting GCU’s black-and-gold colors.  I assume they’re playing at the Gotham stadium because Metropolis doesn’t have much of a city anymore let alone a sports venue.

Hit the jump for more.  The untitled Man of Steel sequel stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, and Lawrence Fishburne.  The film is set to open on July 17, 2015.

superman-batman-worlds-finest-alex-rossAccording to East Los Angeles College Campus News [via Latino Review], “The film will shoot three takes of three plays during halftime. The crew will be capturing the actors and crowd’s reactions.”  Filming is scheduled to take about 20 minutes.  Also, “The first 2,000 people who sit in the filming area of the stadium will receive T-shirts designed by Snyder for those participating in the filming and prizes will be raffled throughout the night.”  I’m pretty sure one of the prizes is that you get to say you were an extra in one of the biggest movies of 2015.

As for why the production chose to shoot at ELAC, the College’s event and Venue Coordinator, Ernest Burnett, tells the Campus News:

“Our visibility among the film community is higher than a lot of schools and I have to give a lot of credit. The experiences of the people that have come and shot here are very good. Because students know the deal now, like they notice the production truck and then move on to class, it’s more common.”

If you’re at the game and snap any cool photos, please send them our way.  Obviously, we’ll give you and your awesome Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr/Flickr account its due credit.


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  • Kevin

    I wonder what Heinz Ward will outrun this time.

  • George

    “I assume they’re playing at the Gotham stadium because Metropolis doesn’t have much of a city anymore let alone a sports venue.”

    Oh you…

  • Dan

    I think Gotham City is the last place you want to throw a football game after what happened last year.

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    But didnt Gotham stadium also …?
    Different movie…. Different movie…. Different movie
    Different batman… Different batman … Different batman

  • Faptain America

    So the script is more or less done then, is it?
    Maybe this means that the movie WILL be Superman going against Batman, and any villain (Luthor) might be secondary to the plot, because there’s no news yet on villain casting.

    • cb

      I read somewhere that when it comes to global marketing, no marquee name will get more people into the theater than the words “Superman Vs Batman”. I think they’d be stupid to go with something like World’s finest (comicbook fans) or MOS 2 (only english language fans)

    • Alex Hajna

      They were pretty far along in the writing process when they announced this movie at Comic-Con. They had a LOT of pieces set by the time they made the announcement. I’m willing to bet, in fact, that they cast Ben Affleck before the Comic-Con announcement.

  • Sean Chandler

    News from Latino Review….I totally trust this.

    • Whitman Lam

      Why would they lie about this ?

      • Sean Chandler

        Over the last year Latino Review has consistently posted exclusive scoops which turned out to be blatantly false. So anytime a story is tied to them, it’s viewed as highly suspicious.

        They used to have some credibility, but these days they’re notorious for either posting blatant lies or posting exclusives from extremely shady sources just to get page views.

      • Strong Enough

        yeah but its on the college website though lol

  • Kevin

    That stadium needs a name change.

  • Alex Hajna

    20 minutes to shoot a scene? Either this will be the most organized shoot in film history, or it’s gonna be a VERY short scene — like 5 seconds short.

    • Whitman Lam

      Didn’t they shoot the Bane stadium scene during half time at a Pittsburgh Steeler’s game ?

      • Alex Hajna

        Nope. As I recall, that was done with all extras (meaning they provided the entire crowd — albeit, they only filled one section with actual people), and the Steelers weren’t even playing that day.

        Read Steve’s set visit recap. That’s where I’m getting my info.

      • WAldenIV

        And they added layers of sod over the field in order to plant the explosives to capture the “detonation”.

  • sense11

    That sounds like fun

  • Howie

    Cyborg cameo.

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