Hans Zimmer Talks SUPERMAN/BATMAN Movie and Ben Affleck Playing Batman

     September 3, 2013


Since Hans Zimmer has scored the last three Batman movies and the last Superman movie, he inevitably received the question if he’ll be scoring Zack Snyder‘s upcoming untitled film that brings the two superheroes together.  Speaking to Red Carpet News, Zimmer said that he thought he had closed the door on the Dark Knight, but like Michael Corleone, he keeps getting sucked back in.  “I’ll have to think about that one,” said Zimmer.  “I might give you a new Batman if I do it.”  Since the casting of Ben Affleck signals a complete break with Christopher Nolan‘s trilogy, Zimmer clearly feels like he can’t go back to the same themes, and I imagine he would have to find something that can fit in with his score for Man of Steel should he decide to keep going with Snyder’s sequel.

Hit the jump for what Zimmer had to say about Affleck playing Batman.  The film also stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, and Diane Lane.  The untitled Superman/Batman movie is due out July 17, 2015.

Zimmer tells Red Carpet News [via CS] that he supports Affleck’s casting, which isn’t much of a surprise since I seriously doubt Zimmer would tell a reporter, “Fuck Affleck,” and then walk away.  However, Zimmer did explain why he likes the fact that Affleck will be donning the cape and cowl:

“I actually think it’s a really good choice, because #1 he’s a great filmmaker. He’s smart. He wouldn’t have taken it if he had set himself up for a fall. And, you know, he’s a bit older these days and that’s what we need, and he’s got a good chin.”

Josh Brolin’s chin could not be reached for comment.


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  • eternalozzie

    A voice of reason :)

    • catherine751

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      • El Alto

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      • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

        And I make $8272 in one week by selling ipads at gas stations.

  • Carson Dyle

    Paul Greengrass is a great filmmaker too, but that doesn’t mean I want to cast him as Batman.

    • El Alto

      If Paul Greengrass was also known as an actor, and fulfilled all of the criteria physically, as Bruce Wayne/Batman, your ideas might change. Your comment is kind of moot since that isn’t the case. I wouldn’t like the casting Tarantino or Spielberg as Batman either.

  • El Alto

    I think that the majority of people who are actually in the trade of making films agree that Ben Affleck is a smart choice. The fan boys cried, and I did a little too, if only because I generally enjoyed the strides Nolan took in making Comic Books movies and having them be taken a bit more seriously (albeit maybe TOO seriously on occasion. See: TDKR) and in relation having Christian Bale represent a “faceless” Batman. As in, I didn’t see Christian Bale in a Bat Suit. I saw Bruce Wayne. Unlike all the Bat-Men that came before, where we knew the actor in the suit and saw it as such. I actually still see Christian Bale as Batman and call him Batman when he’s in other movies. So, I would have liked an actor who is less recognizable to “dawn the cowl.”

    That being said. Echoing the sentiment from Simon Pegg and now Zimmerman, I don’t believe a man who won an Oscar over Steven Spielberg would agree to be Batman unless he knew without a doubt that he would bring something to the role that would work. So, I have faith and will hope for the best.

    • WAldenIV

      “Don the cowl.”

      • El Alto

        My bad. And I thought I proof-read so carefully!

  • GunzOfNavarone

    It’s not Affleck that’s the problem, it’s Snyder.

    • JBug

      Agreed. Snyder is tone deaf. Affleck (like most actors) only works with a solid director (himself). Snyder, while a technical virtuoso, completely butchered any emotion that could have existed in MoS and will prob do the same for BvS. I don’t think Affleck is going to look good in this.

      • GunzOfNavarone

        The problem with Snyder is 2 fold. 1) He can’t direct a cohesive story. 2) He can’t direct character pieces. I don’t honestly see how he is going to pull this off. Lets face it, he’s no Wheedon.

      • Christopher Harper

        Goyer is an issue as well. I don’t think he gets Superman any more than Snyder or Nolan. I don’t understand how a man who is such a huge comics fan keeps darkening and gritting up everything he does to such a huge degree. The worst offender is definitely Man of Steel though. So uninspiring. It was depressing! Superman was depressing!

      • dark 00

        I agree with you but wouldn’t use Wheedon for character examples, there wasn’t any real development in avengers! Due to all the individual films he was able to ‘paper over the cracks’ and focus on the ‘group dynamic’. By this point we’d seen or knew the character’s anyway.

        Synder isn’t good it this either (content) but his visual story telling is solid, so he’ll have to make Batman’s screen presence deep/ meaningful visually (sure Goyer’s script/ Millar’s advice will, im hoping, flesh out the character and fill the gaps that Synder to date, doesn’t).

  • Colonel_Neville_Wraithchild

    maybe im looking to much into things, but i find interesting that zimmer said “And, you know, he’s a bit older these days and that’s what we need,” why he used “we”? maybe he’s already working on the new batman/man of steel soundtrack and he’s not telling…

  • Andrew Hegele

    “now that Batman is in the mix… I think the score needs even more overbearing pounding percussion.” – hans

    • Lance

      No way. It needs more Inception-style BWWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

      Seriously, love Hans Zimmer’s work! The fact you all knew what I was talking about tells you he stands out in a good and memorable way.

      • dark 00

        I hope this films shows a darker batman, music wise….i think ‘the choir sections’ in The Peacemaker Soundtrack would be…

        EPIC!!!!!!!!! Track 1 Trains.

  • Mary Samsonite

    I like the idea, from a creative challenge standpoint. I feel like any composer that truly likes their profession will appreciate the challenge of creating two different, yet equally deeply touching sounds for the same character. It’s an amazing opportunity for Zimmer to showcase his versatility as a composer, and I, for one, can’t wait to hear another one of his scores. I liked the Batman score, but I felt like even the score became a bit too Nolanized at one point. I’d like to hear Zimmer’s genuine idea for what a Batman score should sound like.

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  • Phil123

    haha “Fuck Afleck” and walk off.

  • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

    I thought Zimmer was also attached to the Amazing Spider man sequal and replacing James Horner? If that’s true than he is becoming this generations Danny Eflman scoring almost all of the current superhero films being released.

  • Raptor Jesus

    Daft Punk for BVS score.

    Would have been awesome.

    I find Zimmer’s work underwhelming.

    • Strong Enough

      forget daft punk. jet get joseph trapanese

    • justkiddingnobutseriously

      I find a majority of composers outside of a handful are underwhelming but Zimmer is not one of them. TDK, MoS, Inception, Thin Red Line…the man is one of the greats.

      And I wonder if you know Daft Punk consulted with HZ before they did Tron Legacy? Which was amazing! Daft Punk for a BvS score?! That would be sick but highly unlikely.

  • chum

    If Zimmer is looking for a different tone for the new Batman music, I would suggest a them comprised mainly of banjos.

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  • justkiddingnobutseriously

    I really will be disappointed if Snyder doesn’t ask Zimmer to do it, b/c despite what Zimmer is saying publicly, c’mon, we all know what the man can do. Despite his humility, it sounds like he’d figure something out if asked. His TDK and MoS scores are amazing, that’s a huge part of DC already. Fckng ask him.

  • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

    Still got love for both just feel that their talents are overused for the same genre. Would love to hear a different composers style/sound rather than the same two over and over again. It just becomes repetative. However I think in this scenario it would be good to still have Zimmer scoring the music as this is suppose to be a Superman sequal. It was my only gripe with the Iron Man trilogy was the change in music composers for each movie as they all sounded very different from one another and I’m glad WB isn’t going to do the same with their upcoming Superman film.

  • Strong Enough

    he is quoting the article

  • Strong Enough

    yeah that elfman comment makes no sense

  • topgear

    i agree, that was a dumb comment but there are so many stupid people online sadly. And of course so many fuck-wads are now saying it is a good decision to have Ben just becuz some celebrity says so stfu you fucking sheep.

  • topgear

    i agree, that was a dumb comment but there are so many stupid people online sadly. And of course so many fuck-wads are now saying it is a good decision to have Ben just becuz some celebrity says so stfu you fucking sheep.