Video of the Silly SUPERMAN LIVES Costume in Action

     December 15, 2010


In October, we brought you a look at some of the costume sculpts for Tim Burton’s aborted Superman adaptation, Superman Lives.  The shiny suit certainly got the alien part of Superman‘s origin down.  It just seemed to forgo everything else that was iconic about the superhero.  Now video of the suit has gone online and it looks like Superman’s powers not only included being faster than a locomotive and leaping tall buildings in a single bound, but also being a walking light-show for children.  If Supes planned to defeat his enemies by dazzling them to death, then he had the right costume.

Hit the jump to check out the goofiness in action.

Via Topless Robot:



  • Liam

    (Why did we stop using Disqus?? UGH!)

    Yeah that might work for the Dazzler movie, but as a Superman outfit it’s complete fail. Unless they were doing an alternate Superman where he was a raver!

  • Lexington Luthor Steel

    GAY…but I so wish this movie came out.

  • dogg

    They should pan down to the high heels.

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  • Dustin Mac

    Wow, that costume looked like shit.

    • Raphael

      Only thing i would like to say to you is that as a theatre tech is that they were not done with the costume. the costume is a work in progress. (no i dont work for any major productions)

  • John

    Total FAILURE!!!

  • Alec

    Every time I see this costume, I think of Donnie Darko. He was a super hero after all.

  • junierizzle

    Yeah, what happened to Disqus???

  • Excpired

    This could be a cool costume if it is revamped a bit and used for a NEW superhero, but to hijack Superman would be lame.

  • old soldier

    This is why reimaginings don’t work.

  • arghhh


  • ivanher

    That’s Nicolas Cage manikin… Either way, i never liked “Superman” and his entire mithology… Just the 1978 film.

  • James

    I guess Burton lost it way longer ago than I thought.

  • HS

    One idea would be to use the movement of lights within the suite to enhance the motion in the action sequences. Such as when superman punches someone, the light energy would travel from the abdomen through the shoulders and in to the arm.
    Pretty innovative considering they didn’t have the technology then to do what the Green Lantern crew seems to be doing with that costume, the luminesence aspect of it.
    Tim Burton has always been a visionary and this too would have been an interesting take on it.

  • DiscoManIsDead

    DiscoMan !
    with the power of luminescent circulation.
    Still 98% less gayer than the shumaker Batman outfit.

  • A5J4DX

    very cool

  • KidFox22

    Tim Burton should just stop making films. He had a couple of good films in the beginning of his career like beetlejuice and the idea/concept (not director like some people think) for Nightmare before Christmas. He hasn’t done a good film in the last decade. Alice in Wonderland could of been good but he messed that up to with his cartoony CG effects. And that’s exactly why this Superman would of failed. Turning Superman into a walking special effect is insane. But I honestly could see him saying to himself, “Wow, this suit looks awesome”. What the hell happened to you Burton.

  • Nick


  • Elitist Prick

    This would be cool if it was a movie about some cyborg super-soldier or something, but it’s the exact opposite of everything a Superman costume needs to be in order to sell the character. A prime example, I guess, of why the film never came to be.

  • Warner Brown

    Awful. Bulky, stupid ridiculous suit. What was Burton thinking? On the 2nd suit they showed, the abs are also sticking out further than the chest like it has a beer belly. This paired with Nicolas Cage playing Superman would’ve been a complete disaster. Thank god Supes is in more capable hands now.

  • Ganymede

    I think it looks sick. I can see where he was going with this design. I guess I’m the only one who likes it lol.

  • David

    Are they trying to induce seizures or make a Superman movie?

    That is the worst idea I have ever seen, there is absolutely zero logic, not to mention complete lack of entertainment value and a total bastardization of Superman.

    Tim Burton just lost a lot of credibility with me, thank god this never made it to the screen.

    And why has all this been leaked lately? Is Warners trying to campaign a “see it could have been so much worse, now like the next installment”?

  • Malaguy

    Terrible. Just terrible

  • Ridgecity

    This would have been worn inside the superman suit, and glow inside of it. It’s supposed to light up to simulate Superman strength as if his muscles becamed overcharged with electricity. They weren’t going to use a Superman “armor”, they were simulating the muscular system.

    Of course, Superman has to be the epitome of us, has to look impossibly handsome, Cage looks very normal even by Hollywood standards.

    I’m sure this movie would have been better than recent movies. And probably better than the one coming up. Specially when they seem to be leaving the cast from Smallville out.

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  • kristoffe

    “haters gonna hate”

    this subsurface system with energy looks simply amazing and it’s a work in progress.

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