Hasbro Toys Concept Art from Tim Burton’s Aborted SUPERMAN LIVES

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Superman Lives is the non-movie-movie gift that keeps on giving. Director Tim Burton’s Superman adaptation never made it to the screen, but plenty of concept art was drawn up and costume tests were performed. We’ve seen Nicolas Cage looking ridiculous in the rubbery Superman suit, we’ve seen images of the costume sculpts from the film, and we’ve even seen video of the light-infused suit in action. Now more concept art has surfaced by way of Hasbro’s mock-ups for the all important toy tie-ins. They’re in keeping with the silliness that Burton had planned, and are worth a gander if this sort of thing piques your interest. They also include a look at the Kryptonian Explorer. Hit the jump to check them out.

Here the images courtesy of designers from the Hasbro Toy Group (via the unofficial Man of Steel Facebook page):






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  • Brian

    Those are just…bad.

  • mrbatmatt

    OMG… I almost wish this had made it to the big screen. It would have provided countless hours of ridicule and derision for years! I feel like we’ve been cheated a one of a kind misfire that only happens every 10 years or so.

  • Hunter D.

    I wish this movie had been made. It might have saved Burton’s career by forcing him to focus on smaller, stranger projects instead of the horrible crap he’s been doing since 1997. Seriously, has the man made a single good movie since Mars Attacks! (which was only interesting as an ambitious failure, in my mind), I think not.

    • IllusionOfLife

      Sweeney Todd was great, but other than that, yeah, it’s pretty much all been crap.

      • Sccitylhh

        I’m with you. Sweeney Todd was marvelous, but Burton has pretty much been crap in the last decade. I did enjoy Corpse Bride, however. It’s nowhere near his Jack Skellington level of creativity, but enjoyable. And for anyone about to admonish me, yes, I do know he didn’t direct The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    • Sccitylhh

      In 1996, the world as we know it was not ready for Mars Attacks. I would argue that we aren’t even ready now.

    • Edward Lee

      Good grief! Have you ever read the leaked script for Burton’s take on SUPERMAN? It was awful!

    • pr0jecktpat

      Maybe if Tim Burton knew there were other actors in the world besides Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp his movies wouldn’t all be the same.

  • broski

    looks like this would’ve been to Donner’s movies what Schumacher’s Batman movies were to Burton’s.

    • FireRises

      Burton has been a hack for sometime now … Hell, the only movies of his worth a damn are Beetlejuice and Edward Scissor Hands. Dude is old as shit and keeps repeating the same obsessive style of visuals, and themes of loneliness, depression, and social angst. Guy needs to grow up. He is LITERALLY the original EMO. Damn shame what he did to Batman, too.

      But hey, Christopher Nolan has rectified those problems quite nicely.

    • book1245

      “Looks like this would’ve been to Donner’s movies what Schumacher’s Batman movies were to Burton’s.”

      Haha, and Superman 3 wasn’t this already?

  • ehhhh

    How is it that people still think that Nic Cage pic is REAL? It’s an action figure with Cage’s head POORLY photoshopped on. I mean, you can still see the plastic skin color above the “S”. Painfully obvious.

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  • Jaydia

    Ugh! His face in these drawings is horrible, until the last one, the pencil drawing. In that one he looks good. The face kind of favors Wolverine though.

  • Tim

    Sleepy Hollow was awesome. Yeah.

  • Steven

    I wonder what the world would be like today if this movie had actually happened.

    • J.R.

      probably we would have had a reboot sooner than the 2006 release of Superman Returns, and at the same time WB would have lost a lot $$$. This movie had a Batman & Robin vibe……… Thank God!

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  • EV M

    But why did they draw Abe Lincoln as Superman in that one sketch up top?

  • Dziga

    In defense of Burton, consider the context. It was 1989 when he made–no, reinvented– Batman. The only precedent till then was the camp 1960′s foolishness. And Burton heralded the onslaught of th comic-book movie genre. I would argue that, except for the mistake of casting a comedy actor as Gotham’s savior, it’s still the best Batman flick to date.

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  • ScaredForMovies

    What are you talking about? Michael Keaton was a great Batman. Best movies he ever made.

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