Hans Zimmer to Score Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL

     June 18, 2012


In a move that’s not entirely surprising, composer Hans Zimmer will be handling the score for director Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel.  Zimmer’s frequent collaborator Christopher Nolan is producing Man of Steel, and this news is yet another sign that the exiting shepherd of the Batman franchise is intricately involved in the reimaging of Supes.  This marks the first Snyder film that won’t be composed by Tyler Bates, but I’m not exactly broken up about it.

Variety’s report doesn’t mention whether Zimmer will pay homage to John Williams’ original Superman theme or not, but I would wager no.  John Ottoman already did as much with Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, and Zimmer will likely want to craft a sound that fits Snyder’s iteration of the character.  Judging by the rather dark title treatment and set photos we’ve seen (as well as Nolan’s involvement), Man of Steel will be more Batman Begins than Superman Returns.  If you’re a big Zimmer fan, check out Steve’s video interview with the composer in which he shows Steve around his studio.  Hit the jump to sample some of Zimmer’s more memorable works.


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  • The World

    Without the John Williams theme this will suck. His theme IS Superman.

    • derek

      No it won’t. Superman existed before John Williams’ theme. Stop clinging to the past. That theme didn’t help Superman Returns one bit.

      • BobMann

        Very well said.

        When there is something that people love from the past, they have a hard time accepting change. But change is inveitable, you cant stick to the same thing forever.

      • Kalel

        Actually, it DID help Superman returns! The film dis suck, but the music queus were one of its few saving graces, A films score is its soul, and i firmly believe that those that actually loved Superman returns were actually bedazzled by the familiar score making them partly think they saw more of the Reeve Superman than they actually did. Just a theory.

        However, I look forward to hearing this new score for a new Superman. But, its gotta lot to achieve to compare with Williams iconic score. As the man said, Williams score IS Superman!

        Just hearing it makes you wanna run around with your coat over your shoulders like a kid. Its powerfull, memorable, iconic, emotional and hits the perfect mood for a Godlike character.

        Superman is the most powerful superhero ever created, and Williams score matched it and emphasized it. This new score needs to do the same job.

        And agree with below, Avengers score was… did it even have one? great film sucky music!

    • sense 11

      What part of reboot dont you understand, that means nothing from any of the past films or lame TV shows will make it into this movie.

    • wolverqueen

      As longs as they don’t use the dude who did the Prometheus score as that was possibly the worst mis-match of music to film in the history of moving pictures.

  • Eric Nixon

    This movie just got got twice as good. The Williams score is iconic, but it’s dated. I’m sure that Mr. Zimmer will come up with something that’s considered no less than genius.

  • nelson

    lets see

    Nolan/Goyer Script
    Snyder Visuals
    Zimmer Score
    All star Cast

    can this film getting any better

    • BobMann

      I know right, all of these good things that this film has going for it makes me very excited.

      Although, there is always a nagging doubt with me, because of the fact that Snyder does not have a very good ear for Dialogue.

    • ZeeDoktor

      If there’s a sequence of Batman kicking the snot out of Superman then it would nothing short of perfect!

      • Joe

        Huh? Which comic universe is this again?

  • LP

    AWW, SNAP!

    Surprising news, actually. Looking forward to the result.

  • will

    The thing is, even though Superman existed before the Williams theme, it’s become so iconic to the character that not using it would be disrespectful. It’s less like Danny Elfman’s Bat-theme or Spider-Man theme, and more like Williams’ Jaws theme, or the Star Wars theme, or Alexander Courage’s original Star Trek music. I think it’s too integral to the character to take away completely. I wouldn’t use it as much as Donner did, or even as much as Ottman and Singer did in Superman Returns. Maybe just play it over the closing credits, or include suggestions of it in the score.

  • David

    Hans Zimmer is a solid choice, but i was hoping for someone outside the box like Brian Tyler (Battle: Los Angeles) or Marc Streitenfeld (Prometheus). Both of them would have been excellent choices in my opinion.

    • Strong Enough

      Prometheus score sucked donkey balls

      • Mike91

        Agree. One of the worst movie scores I’ve ever heard. Ruined the vibe of the film. Like a war/hero song, didn’t match to the scene at all.

  • dogg

    The Avengers sure could’ve used some Zimmer love. I’ve seen it 5 times and still couldn’t hum a bar of that soundtrack with a gun to my head.

    • Drake

      Then listen to Silverstri’s Avengers theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqoKB3D7J0A
      maybe it’ll get stuck in your head

      • Joe

        Silvestri’s score is good but not great. The latter half of that score was better than the start – after the first minute.

        Just felt that it could have been even better. It certainly sounded ‘heroic’ but lacked an edge somewhat which I think it needed to have especially with Iron Man and Hulk in there.

        It sounds way too polished so I can’t really love it. In some spots it actually sounds generically heroic.

    • Eric Nixon

      Silvestri’s score for The Avengers seemed lazy, like he had it laying around waiting to be used and he just polished it off before turning it in. And I’m only saying that because I’ve heard a lot of his other work, they’re so good. His score for Captain America was perfect (for that movie).

  • Drake

    Thank God Tyler Bates wont be scoring this movie. He is terrible. I like Zimmer, lets see what he can do.

  • Northern Star

    I thought Tyler Bates did a good job for ‘Watchmen’, his score was more to set the overall mood and tone of the scene in question, and he did a pretty decent job of it too… especially the scene where the real villain behind everything is exposed, “and for this, I am ashamed”, great stuff…

  • Griz

    I’m guessing just about everyone who’s waxing nostalgic for the williams’ score didn’t watch the 10 Smallville season finales where the opening bars of that music was supposed to represent Clark embracing his destiny . . . . . only to turn back into the self-doubting wuss during the subsequent season premiere, thus prolonging his destiny for another 22 episodes. (Final episode never even gave us a full shot of him in costume)

    You know what that score represents to me? Unfulfilled expectations, not to mention being willfully mislead by deceptive marketing campaign that kept hinting that we are about to see more of Supes . . . only to be stuck with the same old “Dawson’s Creek” Clark on repeat.

    New score, please! Anything to knock the stench of past supermen from my brain.

  • roger_un

    Zimmer is a great choice. I’d be happy to hear some similarities (even if they’re small) to Williams’ score though.

  • TheREalNeo

    The News isn’t completely right.
    Not all Snyder movies were scored by Tyler Bates. The music for “Legend of the Guardians” was composed by David Hirschfelder.;)

  • Singularity

    Zimmer is a good choice. He’s done great work on the Batman series, et al.

    Unfortunately, the Williams’ score has outlived the franchise. It’s time for something new, otherwise it risks linking the stories thematically in a way that wasn’t intended.

    That said, the original Supermans are my jams.

  • Alex

    The Batman theme sucks balls, but the rest of his works have been great.

  • Ltdumbear

    WHY is it that most movie-critics/reviewers/bloggers (when reviewing Hans Zimmers movie-scores) almost ALWAYS ‘conveniently’ forget to include his work scoring ‘Thelma & Louise’ ? ? ? HALF the movie’s ‘allure’ is due to the movie-score; if Ridley Scott had’nt chosen Zimmer to score that one, it might not have done NEARLY as well, as it did.

  • Jay Miller

    He’s no John Williams, that’s for sure.


    great news.. looking forward to this..

    special effect check
    music check
    story and pacing …… TBC

  • Andrew

    This news is(for me)another’+'point to get excited about the new Superman movie.Looking forward to catching the trailer.

  • terry

    Why haven’t wee seen teaser for this film? I bet they went in without a finished script. I think this movie will crash and burn. If so, Synder’s career is toast.
    IMHO of course.

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