First Official Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL

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Warner Bros. has released the first official image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.  As you can see, he looks pretty much like Superman.  There’s no insane Tim Burton redesign going on here.  The emblem is a little bigger, the cape seems a little a longer, and the suit has kind of a scaly quality to it.  I’m more interested in the composition of the image.  You may recall the first image released for Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns.  There were certainly complaints about turning the bright red to maroon, but Brandon Routh is doing a Superman pose: noble, back straight, hands on his hips, looking to the sky.  Contrast that with this image where Superman is apparently less than pleased he forgot the key to his safety deposit box.

Hit the jump to check out the full image.  The film also stars Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Julia Ormand, Antje Traue, Harry Lennix, Christopher Meloni, and Russell Crowe.  Man of Steel opens June 14, 2013.

Click on the image to embiggen.


Here’s the press release:

BURBANK, CA, August 4, 2011 – Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures have provided the first look at the new “Man of Steel,” revealing star Henry Cavill as Superman in the film from director Zack Snyder.

The film also stars three-time Oscar® nominee Amy Adams (“The Fighter”) as Daily Planet journalist Lois Lane, and Oscar® nominee Laurence Fishburne (“What’s Love Got to Do with It”) as her editor-in-chief, Perry White.  Starring as Clark Kent’s adoptive parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent, are Oscar® nominee Diane Lane (“Unfaithful”) and Academy Award® winner Kevin Costner (“Dances with Wolves”).Squaring off against the superhero are two other surviving Kryptonians, the villainous General Zod, played by Oscar® nominee Michael Shannon (“Revolutionary Road”), and Faora, Zod’s evil partner, played by Antje Traue.  Also from Superman’s native Krypton are Lara Lor-Van, Superman’s mother, played by Julia Ormond, and Superman’s father, Jor-El, portrayed by Academy Award® winner Russell Crowe (“Gladiator”).

Rounding out the cast are Harry Lennix as U.S. military man General Swanwick, as well as Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy.“Man of Steel” is being produced by Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder.  The screenplay was written by David S. Goyer, from a story by Goyer and Nolan, based upon Superman characters created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster and published by DC Comics.  Thomas Tull and Lloyd Phillips are serving as executive producers.

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  • Nick

    right on, looks like superman i guess

  • 198d

    That’s a big fucking S.

  • Gary

    the texture and cape make it look like thors costume a little

  • rockman_blues

    That looks awesome! ‘Bout time Superman looked like he could really kick ass! And if you look closely (but, hopefully not too close) you’ll see that the red briefs are gone. Great! Plus, the S is the perfect size!

    • El Alto

      If you do look closer, you’ll see that on his right thigh, there is a raised texture. I think this way be to elongate the red “underwear on the outside” to make it look less like underwear.

      Anyway, that little raised texture is already a deviation. Curious to see different poses.

      • me

        Dude, the red undies are gone.

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  • Edward Lee

    What’s he wearing? Leather?

  • JLC

    I know they’re trying to get away from the tights, but tell me again why an invulnerable Kryptonian needs a wetsuit.

    After looking at that picture for a minute, I’m convinced that Cavill may be the only thing real in it. And that includes the cape. Superman meets Sucker Punch indeed.

  • Hrothgar

    I’m not sure about the scalyness. The colors are oddly washed out, and I don’t know how you can tell the red briefs are gone, I can’t see anything but shadows.

    I guess the costume is the least of it, if they have a good storyline I can put up with the rest.

  • Joe

    Looks great. I’m in!

  • space cadet

    I don’t like the scales on the costume, it’s going to take time to get used to it, all in all looks good.

  • ccraw13

    This looks pretty awesome. I realize Zack Snyder gets a lot of hate, but I really enjoy Dawn of the Dead (as a typical genre Zombie flick), 300, and especially Watchmen. He has one of the best eyes for directing imaginative action, even with his abundant use of CGI. Now Suckerpunch was a failed attempt at story telling easily. Still, the visuals of the movie (action scenes that is) were very entertaining to me. I expect Snyder to give us the most visually stunning Superman movie yet (perhaps one of the more visually stunning superhero movies ). As far as how everything else will play out… I will have to wait and see.

    • Andrew Sanders

      I agree.Even if Sucker Punch didn’t have the story to back up those impressive visuals,…you just know Zack’s gonna pull out all the stops with Superman!
      I’m sold! :o)

  • tonamania

    Costume looks fine. Was always supposed to be this indestructible Kryptonian fabric anyway right? Cotton / spandex just doesn’t cut it anymore.

    Agree with the comment about Supe meets Suckerpunch. I like Zack’s stuff, but he can’t seem to get out of this green screen stuff. Hey Zack, Dawn of the Dead was a pretty good film (and no green screen).

    Wasn’t there a problem with the property going back to the Schuster family? I have a suspicion that WB is using Snyder as a stop gap to keep the property. Wouldn’t be surprised to see another new Supe with another new director and another new direction after this flick.

  • Jazzy Jace

    Wow, the John Gotti of Krypton. Hate the hair, way too high and exposing HC’s forehead, a lot (they’ve managed to make a very handsome actor, very ugly, and I’m a guy saying this!) Given the fact this film is going to be released in June 2013, is this merely to fool the fans and doesn’t represent the final product? The costume’s texture is too similar to Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man. Please, Snyder, I love you but for the love of God, do NOT mess this up!

  • Grunt

    Looks awesome to me. Agree with the comment about Supes finally looking like he can kick some ass!

  • J.R.

    Well at this point there isn’t much to talk about, what i just want is a final quality product for this new Superman, nothing more.
    About the suit:

    1. How is he going to hide that plastic thing under the CK suit?
    - We just have to wait and see, probably in this incarnation Supes docent wear the suit under it.
    2. To much texture. This is just a way to enhance the usage of a HD camera this days, yep it looks like Spidey influence but we will have to wait and see another pic of him on his feet taken with a normal Cam.
    3. Classic boots, the \S/ looks like the 1940′s Supes, again want to see more pics.
    4. Right about the pic hiding some places there, i think the red tights are gone and the yellow \S/ is gone too.
    5. The cape is too long, the image looks too much CG but is Zack Snyder, what more can you expect.

    Like i said let wait for more…………

  • Awesome

    This is what the Superman Returns costume should have looked like!!!!!!! The reasoning for making the “S” small in Returns was because they said it looked like a billboard. IT’S SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE A BILLBOARD YOU MORONS. IT’S HIS FAMILY CREST AND HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE PROUD OF IT.

    This new suit is awesome. Let’s hope that they also fix the other flaws of Returns. Since, Superman was a complete p#ssy with no personality in that one.

    Like I said, this suit is the updated version that Superman Returns should have been. I’m looking forward to this. :)

    • Tarek

      Moron yourself. ^^

      • Brenno

        faggy time, ur on it

      • tarek

        @Brenno: I think that we’ve found Captain Save a Ho. Awesome! ^^

  • CharlesX

    I think it looks pretty spot on!

    The longer cape will give the character and the action sequences much more dramatism and style. Not sold on the costume’s scaly texture, but I guess they are going the “alien” route with it.

    The boots look tight and aerodynamic, and the bigger S on the chest makes him look bulkier.

    As per the hair….at least Clark and Supes will look slightly different this time…I always guessed how in hell people wouldn’t realize they were the same person with just the glasses on/off difference :)

  • jusyou

    whats with the aquaman scales? the red trunks better be there. they also need to change up the hair a little bit. the cape is to long, and that material looks to plasticy

  • jusyou

    whats with the aquaman scales? the cape is way to long. the red trunks better be there. they need to change the hair. the material looks to plasticy

  • PatLang

    I actually think it’s a cool design, very retro if you ask me. I’m surprised they released this early, the film dosen’t come out for another two years. My memory may be tricky but didn’t they do something similar with Christian Bale’s costume before the release of Batman Begins? What I mean is by releasing a first-look photo two years early?

    • Rev. Slappy

      They may be doing some filming in it soon. As we saw last week with Batman is hard to control the images in an outdoor shoot. It’s better to release your own photo before crappy phone camera shots are all over the internet.

    • Tarek

      I call that Probing Mind Technic…^^

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  • IllusionOfLife

    I’m seeing some things I like and I’m seeing some things I dislike, but this is a really terrible reveal image. If you’re going to be showing an iconic character like this for the first time don’t completely wash out all of the color and don’t obscure half of it in shadows.

    I’ll wait for a proper image showing the costume in full color and better detail before I give my full judgement, unless of course this is the way the entire movie will look (I wouldn’t put it past Snyder), in which case God help us all.

    • The Train!

      it’s darker and grittier. DC comics should change their name to DG comics.

  • Matt

    Suit looks like a mashup of thor and spiderman. What is with all the dimples/texture.

  • Tarek

    the armored door looks fake. The costume looks like it was made with a basket ball leather.

    Oye oye…^^

    • Troll Destroyer

      LOL The armored doors look fake? Your sad, worthless existence couldn’t be more apparent in your comments on this site. Its kind of hilarious what a hateful little bitch you are. Until next time, troll. ;)

      • tarek

        Of course it seems wrong. as false as your attitude. ^ ^

        If you had basic knowledge, you would know that a hardened steel can not be bent. it breaks …^^
        Also as I am very familiar in photoshop, I can recognize a false picture miles away.

        Cheers “Trawl hunter” ^^

      • Lt. Ripley

        Actually hardened steel can be bent. It’s actually harder to bend it back into shape than out of shape as it requires more force. You know, like the kind of force a super man might have. Fucking troll indeed.

      • troll destroyer

        Um that door is dented. Are you saying steel can not be dented? Do you just get dumber with each passing day? Oh wow, AND you can use photoshop? Welcome to modern civilization dipshit! Also, do you really think its uncommon for an official photo to be digitally enhanced? Go back to your cave and get yourself some of that basic knowledge you were talking about. ;)

      • Tarek

        Of course you can Dent the hardened steel Harvey… With an ACME tool: the denter benter. ^^

        Digitally enhanced ? I call that an awful hack made by a rookie.

        Now, get back to your basement Trawl hunter, your comic books are waiting for you. ^^

      • Troll Destroyer

        ACME Denter-Benter? Haha, not only are you a petty moron-but you’re also old and corny. Ughhhhh.

        “Now, get back to your basement Trawl hunter, your comic books are waiting for you”
        LOL. Let me get this straight: The guy (YOU) whose pitiful nonsense comments appear on EVERY COMIC BOOK FILM RELATED PAGE is trying to insult ME with the painfully cliche “Go back in your basement and read COMIC BOOKS” response? Wow, you absolutely REEK of desperation, you filthy old troll.

      • Tarek

        Old say you ? I feel like I hear my 13 year old boy. He consider anyone above 30 as an old man. ^^ How old are you Trawl haunter ?

        I am not trying to insult you. You are not Superman, remember… Or maybe you suffer from schizophrenia or Dissociative identity disorder ? ^^

      • Troll Destroyer

        Hm, How old am I? Here’s a clue: I AM old enough to take your wife and son out for ice cream ;) but NOT old enough to find a Looney Toons reference clever. :)

        This is my last response to you on this page. I can only argue with a retard for so long before the fun starts to fade. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back the next time you say something stupid elsewhere.

      • Tarek

        With all those insults of second stage you are throwing here and there, I doubt that you have reached the 20. I know what I am talking about…^^

        As I said previously: get back to your basement lully. ^^

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  • IllusionOfLife

    Also, I’m still slightly bitter that this didn’t happen:

    • battleangel

      Right on, man. An older Superman is 100% fine with me. Bring some gravitas to this character. Could have been an incredibly interesting film and all of the fan mockups of Hamm as Supes are eerie – he’s the only known actor I’ve seen who makes that costume look straight up natural!

      Oh well.

      Henry Cavill was great on The Tudors, but I’m just not sensing that his charm is going to be utilized correctly by Snyder, destroyer of all things vibey.

      Btw – how about Jonathon Rhys-Meyers as Zod? That would have been bad ass ;)

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  • Kenny B

    Scales = Bad. Even though I don’t like the look – as long as it isn’t all washed out, this look will work.

  • brandon

    Even though the last movie wasn’t very good, I thought they did a good job at giving the costume a more modern look. He can’t not wear the costume under his suit, that would suck. And as far as those who say that his costume is supposed to be Kryptonian should know that Martha Kent made Superman’s costume. The only thing Kryptonian about it is the cape because he was wrapped up in it when he came to Earth.

  • Jose Kal-El

    I’m sorry but it’s sad that all these ‘dark’ movies gave us this ‘dark’ Superman costume; while I LOVE the ‘S’, it does look a lot like Thor’s (like someone mentioned before). Again, Superman is NOT a dark character. We’ll need more pictures with more light to see the full costume. Plus, Henry Cavill is not a good looking Superman (sorry, had to say it).

    • J.R.

      Well get use to it remember that the guys at WB want every DC Superheroes as Dark as possible!…….. to confirm this look for the response n the GL sequel

      • J.R.

        and yes Supes is not a dark character, but what can we do huh?

      • Rev. Slappy

        When The Dark Knight came out and did incredible business the execs at Warners were convinced then that the reason the movie was doing so well was because it was “dark.” How do these idiots get the jobs they have?

      • Jose Kal-El

        Unfortunately like you say, WB thinks that ‘darker’ means more $$$. But again, the scaly property of the suit looks horrible.

      • Jazzy Jace

        @ Rev Slappy: All studio execs need to be hung by their gonads (and if they’re women, chop off some male genitalia and stick it over theirs, then hang them!)It’s people like us who should be sat in their seats instead.

    • sense 11

      ANYTHING is better then that diamond encrusted S from the last movie. that was less than manly if you ask me.

  • jim35

    not crazy about the chicken skin texture, but it still is 10.000 times better than the new spider-man costume.. edna mode would like to have a few words with the designer of that long ass cape.

  • Ash Talon

    Too much texture. Hair too coiffed.

    The worst part is the overall look. Obviously, Snyder is sticking to his de-saturated look. It’s a comic book movie based on the a very colorful character. Why wash it all out? Obviously Snyder can’t adapt his style to match his material.

  • mrbatmatt

    Looks like Supes invested in AIG and wants his money back.

  • Alan

    Terrible hair. he look more like superman hair in this

    • Hawk

      The hair is reminiscent of George Reeves as TV’s Superman of the 1950s and 1960s. It really stunk on Reeves, but I admit that along with the darker color scheme, does give Cavill an edgier look. I had no problem with Routh’s doe-eyed look, though; I liked the idea of the most dangerous thing on Earth looking harmless.

  • n/a

    WB should do a release like this and the new spider man early for the new catwomen suit before a bad leaked image gets out their first.

  • FILMfan

    Not bad! I’ll be catching this flick next year for sure.

    Love Zack’s stuff (haven’t seen Sucker Punch yet). Hopefully Chris Nolan’s involvement will keep the story & production on the right track.

  • TimmyTom

    I don’t really care about the costume. What I care about is that it sounds like they are going to recycle the same ole villans again. How many times do we have to see Zod. Or Lex… And when are they going to make a Supes flick where he KICKS ASS, instead of getting his ASS KICKED.

  • Marco Polo

    I like: the 1940′s “S” shield, perfect size; the way the cape is tucked into the shirt, someone finally got it right; the texture…maybe…it must be Kryptonian in nature; and the boots, even Christopher Reeves boot weren’t perfect.

    I don’t like: the fact we don’t see the (red) whitey tighteys…I see the belt, but even Bats has a belt that don’t hold up anything; I see a gold buckle, but not the belt color…could it be black?; there’s something on the outer thigh, too, what’s that? Plating?

    And just a bit too dark. Really, why the “darker and edgier” on everything? Blame it on the Matrix

  • maryjanesuncle

    Hey did anybody mention the hair came from Mattel…water wind and sun proof…….

  • Shawn Meunier

    Comparing the look of this image to Sucker Punch is silly. Don’t forget, they haven’t really shot anything yet. This is an image to tease the fans and get some buzz. Although principal photography starts soon, all they’ve done up til this point are exteriors of Smallville and test screened some costume shots. The overall look of this costume, and the environment in the film will be different. It’s nice to see they’ve released the design for us to see. Trunks or no trunks, the look is modern meets classic. I love the new S design too. Very excited. s.

  • beekay

    Henry Cavill does look like Clark Kent/Superman. I think he can pull it off. Liking the costume too, but the image itself is too dark. Here’s a quick edit –

    • Aurora Vampiris

      Now that looks awesome! Why did they de-saturate that damn image so much?!

      I’ve liked Snyder’s style of film-making in any case – probably in the minority regarding that though. I think he has an eye for fantastic action choreography.

      • sense 11

        I like Snyder, Watchmen and the action in Watchmen is amazing. I cant wait for this movie.

  • gee boy

    looks good indeed!

  • Armando

    When did The Situation get cast in this film?

  • Old Man’s Balls

    I wonder why they chose to use the symbol of Earth 2 Superman.

  • AlexHeyNa

    Why is the cape so long??? And please tell me this is just concept art, because if not, the VFX are incredibly shitty.

    Idk…never was a huge fan of Superman. I guess I got a little too excited when it was announced Nolan was helming the project. I should’ve known it was just a marketing gimmick on Warner Bros.’ part.

  • dude

    I still think Brandon Routh looks the part more. But I’m not hating what I see.

    • tarek

      Brandin Routh is what makes me hate Superman. Awful. ^^

  • sense 11



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  • sparced

    Reminds me of the spiderman costumes.

    For some reason the face doesn’t seem right to me. Could almost be a better Zod than Superman.

    I’ll reserve judgement until we see him as clark kent.

  • tartarus

    Looks like a villain to me. Not like supes.

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