Possible Description of Two Scenes from Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL [Updated With New Info]

     May 15, 2012


This summer’s superhero fare is off to a great start with the smashing success of The Avengers, and we’ve still got The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man to look forward to.  If you think that sounds like a crowded superhero year, remember that we almost also had Superman in the mix.  Man of Steel was moved from December 2012 to the summer of 2013, and though we really haven’t seen much from director Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, we’re most likely getting our first look at the film at Comic-Con in July.

Someone claiming to be a visual effects supervisor has taken to the ever-accurate IMDb message boards to write up a description of two scenes from Man of Steel.  He claims to have seen the clips during a sizzle reel for Weta at a visual effects conference.  The description includes impressions of Henry Cavill as Superman, Michael Shannon as General Zod, and Snyder’s signature visual flair.  Hit the jump to read on.

Update: The unnamed IMDb user who posted the original description has posted an update which adds credibility to his post.

Update 2: We’ve been asked by WB to take down the descriptions.

henry-cavill-man-of-steel-set-imageFirst off, it’s important to note that this post is in no way confirmed.  For all we know, this could be some kid with too much free time who decided to write up a fake description for the new Superman movie because nerds.  However, with a trailer most likely playing before The Dark Knight Rises this summer (both films are Warner Bros.), it would certainly make sense for visual effects work on specific trailer shots to be finished.

Here’s the entirety of the message board post, via IMDb:


My main qualm with this reboot has always been Zack Snyder, and if this post is to be taken as fact then it sounds like he hasn’t ditched his signature style for Man of Steel.  I’ll hold judgment until I see the trailer with my own eyes, but I’m beyond interested to see what his take on Superman looks like.  Man of Steel is set to be released on June 14th, 2013.

Update: Here’s what he added on IMDb:



  • Singularity


  • Chris

    I got no problem with Snyder’s style if it is used sparingly. Showing the ineffectiveness of an explosion on Kryptonians sounds like an appropriate time to break it out.

  • Dean

    Erm…why would anyone want Snyder to drop his signature style for Superman?

    I’m pretty sure his style was the reason he was chosen by Nolan to direct the film so for him to drop it would be stupid and they may aswell just get a journeyman director to make the film.

    • mrperfect

      Dean Exactly,

      You don’t hire a distinct, stylized director and them tell him to NOT direct in his style!!?? Not that I’m the biggest fan of Snyder (still a bit dramatically immature imo), but I am excited to see this take on Superman – just hope it doesn’t dwell on the “origins” – enough with origin movies!!

  • Nomis1700

    At east, whether true or not, it sounds very very very cool! I’m so happy WETA digital is involved with the VFX. Besides that I’m very happy with the cast, Snyder and Nolan.

    • Singularity

      Agreed, WETA is always very interesting.

  • sense 11


  • Grimcicle

    I hate Snyder’s glossy cinematography. Always have.

  • guy

    Shannon is going to be terrifying as Zod. If they write the part well and give him some truly evil actions, he could be one of the top villains in any comic book movie.

    • TheMan

      I think that the story is going to be strong and it was pretty much set to be told in the typical ‘Nolan-style’ way… but they knew they needed a director that could pull out the action sequences worthy of a Superman film – action sequences, the likes of which we’ve never seen with Superman on the silver screen. So, they have the story and way the movie will be, the tone, the story, the characters and their development and then they brought in the director to finish it off with the action scenes that need to be outstanding, marvelous even. Michael Shannon as Zod; all I can say is, he is a GREAT actor and like a previous poster said, he may end up being the best villain we’ve ever seen on screen. He has this presence about him in every film that he’s in, even when he’s not a main character, there is just something you remember about him. If you haven’t seen “Take Shelter,” I recommend it. It’s a great film and Shannon is top notch to say the least. In one scene in particular, a little passed half way through, he flips out and I was in s stunned and silent awe. It was one of the most amazing scenes I’ve ever seen displayed by an actor in any kind of film. Apologies for the length of this post. I’m ready for a trailer and am willing to give this brand new take on the Man of Steel as fair shot.

  • Empedocles

    What I don’t get about the criticism against Snyder is why a director that has his own style (and there aren’t really many of them) should ditch it because it’s too self-evident. I mean, nobody asks Steven Spielberg or Clint Eastwood to stop punching you in the stomach with every movie they make. If you want to talk about line delivery or certain scripting problems he seems to have frequently, fine. But it’s so stupid to judge the guy because he throws a slo-mo shot once in a while.

    Besides, I recently read an interview with Christopher Nolan in which he praised Snyder as one of the few moden directors that has brought something new to the table. And that should probably be enough for everybody else.

  • calum

    i seriously cannot wait for this film. i totally believe that snyder can pull this off without a shadow of a doubt. his usual slo-mo is what captivates me to him as a director. and to put him with a subject like superman…would be explosive.

    • Mac Dividinz

      I totally agree with calum….having Snyder as the director is THE WHOLE POINT he was hired people!! Becuz he’s Zack friggin’ Snyder!! Having him helm the Man Of Steel project is like having Clint Eastwood as president. Yeah we all know what the president’s job is…but it’s WHO is president that can make it exciting to follow!! And besides….everything seems to be an ideal situation for this movie..from the A-list cast on down to the damn director, AND the fact that Superman looks exactly that this time…LIKE a SUPER MAN!! .This movie will friggin’ kick ass. Trust me!!

  • Mac Dividinz

    and holla @ me on facebook as Mac Dividinz and on twitter @macdividinz bitches!!!

  • Jim

    “Watchmen” was damn near impossible to turn into a movie, and I thought Snyder did a fantastic job with it.

    People who had an issue with the film probably would have had issue with the source material, if they had bothered to read it.

    • vxx

      Totally agree. I’m a fan of the GN and thought he did as good a job adapting it as anyone could.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sort of sorry to say this is entirely made up. It does sound like it could have been cool though :P

    • butterscotch

      Like, confirmed fake? Source?

      • Anonymous

        No visual effects supervisor would be dumb enough to risk his job by giving out a description of a highly secretive film such as this. Especially giving out his credits, making it extremely easy to find out who he is.

      • Jonathan Rothbart

        For the record, I am Jonathan Rothbart and had nothing to do with this article. I am not sure why someone would use my name and identity to make his points, but I am very disappointment to find myself misrepresented on this site.

  • David

    This is either fake or this guy is an idiot for saying his position (easily identified)

  • Northern Star

    Considering Zack Snyder is the guy who VERY successfully filmed the supposedly “unfilmable” graphic novel ‘Watchmen’, he’s the right man for the hefty task of bringing Superman back on the big-screen that doesn’t follow on from the Donner films, and his visual style will work like gangbusters, in my humble opinion, on the action sequences…

  • Jackson smith

    Watchmen was hardly a great film. Bit of a let down for most people

    • Northern Star

      I understand we don’t see ‘Watchmen’ the same way, but I thought it was an absolutely knockout film that was both visually striking as well as an intelligent, highly engaging, and moving comic-book adaptation par excellence.

      I haven’t yet read the source graphic novel, so maybe I see the film differently than someone who’s read it, I had absolutely no preconceptions or expectations when I saw the film, and it just floored me when I watched it, just my opinion, and have no probs with anyone who thinks otherwise, it would be a mighty dull world if we all saw things the same way…

  • tboyer86

    The Watchmen wasn’t even that great visually. It had some good graphics, but I didn’t think the slow-mo enhanced the film at all. And the story was basically all laid out for him the comic book. Zac Snyder may have had some good films (300, Sin City) but he also made films like Super Punch and Legend of the Guardians (that dumb owl movie). In fact, his highest ranked movies on Rottentomatoes.com is 74%. It is a good thing that Nolan is there to help out, otherwise I would feel pretty unsure about this movie. I have my doubts as is.

    • Gobit

      Snyder had nothing to do with Sin City.

      • Darrin

        have faith in snyder guys, he did dawn of the dead remake

  • steel s

    super fights. that’s what we want..

  • Mike

    OK I know Superman Returns definitely had a lot of problems, but there were some great moments. The stuff that was indirectly or not at all related to the main Lex Luthor plot. Like the SLOW MOTION scene where the bullet gets shot into Superman’s eye. That’s a great scene. And it’s in slo-mo! and it wasn’t the reason the movie was awful.

    • Andrew

      For me,the shuttle/plane rescue was the show stopper on Superman Returns,…had me almost out of my seat with excitement the first time!

      I’m really looking forward to Snyder’s take on Supes.The action scenes in Sucker Punch were visually outstanding if nothing else & i loved Watchmen.
      I’ve seen a pic of Shannon as Zod & he looks the(comic)counterpart alright.

  • Mike

    Also, you have a superhero who can move faster than speeding bullet. Speed is one of Superman’s powers! Slo-mo was often used very effectively on “Smallville”. Would people be balking if Snyder directed a Flash movie because you know there’d be tons of slo-mo in there!

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  • mosta

    SNYDER is the best man to bring Superman back. Even James Cameron is in awe of Zack’s artistic skills as a director. I love Zack Snyder’s slow-mo style and it’s perfect for Superman imo.

  • H-man

    I think Zack Snyder’s visual flare is probably what got him this project. The Superman Returns movie was missing on good, stylistic action sequences (except maybe the airplane sequence but that was all it had to offer in terms of visual excitement) and style is exactly what Zack Snyder is going to bring to the table.

    Plus, the fact that Henry Cavill looks like Superman is great. The rest of the cast is fantastic, too. I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve done with the story. Chris Nolan said they’re using what worked for them in Batman Begins and I think that means they’ve created this lived-in world reality which sort of justifies or explains the existence of Superman and makes it believable, entertaining and hopefully something that clicks with the audience.

    It would suck if we just stopped getting Superman movies just because they weren’t making big money at the box office like The Avengers or Dark Knight. Superman’s a great character. They just need to find the right story for the movie so they can re-invent his screen presence for this new age.

    Here’s hoping Zack Snyder kicks ass and we get lots of sequels!

  • autokarma

    I have to say I’m a fan of Snyder and have really enjoyed several of his movies. Along with the good cast that has been assembled, I am now looking forward to seeing Man of Steel.

    I hope that Man of Steel turns out to be a good movie. I really do. But I think the whole Superman series has seen better days.

    In this day and age Superman isn’t the type of comic book hero that interests people. The public are interested in characters with flaws. Which is why I think the Iron Man series has done so well, is because Tony Stark is an interesting character with flaws in his personality and in his suit. Superman is too much of a nice guy, which is boring. Also everyone knows the only damn thing that hurts Superman is cryptonite. So it makes it dull and 1 dimensional.

    We live in a new generation from the one which Superman was conceived in. The anti hero types are king now. These days people love characters such as Marv, Riddick, Wolverine and Rorschach, to name a few.

    That’s just my 2 cents.

  • Bruno

    So my problem with Zack Snyder is not what he has, but what he lacks!

  • Bruno

    I really like Snyder’s style! but that’s him, all style, no content! Wished they had brought someone with more depth to direct the Superman movie. I do think it’s gonna be an extremely fun movie, but it’s gonna be pathetically superficial. Clark Kent/Superman is an amazing character, one that can have profound stories, without leaving the action aside, of course. My skepticism about Snyder is that i think this movie gonna be all about action, with no really storytelling.

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  • ray

    who cares about the slow mo. Im stoke for the trailer

  • Hrothgar

    I am not a Snyder fan, I haven’t like a single one of his movies since 300, I have serious qualms about him directing this movie. But I hope he proves me wrong, I’m rooting for this film to be successful because I love Superman and I love a good movie.

    Who knows if this is real or not, but I agree with some of the posters that wonder why anyone would endanger their job by leaking any info.

  • spongefist

    300 was fantastic
    Watchmen was fantastic
    Sucker Punch was about as bad as it gets but the visuals were good.
    With Snyder directing and Nolan looking over his shoulder we might just have the perfect movie.

    Oh and the best bit in Superman Returns was slo-mo. The Bullet to the eye.

    LOVE the slo-mo.

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  • kbrooksgohan

    I know Jonathan from AE. He’s legit! Follow me on twitter! I have also worked with M Night….well that should be obvious. AE is his movie. Proof at my profile…


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  • kbrooksgohan

    Um so I got word from the man himself that someone is using his name…..THIS IS NOT JONATHAN giving the info guys. I thought it was at first but he confirmed to me that it’s not him.

  • Nathan

    To those of you complaining about Snyder’s style, when dealing with such an unrealistic superhero (let’s be honest, it’s an alien who looks human and has no faults) why shouldn’t they use such a visionary, action-prioritized director. We still get the story and dialogue of Christopher Nolan, so I see no fault in having the glossy stylings of Zach Snyder.
    …Am I, also, one of the few psyched to have Russell Crowe as Jor-El?

  • DueDiligence

    Seems pretty obvious by the unprofessional language that this is an imposter. Now the post has been removed by IMDB.

    Collider should follow up with an update admitting in their rush to have a story they’ve helped smear someone’s reputation. How does an untraceable source giving you details anyone can look up on IMDB give a story more credibility?

    Did Adam Chitwood make any atempt to contact Mr Rothbart or the AE production offices?

    • Khalid

      I know Mr. Rothbart. It’s not him….look at my twitter profile for proof. It verifies who I am and that I worked with Night.

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