New MAN OF STEEL Photos Show More of Superman’s Costume

     August 31, 2011

The first official image from Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel gave us a pretty good look at the new costume.  There was a bigger emblem, gigantic cape, textured suit, and as we later learned, no external underwear.  New set photos have leaked online and they reveal a few new details about the redesigned outfit.  There’s a better look at the wristbands, piping on the legs, and a quasi-belt.  I’m sure plenty of folks will have opinions on these changes and all I’ll say is that remember we haven’t seen how this has been photographed or how it works in motion.  Also, it doesn’t look like this so let’s be thankful for small favors.

Hit the jump to check out the set photos (there’s nothing that spoils the film; it’s just shots of Henry Cavill in costume).  The film also stars Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Julia Ormand, Harry Lennix, Christopher Meloni, and Russell Crowe.  Man of Steel opens June 14, 2013.

Images via the unofficial Man of Steel Facebook page.

Here’s the synopsis for Man of Steel:

In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time. Clark Kent/Kal-El (Cavill) is a young twentysomething journalist who feels alienated by powers beyond anyone’s imagination. Transported to Earth years ago from Krypton, an advanced alien planet, Clark struggles with the ultimate question – Why am I here? Shaped by the values of his adoptive parents Martha (Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Costner), Clark soon discovers that having super abilities means making very difficult decisions. But when the world needs stability the most, it comes under attack. Will his abilities be used to maintain peace or ultimately used to divide and conquer? Clark must become the hero known as “Superman,” not only to shine as the world’s last beacon of hope but to protect the ones he loves.


  • Wise Man

    Like it or not, he sure looks the part. Glad to see the hair paredt and the fact that he’s pretty ripped (bicep vain popping through the outfit). I’m down, in Snyder I trust.

  • Alex-mansy

    Actually the biceps are the outfit itself., they enhance the muscles Cavill already has. They’ve just managed to make it look seamless and natural looking, genius really.

    • Hrothgar

      Also, I don’t know which “fake muscles” some people are talking about, but they obviously didn’t see Henry Cavill at comic con. There is nothing fake about his mucles. The only part that seems “enhanced” are the abs by his stomach, but most superheroes have enhancement.

      Seriously, some people act like they have never seen a superhero costume before in their lives!!!

    • Terrence

      I agree I think he will make a great Superman and he looks like Superman in the suit, except I wish they would have kept the suit and sign design the way it was. If its not broken don’t fix it. I just wish I could see him in the suit design that I grew up seeing.
      A little disappointed.

      • Daren

        Actually, the new costume design works. It looks alien and like it was actually designed and made on another planet. The older costume worked before if look at it with today’s standards, it looks like something anyone can pick up at Walmart. For modern day sophistication, the idea of having a plain “S” and red underwear just doesn’t work. I don’t know about the story in the movie but I actually accept this new look.

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  • Tarek

    I will not pay to watch his lower abdomen’s bump.
    Superman or super Chippendale?

    • Merlin

      Tarek you are the only one then. Plus I don’t believe you.

    • Jon

      Right. Because Superman doesn’t have abs…

      • Tarek

        I’m not talking about his abs, but about his willie. ^^

      • Ed

        I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. It’s like Don’t Mess With the Zohan. It’s a big problem for a movie like this, and it sucked in the Zohan movie too.

      • Scotty

        Haha woo! I’m not the only one, that thing is so noticeable they might as well put a flashing sign over the S. “Hello! I’m Henry’s Willie! How are you today? Nice breeze out don’t ya think?”

      • Joe

        Mamma mia! SuperMAN does indeed have SuperCoxx!!
        Now…i wanna know if that has heat vision too? hmmm

      • dogg

        He is rockin’ the Ambiguously Gay Duo bulge down there.

      • naonao

        Wow…peeps having a dig at his bulge….why?!! You think it would look better if he looked like he had a man-gina?!! Come on hes hes gotta have a superr-manhood right?!!!! Yeaaaa

  • Stacey Holden

    A new Superman. A new beginning. Times change. We need to change as well.

    I hope Henry Cavill will be the greatest Superman of all time.

    • Jeff Tate

      Next to Christopher Reeve, yes.

    • Nunchaku

      @Stacey Holden: If its for the better, change is good. If it’s to change an iconic character’s look, then NO. The basic elements of the suit have worked for years. No need to “modernize” it and screw it up.

  • Whitney Whitaker

    I hope the climactic fight between Superman and General Zod will knock everyone on their ass.
    The fight scenes in Man of Steel should be like the amazing one between Clark and ‘Titan’ played by WWE superstar Kane in the Smallville episode ‘Combat’ and between Clark and Zod in the season 9 finale “Salvation” where Zod says
“Every human, including the woman you love, will kneel before Zod!”

    It would be great if they have a sequence with Superman in Libya capturing Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to ground the movie in reality.

    • Jon

      Wow. Never seen this before. Spam.

  • notaurious

    Looks like Peter Parker made Supes new costume with leftover materials from his new costume.

    • Tarek

      Lol. I was thinking the same thing ^^

    • SuperSeanski

      Yeah, but at least it makes sense because he is an alien. Spider-Man just looks more like an alien.

  • CreativeMatrix

    Something tells me this movie is gonna suck…….Superman himself sucks( he’s oldschool ) With the exception of batman…..Marvel is the New School!!!!!

    Unless they completely revamp the look and feel of superman I already know I’m not gonna like it.

    • Michael

      You know good and well that you are going to spend your money to go and watch it. WB won’t care if you like it or not. As long as you spent your money on it, then they don’t care. Money is money.

      • Jdsmoothe

        Wrong. Of course they want you to like it, they’re ganna want to make more then 1 of them with the same actors. Especially with this whole “rights over Superman” dispuite going on. If they make this one just to make money then Jerry Siegel’s estate is going to say HAH nice try give it here now. If they make it awesome and its a mega hit maybe WB and Jerry Siegal could work something out to keep the franchise going. Of course they want to make loads of money, but they also want to give you the best Superman movie ever.

    • Zod

      What Pictures are you looking at? Does that Costume not look revamped to you? Does Christopher Nolan – being on of the most successful Directors in modern times being on board not satisfy you?

      Superman sucks because he is oldschool? He is the most respected Superhero of all time. There would be no other Superheroes if he didnt exist. He is respected by every Comic company including your precious Marvel.

      I have news for you- Spiderman?Oldschool. Hulk?Oldschool. Thor? Oldschool. Captain America? Oldschool. You offer a very weak argument for why Superman sucks lol. You say he sucks because he has been around the longest. To a normal human that means his history is rich with detail. To you – that means..well whatever it means to you. Put down your bong.

    • wildecatz

      Marvel is for kids.
      The bulge is for their moms.

  • PatLang

    It looks so retro, really something from the 30s comics. I like it. I like it A LOT.

  • Kroz

    And let us also be thankful that it doesn’t look like what Tim Burton and Nic Cage almost gave us!

  • nawtnt

    Henry Cavill looks awesome as Superman, he has bulked for the role.

    I hope he does a great job.

  • Kenny B

    Yes CreativeMatrix. Old school sucks, new school good. The name says it all.

  • aditya

    Henry Cavill makes an awesome Superman for sure and I hope they make a great movie which we all will cherish for years to come…I hope they make the movie in 3D

    • Tarek

      or in 4D with smell-orama and D-BotOX

    • Nick Hart

      if you look on the imdb page, there’s actually someone listed as a “3D producer”

  • Briggsymalone

    Not keen on the dirty yellow on the ‘s’ looks more like the suit from superman 3,and still don’t agree with the no red pants,that’s supermans look weather folk like it or not!just hope this film is shithot otherwise r.I.p. Supes.

  • Harry

    Batman’s suit in the comics was always grey with black/blue underpants kinda thing. Nobody cared when he went all black in the movies. Be open minded people.

    • upsetkiller

      hello this is SUPERMAN we are talking about , that’s a big deal if they change his costume , batman needs his ultra modern suit other wise he wont survive

  • me


    Superman should have ALWAYS looked this kick ass!

    I love it!

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  • AnaB

    Damn, he looks fine! *drools*

    … But seriously now, I LOVE the new suit! He finally looks like an actual superhero now – and a proper Kryptonian too!

    Ugh, I can’t wait to see this! =)

  • Tarek

    With this suit, he looks like The Man From Atlantis. Seriously!

    • Old Soldier

      That was a great series. They should remake that.

  • LEM

    This guy looks awful and why use the fake muscles in the suit? This will be yet another failure and relaunching Superman.

    • Zod

      Yes, you must already know because you are somehow psychic and you see everything that nobody else sees. Christ you must be a real bore with the ladies. “Hey Lem, lets go out to the Club tonight.. ” … “No I already know its going to suck, I just know it”. “Hey Lem, lets order some fried Chicken and Watermelon…” … “No! I already know its going to suck and there were to many seeds before’

      I know your type. Professional scoffer and hater. They havent even filmed a promo shot for it and you already know its going to suck. Well that’s one less loser in the theaters. Sally Sad here wont be going obviously

      • Ross

        Lmao! Kneel before Zod Lem!

  • Hrothgar

    I wasn’t sure about the costume with the first pic that they leaked, but now that I can see him standing upright I must say it looks good. The red underwear isn’t a big deal, seriously people if you were okay with all the changes they made for the Batman movies, you should be okay with this. Besided, DC is rebooting ALL their major superheroes this fall anyway. Nothing stays the same. EVOLVE.

    Superman is the original superhero, write a good story and people will see it. I don’t quite trust Snyder (Suckerpunch) but I will watch the movie before I decide whether or not I liked it.

  • buddman

    No cape in these pix. Cape to be CGI? Looks a bit like a blue captain marvel to me. Altho the details look alien which is neat.

    • H20

      No cape? Are you blind? Its in the first full size picture, and in the one near the bottom he’s draped in it

      • Midalah

        Some of the images don’t have the cape, which is what he/she is referring to.

        I think they will either be added via CGI later or they are simply points where they are marking shots and will put the cape on. We have no idea how heavy it is or how many were made so they probably don’t want to ruin them with rehearsal and blocking shots.

  • Jeff

    I think some of you haters are being too hard. I think this looks like a decent update to the original suit. The “piping” gives it more of an alien feel, which is what Superman is, essentially.

  • Editboy

    Two words: God. Awful. I LOVE the new Spider-Man costume in comparison!…and if you’ve read my opinion of that then you know this must be bad. Stopping in my tracks, turning around, heading back to savor the Christopher Reeve version just that much more. This is feeling like a deal breaker and my purist blood can’t take it.

  • brad

    Man, at first I was horrified by the photos I’ve seen of the new suit, but now that I see these photos I’m blown away, this suit is amazing, it’s like a alien version of the suit Superman wore from the good ole days. The colors are great as well, the flowing cape, the added texture and design, his muscles, the classic symbol design, he looks like a Kryptonian warrior/king, this looks way better than the new comic book suit, my faith in Snyders vision just increased a little.

  • brad

    I thought I was a purist too, I hated the fact that they changed it, but now that I see it like this, I’m sold, it’s epic.

  • Michael

    Wow! Cavill and the suit look amazing. I’m sold on the actor and design, but what about the story…couldn’t we have just had Supes go up against Darksied? And what character is Chris Meloni going to play…Lex Luthor?

  • michael scott

    i was hoping that the suit would have super nipples…

    • Ryan C

      Why stop there? — what about a detailed mould of his superjunk?

  • IllusionOfLife

    Ok, you’ve convinced me. I’m officially onboard with Henry Cavill as Superman (still wish it was Jon Hamm, but I’ll get over it). Still not convinced of Snyder, but I don’t think anything but the movie itself will convince me he can do the character justice.

    Also, for anyone interested, I did a bit of color/contrast adjustment to make it look more how I imagine it will look on film:!/Illusion0fLife/status/109009160221376512/photo/1

  • sense 11

    looks like Superman to me,

    great work on the costume design, so much cooler than the last one

  • wacko3205

    I didnt read through the comments (sorry folks) because I cant bear to hear everyone ripping on Snyder, Nolan, & Cavil anymore. I hate it.

    Honestly folks…this is good company on this adaptation/reimagining/whatever & that aint even mentioning the rest of the cast. Cavil himself is FAN-FRAKKIN-TASTIC!!!

    If you’re worried…go to InDemand & watch the Tutors. I lie to you not…I was more captivated by him than anyone on the show. He just got better & better with each episode. I can’t wait to see him as the Soopz!!! Looks great.

    Now…not that you’re guy’s opinions matter…I just hate to hear all the rippage before the release.

    Carry on. :-)

    • Hrothgar

      I completely agree with you. I won’t judge based on missing red underwear.

      And I loved Henry Cavill on “The Tudors”. When I heard he was playing Superman I immediately thought to the end when he is dying and the king orders him not to? He was very regal there (even though he was not playing the king). He can carry this character. I wont’ judge until I see it, but the suit has me excited.

  • juan

    horrible, le faltan los calzoncillos rojos.

  • juan

    horrible, le faltan los calzoncillos.

  • Mr. Rich 316

    Its already better than Green Lantern. Thank God they didn’t go CGI with Superman’s costume.

  • Dr. H

    At the very least, this film’s version of Supes origin will be told better in the first hour, then Smallville did for 10 for years.

  • MainFragger

    I like the costume..its a little strange..but that strangeness makes it feel more Kryptonian. And I think Henry Cavill looks more like Reeves than Brandon Routh did in these pictures. Although, if he can play Clark and Supes well, I wouldn’t consider him NOT looking like Reeves a deal breaker.

    But I am watching out for this film with careful and reserved optimism.

  • tk421

    I’m just curious how the last man of krypton is going to pull off his awkward Clark alter ego when he’s sporting massive pipes like that. They don’t make glasses big enough to distract you from pythons of that magnitude, my friends.

  • Terry

    Well at least he has the chiseled look and the hair ain’t the guido shit I blogged on about before.
    However, he doesn’t look that tall. Them stubby ass arms look funny to me. Reeves, by the way, was 6′ 4″. How tall is this guy?
    I’ll go to IMDb to check it out.
    Zack better deliver or Hollywood will use its own damn CG on his ass.

  • MarkDS

    Batman’s costume has always been changing and he has different bat suits for different occasions and everyone knows its shades of black. So when it was all black in the movies, no one gave a crap. And if it was all black, no one could tell if there were the undies or not so it never mattered.

    Superman’s costume is iconic. Its not just the “S” on his chest that makes it a superman costume – its the the WHOLE suit, including the red pants, the wide collar and flowing long red cape WITH the golden “S” crest on the back (which of course looks like this cape DOESN’T have).

    Another Superman movie bites the dust.

  • Sugreev2001

    I’m happy that Henry Cavill looks the part,but I’m gonna reserve my judgment on anything related to this movie until it comes out in theaters next year.I’m a fan of the movie franchise,the director,the producers and obviously the comics.Hopefully WB wont go CGI crazy like they did with Green Lantern,even though Snyder himself is obsessed with slo-mo special effects (I still love his movies though).

    • Steve

      I will be honest , I did like the slow-mo parts of that was Smallville.I think Snyder can pull off a great slow-mo with Supes in this film.

  • Marlcoroliteman

    Somewhere in the world Brandon Roth is pleasuring himself to these photos.

  • Old Pirate

    This is the best Superman outfit ever!!!! I tried to photoshop the pants Red, it works but no big deal. Better not to have them. I wish that Alien back details was also on his Cape to make his Cape-S. And wish his cape was a foot shorter so it didnt look like he would trip on it. But aside that his outfit is Fantastic!!!! And so is his face, he IS Superman!

    Lets hope Cavil does a convincing American accent!

  • Kevin

    After reading the New 52 Justice League #1 and seeing Superman’s updated look, I understand what they are going for in this movie. I think it’s cool they clearly took their inspiration from the Jim Lee’s updated look.

  • Chris

    Cavill looks like a cross between Cruise, Travolta, and Stephen Collins…

    Wonder if the cape’s gonna be mostly CGI–it’s there in a few shots, but its absence in most of them makes me curious…

  • Mickyblue47

    That cape looks like it will be only for flight. This could be a great Superman, but I would rather see him in his red underware. His junk is really out there. I never noticed that problem when he had his jockeys on. Either way, I will be in the theater when he flies onto the screen!

  • NTI

    The costume sucks ! Why ? coz it has nothing to do with the original suit ! No red briefs ? weird looking Logo ? Henry what’s his name seems like a good enough Superman but he’s no Brandon Rooth ! plus let’s addmit it all zack snyder movies suck ( 300 , sucker punch , etc ) , the costume is terrible and although I don’t mind costume changes ( I actually like the New spiderman’s costume ) and I’d say that Andrew Garfield will be one hell of a spiderman , this superman costume can’t get any worse !

  • Salfie

    My thoughts on Man of Steel:

    I liked Superman Returns. Thought it should’ve just went the reboot route, but Routh and his costume were pretty much what I was looking for.

    Wasn’t sure about Zack Snyder taking over the helm of the movie. Liked Watchmen, hated 300, didn’t watch his other films.

    Started hearing casting news and was really interested in the project. Costner and Lane as Ma & Pa Kent was really interesting to me. The inclusion of the Kryptonians and Jor-El sounded great.

    Saw the costume and didn’t like it. I feel like it’s so iconic that it makes little sense to me to change it.

    All of this being said, I’ll still probably see this opening week of its run (that is if the trailers look good). I am interested enough to give it a shot. I just hope that they don’t forget what made the other films great (their inclusion of humor and the human element).

  • Sean

    I can’t front…it looks dope.

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  • Joe

    Well the suit certainly looks ‘alieny’ enough. Didn’t really like it initially but it may grow on me after post-production. I think! =P

  • Dorian

    I love the look…except for the fact that he has no shorts…that’s a little weird…

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  • Nate H

    I love the look! Unlike all the other Superman actors, Cavill actually has some real muscle to put the suit over. Supes should look strong. Also, the suit update looks cool. It’s different, sure, but in a good way. It says “hero” and “alien” at the same time, which is cool. The classic look works for comics, but not in a movie that is attempting to be realistic. I’m excited to eventually see it!

  • Solomon

    Well, for one thing, I’m pretty sure about:
    There’s ONE group who is very-very-very happy about Superman’s new suit, as seen in these photos.
    That’s the group of the women living in Metropolis.
    Man, there’s gonna be real horny (and happy) seeing that proud bulge flying over their heads every time they’d look up.
    Now we know the reason why Superman’s Metropolis is a happier place than Batman’s Gotham city… :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • W

    What gay man or straight woman wouldn’t love Henry in that skin tight rubber suit with the most impressive crotch BULGE. What is ironic is supposedly they digitally[Boo Hoo] minimized Brandon Routh’s package for fear of distracting audiences.Mr Cavill looks better and better with every released photo but lacks the required height [If he is 6 feet 1 inch as reported then he must have been standing on two phone books when measured.] Everyone would have loved to savor Brandon’s unedited tool on screen and photos.

  • Booth

    If you dare, imagine Brandon Routh unedited in that hot new Superman suit…..mouthwatering.

  • black jesus

    he needs to rock some camel toe

  • DD

    Love the look. Also, retractable cape for battle stations, anyone?

    • Carlo Orlando

      I don’t think the cape is retractable. I think they just remove it between shots so nothing will happen to it til they’re ready for the next shot. I’ve seen photos of Cavill wearing a robe to cover the suit.

  • jay

    This guys is starting to look like Ultra-Man! Just give him a helmet and add some silver to his ‘stume.

  • Geeall

    Superman doesn’t grin . He smile then fly and more thinkin’ . Clark Kent does the opposite. am i right?

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  • Rock

    Just like Hollywood to mess up something good. I like the guy who is playing superman, but the suit gotta go. Keep it traditional.

  • wildecatz

    Knowing Shneider, he’ll CGI red briefs over the supenis.

  • Steve Rudzinski

    Well that’s the first Superman that looks like he can whoop my ass.

    This looks fantastic, it really does. Here’s hoping that this is part of a new DC Movie-Verse. He looks fantastic.

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  • Carlo Orlando

    The thing that makes me laugh is those that say that Reeve’s suit is out dated. And yet, I will bet that those with that opinion would put their money down to see “The Man Of Steel” if Cavill was in that suit. Hell, it’s Superman and he still looks good in the “outdated” suit. Nobody would mind if they used that suit in “The Man Of Steel”. Cavill did the screen test in a replica of Reeve’s suit and Snyder and crew were blown away because he looked so good. Why the change? Because it’s Hollywood. After years of neglecting the comics as movie material, Hollywood decided they knew what’s was best for super heroes. They don’t have a clue. The same line has been said time and time again, but Hollywood has deaf ears. But, I’ll say it one more time. “IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT”.

  • matt

    think the costume is grim, last superman film was much better, why revamp the costume? it’s supermans trademark this one makes him look weird without those trademark pants

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  • Mac and Cheese man


  • Fagsauce

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING! WHERE IS HIS BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You cant have superman without a belt you friggin homos

  • Glenn


    Two groups. The women going to see this movie and all the so – called men who like the costume.

  • Glenn

    I can’t believe Zack Snyder screwed this up.

    I was so exited when he signed on. That costume is awful.They can get all the yes men and people on the payroll to say otherwise but it’s obvious.

    I’m not a fan of the new comic version either, but I would have excepted it over this.

    I’m am not going to pay to see a stripper in a halloween costume. They can change the color, photoshop it and CGI it all they want.

    It looks awful. I don’t Understand DC. They do such amazing work with everything else.

  • Jess93

    All you people hating on it……..
    you have NO idea what its going to be like….at least wait for a trailer to be so negative.

  • Glenn

    Jess 93,

    I have eyes and my eyes is seeing Super Chippendale Dancer! It’s not hate. It’s constructive criticism. Just because you don’t have a standard, it doesn’t mean those in disagreement is hating.

    When did Brand consistency or common sense become old school? A bad costume is a waste of 12.50 where I’m from. So go ahead… let’s see if you can afford to keep your eyes closed.

  • deer antler velvet

    this is so cool!!!! his cape is so big. .

  • deer antler velvet


  • Alice

    Horrible uniforme…and this actor, Hugh! Nothing in common with the superhero. I will never spend my time in the theater to watch it, NEVER!

  • Alice

    If Superman had a mask like Darth Vader, this cavill would be perfect. Give me a break please!

  • Alice

    Brandon Routh back please!

  • kalell

    Those of you who disrespected Superman are ignorant and narrow minded! Superman is the 1st superhero since the 30′s and until now he’s on top of the list as revered superhero! so stop being stupid and respect the Man of Steel.

  • Monstrosity

    Bring back the red underwear. Why screw up the costume? It’s pointless except to anger legions of fans. The costume is iconic and has been arouind since before my father, before many peoples grandfather. It doesn’t give me much faith in what they are trying to accomplish. Looks doom to fail.

  • Phil

    Do not like the cotume, the bulge i ditracting and where i the swirl in the hair. I get they needed to update it, but the cotume i too thin. I till can’t wait too see it, eeing as Sup is the super hero
    I care about. However, the costume i diappointing.

  • kenny

    Cool suit need to keep the origanal (or the Christipher Reeves version) crest though. I dont know why they always mess with that, thats the one thing you should`nt mess with.

  • Jona

    where is the underwear

  • anon

    As I’ve always said, without the external underwear, Supes’ junk would show too much. And that is clearly the case. He doesn’t need to wear external underwear, but you need that red color down there to make it less obvious. Superman’s costume is too iconic to change that drastically. Okay, so the external underwear is thought of as cheesy by some. At least use the color.

    The picture from the back with the cape looks fantastic. There’s definitely some fake muscle going on there that is unnecessary. I mean, whose abs show through their clothes? Cavill is ripped enough that he doesn’t need the boost. Superman doesn’t need to have John Cena’s arms. If you think about it, he’d need to work out with mountains in order to build up muscle, so logically he should not even be that ripped. He’s just genetically perfect so he is naturally big and muscular, but not like a bodybuilder. Christopher Reeve had it perfect by Superman III. He was a bigger guy than Cavill or Routh, taller with broader shoulders, so he just looked more natural, he didn’t look like he had to work out for the role (even though he did).

  • tony720

    No red underwear??? WTF!! There’s three things that truly make Superman who he is: The big red “S” (BRIGHT red, btw- none of this faded reddish-grayish depressing shit), the big bright red cape, and RED UNDERWEAR!! Superman was one of the first, if not the very first superhero ever created, in 1938. His costume, therefore, was a reference to the circus bodybuilding men of the time. I doesnt matter if its the year 5 MILLION, that costume is to be preserved in its entirety, AS he was invented. Leave the costume changes for the comic books and cartoon series if you want, but DONT fuck with THE Superman costume on the big screen- EVER. Did these idiots learn NOTHING from Green Lantern?? I dont care HOW great the action might be, I dont care how well or terrible the writing is, I dont care who’s in it, or what music they use now. That’s NOT Superman’s costume, therefore, that’s NOT Superman. They might as well have planted a big star on his chest and made it about a whole new made up superhero (Look everybody, up in the sky, it’s Captain Cockbulge!) for all I care. This is a huge slap in the face to Superman and his fans, and I wont be a part of it. Whats next, Lois Lane will be a fat chinese midget with blonde hair? Jimmy Olsen is a fish? “Superman” was found and raised by a tribe of eastern white back gorillas instead of john and martha kent?? His secret base is in a pineapple under the sea???
    FUCK YOU ZACK SNYDER! For already raping the image of Superman worse than Spielberg and Lucas raped Indiana Jones four godawful summers ago! And to everyone reading this, you heard it here first: This is SADLY, SADLY, the very first indication, that this movie is already going to bomb at the box office as bad as green lantern did. Its too bad. Actually, when I think about it, this “new” costume, looks a lot like Russian Superman’s costume (Superman Red Son), which would be just fine, IF THE FUCKING MOVIE WERE ABOUT THAT ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!! But this? This is just plain murder. Thanks a lot Snyder. Now why dont you go finish the job and go to Jerry Siegel and Joe Schucher’s graves, and piss on them. Now that you’ve injured, you might as well add insult. Oh, and film it, and add it to the movie after the credits roll. You might as well, since the first photos have JUST come out and already thats the impression you’re giving all of us. NOT seeing this movie. Thats NOT Superman. Superalmost maybe, but NOT Superman.

  • B.A.

    Why did they have to change the suit?? This isn’t Batman folks? …and the muscles?? Come on, he’s the man of steel for Pete’s sake! He doesn’t need them! Lame!

  • Lone Wolf

    Yes! Finally the Cryptonian is back! SUPERMAN RETURNS with Brendon Routh kinda sucked probably because it didn’t have a good storyline but in Man Of Steel I think it has the potential to be a real Blockbuster. Henry Cavill looks the part with a chiseled and buff physique, 6 foot 1, handsome and British.As for the suit it’s time for a change and it’s good to see the new design very cool and you can actually see his muscle veins popping out.With Zack Snyder on board everyone can expect major ass kicking action scenes and also a reasonable storyline.Can’t wait to see Superman using his powers and not forgetting his weakness the CRYPTONITE.People get ready for the ride of your life! I’m already in the Theatre and it’s still 2012! Lol


    This movie will probably be awesome. zach snyder! perfect choice to direct this movie. I can’t believe it took like a million years for superman too finally lose the underoos. I switched to boxers in like the fifth grade. Why so many of you guys hate change hard for me to understand. that last superman movie SUCKED! whose idea was it to make it superman 5 anyway? they might as well have cast gene hackman as luthor. it was way corny

  • markbigford

    if you think the underwear makes superman who he is then your an idiot. and creators really need to stop bending to the will of “fans” when it comes to stuff like this. Zach snyder recreated 300 and watchmen into films and nothing at all was lost in these translations. i was blown away. he earned this.

  • speakillkid

    Now you know why Supes wears the his underwear on the outside.
    So we don’t have to see his bulge.

  • Zigraff

    Boycotting this movie. only way we can tell hollywood to stop ruining things is to speak with our wallets. transformers, avatar the last air bender, x-men 3, spider man 3, green lantern, and every movie they decide they need to remake. any other movies they wanna throw down the toilet? in fact they should just stop stealing ideas and remaking stuff, maybe they should come up with new stuff and stop ruining things.

  • tspoon108

    I like the costume change, it’s about time supes wasn’t wearing his briefs over his tights.

  • CKK

    How short is this guy?

  • momo

    ok the suit looks nice, maybe a bit too dark, but nice, but what the hell, are they just going to leave his willie out in the open like that i thought that area was supposed to go in not just leave it to hang lose

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  • Superboy

    sorry, i think this movies not for the kidz..hehe. Why? because the bulge!! yes the bulge..hahaha…..

    Super Costum must be not like that. Can you hide the Bulge?? Super Costum can be use anything…from the kriptonyt or something else…

  • Superboys

    sorry, i think this movies not for the kidz..hehe. Why? because the bulge!! yes the bulge..hahaha…..

    Super Costum must be not like that. Can you hide the Bulge?? Super Costum can be use anything…from the kriptonyt or something else..

  • cheap sexy lingerie

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  • Benji

    I agree. Change is good. But every time they make any new footage of superman, the suit gets darker and the red boots get heavier looking instead of slick horse ridding boots like C Reeves 1978. I think the movie will do well at the box office. But it wont have a legacy or be iconic, The biggest mystake they made was changing the supers coat of arms. That symbol is every were. The toys and the t shirts will be a flop after the first month. And one final comment. Kryton is an ice world you idiots. It will be a five min wonder. Chris Reeves suit and story ruled and always will.