‘Supernatural’: Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles on “Tombstone” and Castiel’s Return

     November 16, 2017


Last week, Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles sat down to speak with 13 journalists (as is a yearly tradition on the Vancouver set) to talk about what’s coming next on the show. This time around, we spoke to them about the upcoming “Tombstone” episode, what it means for Dean and Sam that Castiel is back, and what it’s like having Alexander Calvert on set now with Misha Collins. (Per usual, they were delightful, especially their banter).

Also, be sure to stay tuned for more to come from our interview, including some teases about the Scooby Doo animated episode, and the Wayward Sisters spinoff.

QUESTION: Alexander Calvert told us that Dean is at home in the “Tombstone” episode. Can you tell us more about that?

ACKLES: Dean and also Jensen. I don’t think it’s any shock that I’ve always been kind of a fan of the iconic symbol of a cowboy and everything that comes along with that, as a fan of western movies and everything. So when I read that Dean gets all excited about it and decides to play the part up, so to speak, I of course got excited as well. I think there’s a nice slow-mo montage of some snakeskin boots and a hat and the whole bit. But yeah, instead of playing FBI agents we get to play Texas Rangers, which is kind of fun.


Image via The CW

PADALECKI: It’s fun to see Dean geek out. As Sam, it’s fun to see Dean as childish.

ACKLES: It was a fun episode. I like those episodes, kind of lighten it up a bit and allow that humor to kind of come show its face a little bit more.

What’s it like having Misha Collins and Alex Calvert on set together?

PADALECKI: It was exciting. To speak on Misha’s behalf, I think he was more thrilled than he’s ever been because a lot of the brutality that usually gets aimed…

ACKLES: Targeted….

PADALECKI: …was now kind of split up between Alex and Misha, so he finally had somebody that he was trying to pull pranks on as well.

ACKLES: I believe it’s misery loves company.

PADALECKI: It’s good. When Alex first came on, I was like “he actually reminds me a lot of a young Misha.” Just his personality type. He’s also playing a character, so he’s taking it very seriously and working very hard and he’s a very intelligent young man. He’s very talented.

ACKLES: Misha 2.0

PADALECKI: Yeah, Misha 2.0. So to see them together….and the irony is that we work with him so much more than Misha has. We were excited, we were like “oh there’s another character, it’s going to give us some time off.” And now Misha, he’s like in the first five episodes I think he’s with Alex two days. It’s great, I like the way they play off each other. I’ve always said, obviously the show kind of hinges on the relationship between Sam and Dean, but I feel like the world is enriched by seeing the way they interact with other people, and seeing the way Cas interacts with other people, and with Jack as well.


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In Episode 5, Billie sent Dean back because they were important. Will we learn why or they’re just most important dudes in the universe?

ACKLES: I’m not one to throw titles around, but uh….[laughs]

PADALECKI: We haven’t really found out why just yet. We know we’re important for some reason but true to Supernatural form I think it will be a surprise to Sam and Dean and Jared and Jensen. We’re doing [Episode] 11 right now. I think the brothers have always felt like they have a higher cause and a greater calling, so I think they’re looking forward to figuring out exactly what it means.

In that episode we also saw the loss of Dean’s faith – how does Cas’ return affect that?

ACKLES: It obviously affects it big time. At the end of last season and the beginning of this season we do see that Dean has just like given up, so to speak. So the return of Cas has ignited that fire again. He’s got some hope and motivation to dig a little deeper and see what we can figure out. Because if he was written off and Mom was written off, maybe there’s a few other people that shouldn’t have been written off. And we figure that out as the series continues to move on.

How much are Dean and Sam looking into or questioning how Cas got back?

ACKLES: Dean’s a little less questioning and more accepting of “I don’t care how it happened, we got our buddy back.”

PADALECKI: Between Sam and Dean, Sam is probably more the chef than the consumer. Where Dean eats the pizza, Sam’s like “what kind of cheese is that?” So I think Sam is really looking to find out what happened and how did it happened. Also, not just because of Sam’s intellectual curiosity, but Sam still wants Mom back and, heck, if we can start calling out who we want back, I’m sure there are a lot of people Sam wouldn’t mind to bring back. So I think Dean is so relieved to have that win he’s looking for, and to have our buddy back. Sam’s like “OK, it is great, I agree, but, you know, to quote Dean — the other shoe is probably going to drop. So what else can this person do?”

Supernatural airs Thursday nights on The CW.