Susanne Bier to Remake French Thriller RAPT

     February 23, 2011


Oscar-nominated Danish director Susanne Bier (In a Better World) has signed on to direct a remake of the French thriller Rapt.  According to Deadline, Bier has almost finished the script with her In a Better World co-writer Anders Thomas Jensen.  Released in 2009, Rapt is based on a true story and centers on a corporate chairman who is held hostage while organized criminals, the family, the corporation, and the police are forced to face off against each other.  Producer Patrick Milling Smith says “The underlying story is definitely a high stakes thriller but it’s also a very strong character piece. That’s why we went after Susanne to re-imagine it with Anders because she was keen to work on a thriller. At the same time she’s one of the best when it comes to getting into the nuances of character and making it authentic.”

While I was disappointed with In a Better World, I’m still eager to check out more of Bier’s filmography, especially her 2007 film After the Wedding.  Hit the jump to check out the UK trailer for Rapt.

Here’s a synopsis for Rapt:

On a morning like any other a powerful business man, Stanislas Graff, is kidnapped outside his luxurious apartment building by a gang of thugs. From there begins a terrifying ordeal that will last for several weeks. Despite being tortured and humiliated Graff resists his captors. He accepts his fate without complaint. Cut off from the world, receiving only glimpses of information from his captors, Graff fails to understand why nobody is willing to pay the ransom. Outside, his world is falling to pieces as details of his personal life are revealed. All he had managed to keep private; his affairs, his gambling debts, his shady dealings are exposed by the police investigation and media frenzy. Friends and family begin to discover that the real Stanislas Graff may not be the man they thought they knew.’


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