First Trailer and New Images from SWEETWATER Starring January Jones, Jason Isaacs, and Ed Harris

     July 8, 2013


Today is the one-two punch of trailers for the worst films I saw at Sundance this year.  Earlier, we got the trailer for The Lifeguard, and now we have Sweetwater (which will be called “Sweet Vengeance” in some territories).  The western stars January Jones as a frontier woman who hunts down a religious fanatic Prophet Josiah (Jason Isaacs) when he murders her husband over a land dispute.  Ed Harris co-stars as a crafty lawman who’s hunting down Josiah for different reasons.  The trailer desperately tries to give off a Django Unchained vibe by highlighting the violence, but there are plenty of violent westerns.  Sweetwater is one of the really shitty ones.

Hit the jump to check out some new images along with the trailer to see what I mean.  Sweetwater currently has no domestic release date, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it were dumped directly to video.

Via The Playlist.

  • Nathaniel Haywood

    This is definitely trying to capitalize on the Django vibe – it’s so blatant it’s funny. Nevertheless, the movie looks like it could be entertaining if not for January Jones. People seem to hold their tongue when it comes to her, but I’m not afraid to speak the truth – she is a TERRIBLE actress. She is energy-less and emotionless in EVERYTHING I’ve seen her in. That worked for a while with Mad Men because of the character she played, but she’s that way all the time. Looks like their trying to capitalize on her ability to be emotionless by playing up the “scorned woman lost her feelings when her husband was murdered and now seeks vengeance” angle, but who wants to see a robotic woman riding around on a horse shooting people for two hours? Not me. It’s a shame – I love Ed Harris and Jason Isaacs.

  • Andrew Hegele

    it’s weird, it starts with a There Will be Blood vibe to me then goes fully into QT Django territory, even the bloody copy bits are straight out of the trailer for Inglourious Basterds.

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  • Internet

    Dear Matt Goldberg. Just give us the goddamn news, not your stupid opinions.

    Love, The Internet.

  • Julio Navas

    Jane Got a Gun (upcoming western) meets Django Unchained.

  • hammer

    guess the only plus side to this is she shows her tits in this one…

  • Reina

    most unexciting trailer ever